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The Communist International

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Roberts plane arrived at the airport as he exited the plane Robert was dirctly escorted to the meeting, after arrving at the meeting he quietly took his seat so he wouldn't disrupt them.

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Premier Zhang, visually frustrated by the counter-revolutionary nature of the pig-dogs before him, now realized that more drastic measures were needed to revive the revolutionary left from a position that is far worse than he feared. "Delegates from all parties except those from Guanwai and Alaska are hereby dismissed from the International. The Red Guards are waiting outside of the conference room to escort you back to your hotels and then to the airport."


Approximately 300 Red Guards were waiting outside in the hallway. Once all of the delegates had gathered their things, the long walk out of the building would begin. However, it would not end as planned. The Guards, under orders from Premier Zhang himself, would turn at once on their escortees and open fire, slaughtering every delegate within just a few seconds. The bodies were searched and valuables as well as documents were gathered, whilst mobile phones and any electronic devices were smashed and thrown in the incinerator at the bottom of the building with the bodies. Rooms were searched in the same manner, with large files being kept on all attendees of the conference. The Guanwai politburo would henceforth deny that any of the delegates had ever entered the country or that any international was ever held. The Red Guards, consisting of overzealous communists, would soon all but forget the event entirely, and as no gunshots could be heard from the outside, it would be exceedingly difficult for anyone to discover what really happened.


Meanwhile, in the conference room, the delegates of Alaska and Guanwai were discussing the intricacies of the Sino-Albanian split. Delegates from Romania, who [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/122512-the-democratic-peoples-republic-of-guanwai/?p=3278768]had already been receiving supplies from the Guanwai government for some time now[/url], would later arrive and join in the discussion.

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Druk Yul's people would idly wonder what happened to their leftist party leadership.. investigations would repeatedly turn up little more than that they left the country and were not heard from again. It was assumed the plane must have crashed somewhere.

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"What a waste of time," muttered Luxembourg under his breath in the general direction of his fellow Federation citizen when the Premier dismissed the vast majority of foreign parties from the conference. He and Monet began packing their things, unaware that they were being led like lambs to the slaughter. Upon reading the list of conditions from the Premier, he had never really intended to join the International, since the SDP did not qualify for a single condition in its present state, and would have been marginalized far more than PCQ had they decided to join.


Ms. Monet, on the other hand, had hoped for amendments to be made that were agreeable to the party leadership back home, and was quite surprised by the sudden unwillingness to negotiate. A few thoughts formed in the back of her head as she filed out of the chamber that she might have been able to delay her departure from the country and take a brief tour to see how a socialist nation operated and perhaps have some new perspectives to take back to the PCQ.


These thoughts were still in her mind when she exited the chamber along with the rest of the delegates, and failed to notice the multitude of armed soldiers in their way. Behind her, Luxembourg definitely took notice, but had little opportunity to do anything before the incoming fire cut them down, along with the rest of the delegates. Mr. Luxembourg would earn the dubious honor of being the first Federation Member of Parliament to be murdered while in office, although as he was there on party business and not official business, he wouldn't quite make it into an even more dubious honor of being killed in the line of duty, alongside other historical figures such as Leo Ryan.


The Federation delegates hadn't been carrying much on their persons or in their hotel rooms other than the usual electronics and personal papers, including their passports and party cards, along with identification marking them as a member of Parliament and a member of South Quebec's legislative assembly, respectively.


Certainly no direct information relating to the shooting would be transmitted by the two, but there was plenty of evidence that they had indeed been to Guanwai to attend a conference. Their respective parties had retained the invitations along with any and all communication supplied by the organizers in regards to arrival, hotel, and other mundane details and arrangements. The airline that carried them to Guanwai would doubtless have their booking and ticket information on file, and Federation PBCEA (Ports, Borders, Customs and Excise Agency) was aware of their departing the country. For Luxembourg, SDP and Parliament had both received notice of his presumably temporary absence, and had approved his travel itinerary including expenses, as well as having been apprised of the reason for his visit. PCQ and the South Quebec Legislative Assembly had secured the same information from Monet. Both Monet and Luxembourg had intended to call their respective supervisors that night to tell them how the conference was going, and when they missed their check-in, called the airline to confirm their flight had arrived and then the hotels to check if they had checked in.


A few routine votes in Parliament and SQ legislature later, and the two had to be called absent on the rolls each time. Their families were contacted, and both got the same reply: "Isn't he/she at that socialist conference in Guanwai?"


At some point, both parties found out that each other's members were missing, and eagerly compared notes only to find that both had had the exact same results. They went to the police with their information and an investigation began. Of course, the first thing the police did was contact the Foreign Ministry, and Minister Philippe Montgolfier found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to compose a letter to his counterpart in Guanwai.


Dear Sir or Madam,


I am writing to you on an urgent note to inquire as to the status of two Federation citizens who recently travelled to Guanwai on a matter of party business. I am speaking of one Mr. James Luxembourg MP, a Member of Parliament in the Federation and belonging to the Social Democratic Party; as well as one Mlle Celeste Monet, a member of the South Quebec Legislative Assembly and belonging to the Parti communiste du Québec. We have been informed by the respective families and parties of the two aforementioned citizens that they have been missing for several days, and have been unable to be reached, even though both had filed itineraries with their respective parties and legislative bodies stating they would remain for a few days in Guanwai on party business. I am informed that this business deals with an international communist conference?


Each has reportedly made plans to contact their people at home to inform them of the progress of the conference, and when they failed to do so, and contact with the hotels did not yield results, missing persons cases were opened at the Federation Mounted Police, the national police force here. The next logical step has been to contact Guanwai to further inquire as to their status, and as our two states do not exchange diplomatic representation, that duty falls to me to contact you and make an official inquiry. I trust that you understand the urgency of the matter, and implore you to find time in your busy schedule to accommodate my request.





The Honourable Philippe Montgolfier, Minister for Foreign Affairs

125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa



While waiting for a reply, Montgolfier thought it was prudent to contact FSIS, the Federation Special Intelligence Service. While he had no authority to command them, he reported the situation so far to the local section commander in Ottawa and suggested that it might be prudent to look into other ways of learning the information they needed, if Guanwai proved to be uncooperative or was more interested in feeding them a line of bull than helping to locate their missing citizens.

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At some point, both parties found out that each other's members were missing, and eagerly compared notes only to find that both had had the exact same results. They went to the police with their information and an investigation began. Of course, the first thing the police did was contact the Foreign Ministry, and Minister Philippe Montgolfier found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to compose a letter to his counterpart in Guanwai.
While waiting for a reply, Montgolfier thought it was prudent to contact FSIS, the Federation Special Intelligence Service. While he had no authority to command them, he reported the situation so far to the local section commander in Ottawa and suggested that it might be prudent to look into other ways of learning the information they needed, if Guanwai proved to be uncooperative or was more interested in feeding them a line of bull than helping to locate their missing citizens.

The Federation would receive the following reply about a day later.

To: Philippe Montgolfier, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Thank you for your message. We are sorry to hear about your missing citizens. The Red Guard is taking this very seriously and will launch a full investigation into the disappearances. Please send us a copy of all relevant information in regards to their alleged visitation that your government deems may be useful to our inquiry, and we will be sure to do the same with any evidence we may find.

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Incredibly frustrated himself, Nussenbaum packed up his things and began to head out of the building. He looked over his notes one last time - nothing indicated anyone present at the conference was a Bolshevik, although he had his doubts about the Premier himself. He was just about to mark this down as he walked into the hallway when several bullets ripped through his chest. The only thing he had managed to write was "Premier Zhang - B" before the Red Guard mowed him and the other delegates down. As he lay there on the hallway floor bleeding, he could do nothing but watch as a Red Guard soldier came up to him and aimed at his head one last time.

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One of Mei's agents named Lin had been keeping close tabs on Jackie since he agreed to help Jesse should he have won the upcoming elections so it came as no surprise to her when she guessed what happened when none of the delegates left the building when they were supposed to. She would make a secure call to Mei to tell her what she think happened. "Make no mistake Empress. I believe that the delegates didn't seem to agree with our Gunwai friends and so they had the delegates silently executed somewhere inside."


"Jackie knew what he was getting himself into when he went there and knowing his father was the one responsible for the attack on Shanghai they technically would be doing us a favor by killing him. Jackie was a good man but it looks like he finally got himself into stuff he couldn't talk his way out of and so it probably him killed."


"How could you say that about him? He was one of us."


"He and his father have been a thorn at our sides since day 1. Without Jackie to lead them the Communist party have dropped out of the upcoming elections. Everything is happening exactly as it was expected to."


"You knew they were going to kill him and the other delegates?"


"I knew they probably would if the delegates did not agree with them on certain things. It was something that needed to happen eventually so right now I feel like thanking them. Jesse never really needed the support of the communists and without them slowing us down we will finally be able to get back into an era of economic stability. When the time comes he will be ready to take the throne and no one will able to say otherwise. However I must ask if you believe this is a precursor to an attack by Gunwai?"


"No. If they were going to attack their would have been massive troop movements along the border that we would have been able to see and there wasn't. I suggest putting the border guards on high alert and tell General Chang to continue the fotrification of Beijing just in case but so far they have done nothing else that would suggest they plan on attacking anyone."


"Keep up the good work Lin. Let me know when you get any more info on what happened."


"Will do."

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The Federation would receive the following reply about a day later.


The Foreign Ministry transmitted all relevant data in regards to the visit and the missing persons cases, including a facsimile copy of their passports, their biometric data pertaining to said passports to aid in identification, the airline ticket and flight information, the itineraries and expense forms, their check-in at Federation customs, and all other helpful data including any visas Guanwai may have issued and the Comintern invitations themselves.



Thank you for your prompt reply. Here is all of the data we have gleaned in regards to their visit, and their intentions to return. We highly doubt that these two would willingly disappear themselves, as they are both prominent members of their respective legislative assemblies, including the national Parliament here in Ottawa, and further suggest that you treat this as a criminal matter. The airline hasn't reported any missing flights, and our citizens would make every attempt at contact with ourselves or Guanwai were they to be lost or kidnapped.


I am not aware of any "allegations" in regards to their visit, is that a mistranslation? It has been amply demonstrated that they did indeed leave this country with intentions to briefly visit Guanwai for the purpose of an international conference of communist parties. Furthermore, they would not have left this country without first having secured permission to visit Guanwai, and since we do not have a free trade agreement, that can only mean a visa, which your foreign office has to have either approved or denied before they even boarded an international flight. If it was denied, they would still be here, participating in votes and deliberations in their respective legislative bodies, but that is clearly not the case. I look forward to any information your investigation turns up. As always,




Philippe Montgolfier

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Several days later, after a "thorough investigation", the Federation would again be contacted by Guanwai authorities.

To: Philippe Montgolfier

You should be so bold as to describe to me the way our own internal processes work? We do not restrict the travel of citizens and no permission is required to travel to Guanwai peacefully. Any persons who would thwart the interests of our Democratic People's Republic would do well not to come here, but all are allowed as a matter of principle. We are first and foremost internationalists and cosmopolitans.

Now, for the results of our investigation:

The hotel they were supposed to be staying at has no evidence that your citizens were ever there, and we have taken statements from several of the workers there whom do not report seeing them. Our airport does indeed have records that they arrived in Guanwai and took their bags, although we have no idea where they may have went from the airport and our investigation is currently at a roadblock.

It is possible that the Red Guards found them engaging in counter-revolutionary behavior within the lands we control, and summarily executed them, perhaps without knowledge as to who they were. If this is the case, all of their belongings would have been re-appropriated among the masses, and there is little that we can do for them. However, we see this as unlikely, not least because of the effectiveness and skill of our Red Guards. The most likely scenario in our eyes is that they've simply gotten lost. As they have not turned up yet, this may mean that they've since left our capital entirely. But if any persons matching their descriptions are detained or otherwise turn up anywhere in territories under our control, we will be sure to investigate fully and get in contact with your government to have them safely repatriated.

Thank you for your concern,
Red Guards of Guanwai

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After receiving the reply, Montgolfier balked at the results of the investigation. He realized he wasn't getting anywhere, and called for a conference with the Prime Minister to discuss the matter of covert action to discover what Guanwai wasn't telling them. He was shot down, and had to formulate what he intended to be his last letter to the Guanwai authorities.


To: Foreign Ministry, Guanwai

CC: Red Guards of Guanwai


I am incredibly disappointed in your ability to discover what has happened to our citizens, and am more than a little perturbed at your casual suggestion that they may have been executed by your security forces for apparently vague and highly subjective "crimes." Your cavalier attitude to this serious matter, and your attempted denial that they visited your country, leaves me with a difficult duty.


This office is hereby placing a travel warning on Guanwai; Federation citizens are highly discouraged from visiting Guanwai on anything but critical business, and no Guanwai citizens will be issued visas to visit the Federation on anything but official business, which must be applied for and approved by this office on a case by case basis. A partial import/export embargo shall also be levied upon Guanwai, to the degree that no Federation company may buy or sell military equipment from or to Guanwai.


Furthermore, Guanwai will be barred from applying for diplomatic representation within the Federation, or to request the same from the Federation. Any Guanwai citizens present in the Federation must leave or be deported within two weeks; they will not be placed under arrest unless there is evidence of their having committed crimes, and there is no risk of their being executed due to "counter-revolutionary actions." Any Federation citizens present or residing within Guanwai will be repatriated at the earliest opportunity.


The Federation Mounted Police has informed me that the missing persons cases will remain open until a satisfactory conclusion is reached. In the future, Guanwai would do well to keep better tabs upon foreign dignitaries, or at the very least come up with more convincing distortions of the truth if they intend to maintain any semblance at legitimacy. Until then, they are in your country; if your security forces have executed them, their blood is on your hands, and appropriate diplomatic action will be taken if this is found to be the case. As always,




Philippe Montgolfier

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***Private Message to the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Guanwai***
The government of Zapadnaya hereby requests information regarding the whereabouts of one of our citizens: Mr. Stefan Nikolov [Passport #] who travelled to Guanwai in order to attend a meeting of the ‘Communist International’ on [Date]. Pursuant to documentation filed prior to his departure from Zapadnaya, he was scheduled to return to the country yesterday.
As he has not done so, we hereby request the assistance of the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Guanwai in locating Mr. Nikolov. A prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.

***Public Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs***


It has come to our attention that a citizen of Zapadnaya who had traveled to the Democratic People’s Republic of Guanwai in order to attend a political conference referred to in documentation as ‘The Communist International’ is currently missing. The Zapadnayan government, referring to the aforementioned individual’s passport and exit visa applications, has confirmed that he boarded a flight to the Democratic People’s Republic of Guanwai. It has now been 24 hours beyond the date of return submitted on the individual’s exit visa application and, after attempts to contact the individual failed, we have declared him missing and have launched an investigation.


Any individual with any information about Mr. Stefan Nikolov's is asked to contact the nearest Zapadnayan Embassy or the Zapadnayan Foreign Ministry at [Phone Number] or ForMin@zapad.gov.zd. Individuals who attended the meeting of the Communist International in Guanwai are also asked to contact Zapadnaya if they have any information about Mr. Nikolov's whereabouts.

Edited by Imperator Azenquor

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By now, the few citizens of Guanwai who were in the Atlantic Federation had gone back home. The same was the case for the Federation citizens in Guanwai; or, at least, all records the Guanwai government had indicated as such. No reply to the final letter would be received by the Federation; none was written.

The politburo of Guanwai issued a press release in response to the Zapadnayan public statement. In it, Zapadnaya and its government, as well as the family of the missing, were assured that Guanwai authorities intend to get to the bottom of these accusations and find out if their citizen is within Guanwai territory; and if so, where at?

In private, the Zapadnayan government would say much of the same, additionally urging the Balkan nation to keep its wits and be patient.

[OOC]As of this post, everybody except the Federation and Zapadnaya who send any correspondence to the Guanwai government will be assumed to have done so several weeks or longer after the scheduled dates of the International.[OOC]

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