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From time-to-time, legends are unfolded. Places of majesty, things of wonderment, are thrust upon the world upon their discovery. Throughout history and our lives their has been discussion of a perpetual 'paradise' in the world and where it's located, what it's called, and whom inhabits it. Today, Paradise is revealed. Over the past several weeks, work to bring this forth under the call of 'Paradise is coming' has been undertaken. Finally, we find ourselves setting out from our original destinations and arriving at paradise incarnate: [b]Shangri-La[/b]. Where once comrades and brothers were seperated by their affiliation to the 'New Sakura Order' or 'Tetris', such things are no longer.

The bonds these two alliances once shared have come to meant something more as we've headed towards our destination. We've become closer, and the identities we once held strongly too are slowly becoming lost in the fog as we spend more time together. We've been good allies for going on almost two years now, and that bond in itself was never tested, never broken. After all of this hard work, after some bad times and good times, we find ourselves as those who have reached Paradise, together. Together, anything is possible. The world is our oyster, and it's time to set foot into it.

With that said, tl;dr Tetris and the New Sakura Order are hereby disbanded. We've merging together, and this bond we've shared seperate these two years was something special. In place of our former identities, we've decided to set out on the path to something greater, together. We reserve the right to our former identities and their respective imagery. Both the Tetris & New Sakura Order AA's will be protected for a month in order to assist with the stragglers that still haven't made their way over. While Tetris was Green, and NsO was Pink, our new color sphere will be [b]White[/b].

We're having a party tonight and enjoying ourselves, you can find us at #shangri-la or on our brand new forums (Thanks, Diablofan!) [url=http://cn-shangrila.net]here[/url]. Without further ado, here's our charter and our first government:

I - Preamble
[b]Article I. [/b]To safeguard the collective knowledge inside the technological halls within our walls, we do what has to be done. The knowledge of the universe at our fingertips, yet only mastering knowledge relevant to our situation, we gain an edge over those who threaten us and our paradise. Alone we accomplish nothing, it is only when we stand united in both mind and soul that we are indomitable. Strength of Character and Will are the core of our essence, gathering power as we unleash the mysteries and knowledge of the universe on the unworthy, whose minds cannot comprehend the majesty. It is thus that Shangri-La comes into being, from the bond of two alliances joining into one Utopia.

II - Admission and Establishment of Rights
Section A. Application
[b]Article I.[/b] Shangri-La is a (insert color sphere here) alliance, and as such, any nation rulers who wish to apply for membership of Shangri-La are required to be on the (Color) Sphere. Exceptions to this can be made by a case-by-case basis such as for a nation with a complete trade circle. The potential nation will submit a simple form within Shangri-La’s boards, the specifics of the application are at the discretion of the Steward of Recruitment. Any potential applicant involved in war or in financial conflicts with another alliance will not be considered for membership until said conflicts are resolved.

Section B. Member Rights
[b]Article I.[/b] Every member of Shangri-La holds the right of free speech within our hallowed halls, along with a sub-forum that may be used to air grievances, suggest improvements and propose pieces of legislation that can be modified after a discussion takes place which will be voted on by the Council of Stewards.

[b]Article II.[/b] Shangri-La members have the right to post a Vote of No Confidence (VoNC) on any governmentofficial as long as the reasons stated within the VoNC are logical, concise and rational.

[b]Article III.[/b] All members of Shangri-La hold the right to run in government elections, specifically for the position of Steward in whichever specific department the member may choose to run in.

[b]Article IV.[/b] Members have the right to leave Shangri-La, but must first send a letter of resignation to the Steward of Interior Affairs. For re-admittance, the former member must follow the same guidelines as first-time applicants. In times of war, the Harbinger and the Keeper maintain the right to restrict the flow of potential membership and hand out due punishment to those who desert Shangri-La.

[b]Article V.[/b] Members have the right to maintain growth and security within Shangri-La’s halls, but are required to fight for Shangri-La’s safety and wellbeing during war. Members absolutely cannot leave Shangri-La during wartime.

[b]Article VI.[/b] To be considered a member of Shangri-La, the nation ruler must: 1. Possess a nation flying the ‘Shangri-La’ Alliance Affiliation. 2. Should not be allied to any alliance prior to one’s submission of their application. 3. Have no active wars. These are the minimum requirements by which a nation may apply to or be considered a member of Shangri-La. No exceptions are made to this rule.

III - Structure and Voting of the Government
Section A. The Harbinger
[b]Article I.[/b] The Harbinger is the appointed leader of Shangri-La. Ultimate authority is vested in the Harbinger’s hands in order to facilitate the guidance and direction of Shangri-La, supreme in both internal and foreign affairs and only limited where explicitly stated in this charter. The position is perpetual, only ending at the Harbinger’s wish or being voted out by a Vote of No Confidence.

[b]Article II.[/b] On the occasion that the Harbinger is voted out of office or steps down by his or her own volition, a new Harbinger will be elected following standard government election procedures. The Keeper will act as a temporary figurehead for Shangri-La until the new Harbinger is elected.

[b]Article III.[/b] Offices may be created or destroyed at the Harbinger’s command, with the exception of the basic governmental structure outlined in the charter.

[b]Article IV.[/b] The Harbinger may oust the Keeper or a Steward of their position at any point after elections have finished. A designated person will message the entirety of Shangri-La of such an occurrence which begins a period of 24 hours allowing the nomination of individuals for the position freed by the Harbinger. After this period ends, a new period of 48 hours commences to elect the replacement (Or ousted individual back) into the freed position.

Section B. The Keeper
[b]Article I.[/b] The Keeper is the second-in-command of Shangri-La, under the Harbinger’s command.

[b]Article II.[/b] The Keeper will act as the temporary leader of Shangri-La in the event that the Harbinger is absent or has abdicated, and rule on any and all decisions that may come up during the Harbinger’s absence.

[b]Article III.[/b] The Keeper advises the Harbinger on a variety of alliance issues, including overseeing a specific department that the Keeper may be well versed in.

Section C. The Council of Stewards
[b]Article I.[/b] The Council of Stewards is comprised of six members chosen by due process and elections. They are given the authorities, responsibilities and jurisdiction inscribed below.

[b]Article II.[/b] The Steward of Defense’s duties are to supervise the combined military forces of the alliance, manage squadrons in defense against individual rogue nations, manage combat assignments during wartime, and authorize raid targets.

[b]Article III.[/b] The Steward of Internal Affairs’ duties are to adopt, maintain, and hold members accountable to the Shangri-La’s Charter, promoting activity, communicating with the membership at large, handling votes on charter amendments, managing the forums, and providing interpretations of the charter should discrepancies arise with them.

[b]Article IV.[/b] The Steward of Foreign Affairs’ duties are to open, improve and maintain diplomatic relations with alliances, assigning diplomats to improve relations, open lines of communication with the membership at large in order to receive input about the Steward of Foreign Affairs path. In addition, while ultimately the FA path is decided by the Steward, he or she has to receive input from fellow government members.

[b]Article V.[/b] The Steward of Recruitment’s duties are to bring in new members, run recruitment contests, review applications and verify them, and finally to approve or deny applications.

[b]Article VI.[/b] The Steward of Education’s duties are to run and maintain an Academy, making sure new members know the alliance’s charter, and is responsible for training new members.

[b]Article VII.[/b] The Steward of Finance’s duties are to assist members with understanding the alliance’s trade policy and establish trade circles, certifying tech sellers, organizing large technology trade deals, and organizing mass tech-deals with other alliances.

Section D. Government Terms
[b]Article I.[/b] The Keeper’s term lasts for six months. After which, the incumbent Keeper has to run for re-election or lose his position in the coming elections for the Keeper position.

[b]Article II.[/b] A Stewards’ term lasts for three months. After which, the incumbent Steward has to run for re-election or lose his position in the Council of Stewards’ election cycle.

[b]Article III.[/b] No member will be allowed to hold more than one gov position at a time. If said person is elected into more than one office he will have to choose which office he wishes to take, and the runner up will take the other position.

Section E. Membership Input
[b]Article I.[/b] With regards to Shangri-La going to war or government signing a new treaty, the government of Shangri-La are obligated to create a sole thread for input only. Poll threads are banned from being used as the designated ‘Input Thread’ as the discretion of voting on those two issues falls only with the government of Shangri-La.

[b]Article II.[/b] The input only thread for treaties has to be open for three days before the government is allowed to vote. The voting for the treaties needs to be opened for a minimum of three days. The time limit for the war input thread is a minimum of one day, with the Harbinger having the power to extend it if needed. The voting for war is also open for a minimum of one day, with that again being at the discretion of the Harbinger to extend the time if needed.

Section F. Special Clauses
[b]Article I.[/b] [i]“Impaired by x”[/i][list]
[*]Any decision made by a Steward, the Keeper or Harbinger when made under the effects of obvious external influences (IE: being drunk, high, tweaking, etc, etc) are to be held up for 72 hours before they’re pulled into motion, allowing said government worker to recant the decision.
[b]Article II. [/b][i]“Other-worldly Emergencies”[/i][list]
[*]This clause goes into effect with any government member, and only on the occasions where the gov member cannot perform their duties for 1/3 of their term due to other-wordly emergencies.
[b]Article III. [/b]"[i]Election Etiquette[/i]"[list]
[*]An alliance wide ban clause for the purpose of making election threads outside of the designated platform/nomination subforum, designed to accrue votes for any candidate.
IV - Voting Procedures
Section A. Government Elections
[b]Article I.[/b] Voting for the government lasts a period of a ten days at the end of the month. Four days for the nomination period, three days for the preliminary voting period and three for the final elections.

[b]Article II.[/b] Elections for government positions will be done in an anonymous poll thread, with the optional capability of posting who the member voted for and the reason why.

Section B. Post Voting
[b]Article I.[/b] Elections for non-governmental issues must involve posting in the correct threads, where a person also has the option of including their opinions and/or reasoning for voting the way that they did. Input is encouraged, but not necessary.

[b]Article II.[/b] A time limit of four days be placed on all propositions that involve non-governmental matters.

Section D. Vote of No Confidence
[b]Article I.[/b] Any member in good standing is capable of issuing a Vote of No Confidence against any current government official, consisting of the Harbringer, Keeper, and Stewards.

[b]Article II.[/b] In order for the vote to pass, the vote simply requires a majority in favor of the vote.

Section D. Special Election Clauses
[b]Article I.[/b] The “Bias and Fairness” clause[list]
[*]In order to prevent bias and promote Fairness in all elections within Shangri-La, no one is allowed to PM people and rally support behind the scenes for a specific candidate or against a specific candidate as this undermines the fairness of democracy.
[*]The consequences of breaking this clause for the first time leads to the person forfeiting their run for candidacy (If applicable). For second-time breakers result will be the same with the addition of two more election cycles. For those who break it a third time, it results in a complete and permanent ban from every governmental election.
Punishments may be altered by the Harbinger and/or Keeper depending on the circumstances.
V - Charter Amendments
Section A. Amending the Charter
[b]Article I.[/b] Any member in good standing has the capability of proposing an amendment to the charter. The amendment is discussed for a period of 48 hours before voting occurs.

Section B. Voting
[b]Article I. [/b]For a vote to pass, all current government officials MUST vote on the amendment and at least 3/4's has to approve of the amendment. The vote would require a 65%+ vote in order to become ratified into the charter.

Section C. Failed Amendments
[b]Article I. [/b]If a person proposes an amendment and it does not pass, the person should have to wait 2 weeks from the time the amendment officially was not passed before submitting the proposal again. The person is allowed to make other proposals, but for 2 weeks they are not allowed to be similar to the amendment that just failed.[/quote]


[b]Harbingers[/b]: USMC123 & Elrich von Richt (Haruhi)

Elected Government:

[b]Keeper[/b]: Hereno
[b]Steward of Foreign Affairs[/b]: Rudolph
[b]Steward of Defense[/b]: Bdiah
[b]Steward of Education[/b]: Kenfolk
[b]Steward of Recruitment[/b]: Tank4ever
[b]Steward of Finance[/b]: Horo
[b]Steward of Internal Affairs[/b]: Diablofan[/center][/quote]

[size=14]The floodgates have been let open...[/size][/center] Edited by Elrich von Richt

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Like all in Shangri-La, this is an emotional yet important passing of two alliances that were central in creating our identity and home. To that end, I bid farewell to our homes and cheer for the coming times, be they good or bad, as our friends and good allies walk alongside us.

That being said, I present the current treaty set of Shangri-La:


[center][size=6][b]Hereno's Fictional Penis[/b][/size][/center]
[center][size=5][b]A Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Treaty[/b][/size][/center]

The New Sith Order and Tetris are very similar alliances. One of our similarities is that we like each other (another one is that we hate most of you but that's neither here nor now). We like each other so much that we decided to sign this treaty that will probably result in a lot of “lolwut” and “no u didn't”. Honestly I don't really know why people expected better of either of us though. Anyways, here goes.

[b]Article I: Peace is a Cake[/b]
NSO and Tetris recognize that a high score means working together, and therefore will not engage in hostilities against their partners in crime. This includes unpausing the game while the other is on the toilet.

[b]Article II: Impending Doom[/b]
Both signatories will inform the others if they come across information that may be pertinent to interruption of respective world domination plans.

[b]Article III: Aid is for the Weak[/b]
Line blocks and lightsabers should be given to help the weaker, crappier alliance if they have found themselves to have failed. This is not mandatory, but is recommended in the spirit of this union.

[b]Article IV: The Good Stuff[/b]
Should one of the signatories be subject to attack, the New Sith Order and Tetris hereby agree to mutually defend one another by any means requested. This includes all manner of things like coalition channels, 3AM queries, and blaming Youwish. Should one of the signatories be subject to attack for fighting due to the obligations of another treaty (which is unlikely because we're both bound to get rolled at some point for our own dumb actions), the mutual defense clause of this treaty will be considered optional.

[b]Article V: The 'Other' Good Stuff[/b]
If either signatory decides to attack a third party, that signatory may request military assistance from the other signatory. That signatory may choose to, but are not obliged to, honor the request, but it is encouraged.

[b]Article VI: eLawyers[/b]
Both signatories reserve the right to use their heads and request that the not-being-attacked alliance stays out of the conflict, in spite of the obligatory nature of this treaty. The not-being-attacked alliance should respect the wishes of their partner, but is not obligated to. The intelligent would see this as pretty common sense behavior, but the OWF is in no way intelligent.

[b]Article VII: Extermination[/b]
Should either party feel the need to end this marvellous treaty, handcrafted by Varianz and Hereno themselves over a pair of hot keyboards, they may spit in the face of our efforts and choose to end our time together. Reasons will be given in private for such blasphemy, and this treaty will continue to matter for 72 hours after the cessation of said awkward breakup conversation.

[b]For Shangri-La,[/b]
Elrich von Richt, Harbinger
USMC123, Harbinger
Hereno, Keeper
Rudolph, Steward of Foreign Affairs
Bdiah, Steward of Defense
Kenfolk, Steward of Education
Tank4ever, Steward of Recruitment
Diablofan, Steward of Internal Affairs
Horo the Wise Wolf, Steward of Finance

[b]For New Sith Order[/b][b],[/b]
Rayvon ~ Emperor
Dilber ~ Dark Lord
Joe Stupid ~ Sith Lord
rabonnobar ~ Sith Lord




[center][size=6][b]The Kyoto Commune[/b][/size][/center]
[center][size=5][b]A Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Treaty[/b][/size][/center]

Over time, the Libertarian Socialist Federation and Shangri-La have strengthen their bonds of friendship. This had been done through the [s]marriage[/s] civil union between Haruhi and HollandSomethingtoolong. This Union will serve to bring stability to our two alliances and the people within them for long to come.

[b]Article I: Peace[/b]
Both SL and LSF hereby agree that no hostile action shall be taken against one another. Both of the signatory alliances and their respective member nations recognize and will respect each other's sovereignty and political independence. Should a dispute arise, both alliances agree to settle the matter in a manner befitting the friendship found among both alliances.

[b]Article II: Intelligence[/b]
Should either the LSF or SL come into possession of information that involves the other signatory, they are obliged to share said information to said signatory.

[b]Article III: Aid[/b]
If either the LSF or SL finds that they need military or financial aid, they shouldn't feel any guilt asking the other signatory for such help. The other signatory is encouraged to help out the other alliance.

[b]Article IV: Military Aid[/b]
If either signatory is attacked by a third party, the other signatory is obliged to defend the other signatory. The obligation shall be considered annulled in the event that a signatory was brought into a war due to another treaty obligation. Despite this, both signatories still maintain the right to defend one another in this given situation.

If either signatory decide to attack a third party, that signatory may request military assistance from the other signatory. That signatory may choose to, but are not obliged to, honor the request, but it is encouraged.

[b]Article V: Cancellation[/b]
In the unfortunate event that one signatory decides to go their separate ways with the other signatory, they are to give 72 hours’ notice to the other signatory with reasons through private channels. This treaty will remain in effect throughout that time period.

[b]For Shangri-La,[/b]
Elrich von Richt, Harbinger
USMC123, Harbinger
Hereno, Keeper
Rudolph, Steward of Foreign Affairs
Bdiah, Steward of Defense
Kenfolk, Steward of Education
Tank4ever, Steward of Recruitment
Diablofan, Steward of Internal Affairs
Horo the Wise Wolf, Steward of Finance

[b][u]For the Libertarian Socialist Federation[/u][/b]
[i]The Delegates Council of the LSF[/i]


[center][size=6][b]Spanish Cats Discover the Hidden Valley of Paradise[/b][/size][/center]
[center][size=5][b]A Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Treaty[/b][/size][/center]

Greener pastures lie beyond the valley. Not all are able to reach Paradise together, yet some form bonds strong enough to test time and achieve true happiness: friendship. Sparked by the fires that blazed in the Legend of Sakura, the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and Shangri-La have achieved true happiness in the finest sense and have come together to sign this document.

[b]Article I: Independence and Sovereignty[/b]
Both parties acknowledge the independent sovereignty of each alliance and will endeavor not to interfere with the affairs of the other. This agreement does not imply approval or support by one party for the actions of the other towards non-parties to this agreement.

[b]Article II: Peace[/b]
No member of either party may participate in or support military action, or espionage, against the other party or its members.

[b]Article III: Intelligence Sharing[/b]
Both parties agree to promptly and discreetly share all information pertaining to the safety or stability of the other. Shared information shall not be disclosed to non-parties to this agreement except with the explicit permission of the other.

[b]Article IV: Mutual Defense:[/b]
An attack on one party will be treated as an attack on the other. If either party is attacked due to honouring an agreement with a foreign alliance, the obligation of the other to defend them becomes optional, although encouraged in the spirit of this treaty.

[b]Article V: Optional Aggression:[/b]
The signatories may follow each other into aggressive war.

[b]Article VI: Termination[/b]
The departure alone of either party terminates this agreement. The agreement shall remain in effect 48 hours following the notification of the other party.

[b]For Shangri-La,[/b]
Elrich von Richt, Harbinger
USMC123, Harbinger
Hereno, Keeper
Rudolph, Steward of Foreign Affairs
Bdiah, Steward of Defense
Kenfolk, Steward of Education
Tank4ever, Steward of Recruitment
Diablofan, Steward of Internal Affairs
Horo the Wise Wolf, Steward of Finance

[b]For the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization,[/b]
Dre4mwe4ver, Minister of Foreign Affairs
The 58th Congress of GATO


[center][size=6][b]Cacti in the Orient ~ Phantasmagoria of Eastern Wonderland[/b][/size][/center]
[center][size=5][b]An Optional Defense Treaty[/b][/size][/center]

[b]The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil[/b]
Under that strange scarlet moon where cherry blossoms blow and blocks of different shapes fall from the sky it is said that the moving cacti and the representatives of the oriental paradise met. The Random Insanity Alliance and Shangri-La - in recognition of their friendship, common values and interests and in pursuit of their collective security, strength, and prosperity - came together one night under the light of the red moon. Where once there had been conflict and anger now stood friendship and understanding. The two vowed to continue to move forward from the darkness of the past to a new and shining future.

[b]Perfect Cherry Blossom[/b]
In order to work together, several basic guidelines were set up by the representatives. It was agreed that a peaceful co-existence between the two would be maintained. Neither would try to purposely harm the other or help those trying to harm the other in any way.

[b]Subterranean Animism[/b]

Endless whispers are said to flow through the winds of the world. It was agreed that should either hear any dangerous whispers that could effect the other they would quickly share it in a discrete underground area.

[b]Undefined Fantastic Object[/b]
Ownership of Florida Site 51, created with the [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Unknown_Entity_Accords"]Unknown Entity Accords[/url], shall be split between the two and continue all operations. Its primary focus shall be shifted to the study of the various Undefined Fantastic Objects that were recently moved to the facility.

[b]Scarlet Weather Rhapsody[/b]
The weather of the world has always been unpredictable, calms and storms can appear or disappear at any moment. The two agreed that they could always ask the other for help should they get caught up in any kind of storm. Such assistance would not be required but would be encouraged in order to strive for the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

[b]Hopeless Masquerade[/b]
Should the bonds of the two fray, it is said that they must partake in the Hopeless Masquerade. If they are unable to find and reconcile with each other within the ever changing crowd they may then sever their contract to the gods. The Hopeless Masquerade is said to last at least two days at which point the two may then choose to go their separate ways into the faceless crowd.

[b]Representing the Cacti,[/b]
~Shadow, By the Grace of Cactuar, His Glorious Excellency The Most Holy, Blessed, and Venerable Eternal Triumvir of Random Insanity and the Dominions and Territories thereunto belonging, Captain Planet Emeritus, Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Realms of the Cactuar, Defender of the Faith, Guardian of the Funk, Grand Master of the Most Noble Sovereign Military Order of Cactimus Prime, Central Commander of the Nintuar Clan, Leader and Guide of the Rivolucion, The Ultimate Lifeform, Mystic Dragon Emperor of the Cheeselands, Archduke of Disorder, Overlord of Lunacy, Puppetmaster of Chaos, etc.
~Ogaden, Triumvir of the Random Insanity Alliance, Spammer of all Inboxes, Builder of horrific Robots of Doom, Buzzkill Extraordinaire Killing Your Buzz Now, Protector of Mexico and American Samoa
~im317, Triumvir, Former Elder of PotD, wow my sig is short
~biofantic, Head of Military Operations, Master of the Galaxy, the 5th ghostbuster, Singer of great epics, Divider of Canyons, Emperor of Emperors, Leader of the New Generation, Squire to Shadow's Shadow's Shadow's Shadow, Curer of Bad Music Syndrome, Lighter of lights, Secret Fascist Leader of the People
~Jenne, Master of Puppetz, Slave to the Man. No longer a HoMO, still a HoE.
~Croix, Head of Internal Affairs, Don't worry - It can't burritos the arena

[b]Representing the Orient,[/b]
~Elrich von Richt, Harbinger
~USMC123, Harbinger
~Hereno, Keeper
~Rudolph, Steward of Foreign Affairs
~Bdiah, Steward of Defense
~Kenfolk, Steward of Education
~Tank4ever, Steward of Recruitment
~Diablofan, Steward of Internal Affairs
~Horo the Wise Wolf, Steward of Finance

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What up everyone? Its been a minute since I last addressed you all. Well, as you may have noticed Tetris and the New Sakura Order are merging to create a new alliance, Shangri-la. You may be asking yourself, "Why would such a !@#$%*in' alliance of three years merge with a parade of foreign cartoon characters?" Because they are !@#$@#$ awesome, that's why. We have been to hell and back with these mother $%&@ers. Christ, most of them were even a part of our alliance for a period of time. It all started back when SOS was treatied to some friends of ours. We were new on the scene and looking for some new brajs to hang with, and since a couple of our members had similar interests, we dispatched some of them over to their boards to see if our flows could jive. Things worked out reasonably well and we signed a treaty, and then sometime after we upgraded to a MDoAP. Long story short, some !@#$ eventually went down and we sided with the dudes who weren't raving, power-tripping maniacs. We hosted an after funk at our place, and when everyone regained consciousness they peaced it to do their own thing, and we became one of the tightest two alliance wolf pack this !@#$ hole has ever seen. We wanted to roll some people, some people wanted to roll us. Some people eventually did roll us. It was all great. Anyways, I'm sure you all know how this place has been lately, so seeing as how our two groups were closer than two things that are really close to each other, it only made sense that we shack up and split the bills for one place. I know what you are thinking, "What a disgusting !@#$%^& child of malformed parents. I think I'm going to be sick." To that I say, "Sounds like like a personal problem, bro." Anyways it will be pretty dope to be back with many of our former members such as WingedWolf and Dragonknight1000.

Anyways so we've had some kick ass times the past three years. As some may know, this isn't the first incarnation of Tetris. This is not even the second. Yeah, that's right, this is the third time I started and killed this god damn alliance. But this time wasn't as !@#$%* as the other two, because this time I didn't do it alone. Rather than being the lone dictator of a miniscule band of misfits, USMC123, Granat, and Kean made up the other three founders to make up a slightly larger band of misfits. We had some of our old spots looking out for us, including treaties with Ragnarok from where USMC123 stumbled out of, along with ARES (WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY) It wasn't long after that we picked up the others who would pretty much become the backbone of the alliance. These people included such personalities as Pollard, Rhaemyr, and BladeX. Well we got on for a little while and quickly became buds with super chill folks such as Epicurean and CIA. Epicurean sadly didn't last that long, but we picked up some cool cats, the most memorable of which is Troop who has recently left us (please come back to me boo.) Also; TTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSK. CIA was just to flippin sweet to leave our hands off of and we nommed them up. We've still got a few of them kickin' it with us, pushing around strollers. These guys include ali5541 and King Waleed. Amos and Ace were with us for awhile, and it was tight, they should really drop us a line somtime. Oh !@#$, I didn't even mention that we had a protectorate. They were awesome. This was after we had got a treaty with VE, and we jointly supplied the Misfit Nations with protection. These people were pretty tight, and Kean and I had known them for quite a bit from being in NPO (oh god D:) Speaking of kean, come back god damnit. Anyways yeah MaskofBlue, Brennan, and a hole host of others were there, but eventually they went inactive and dwindled away, some of them are still with us today, which $%&@ yeah. VE, I still think you guys are cool. Impero and I go way back to OR and then later OV. Those were good days, met a lot of sweet ass people. Baltus, you turned out to be and awesome dude for nearly the entire time we've been around it seems.

Random mention of Bernkastel. Oh god, what a wreck lol.

So along time before most of that Hereno joined us sometime. Hereno was my boy in some super awesome channel when he got tired of the Corporation. That reminds me, I need to ask this supposed pinko how he wound up in an alliance named the Corporation. But once this guy joined, things were exponentially more awesome. While I'm on the topic of bad ass mother $%&@ers, Tank must be mentioned. Also Ken, you are pretty ok.

And how could I possibly make a grand speech of Tetris' hijinks without mentioned SLCB. You dudes were really true brajs. We met and instantly hit it off. Poached some crap alliances, frustrated dudes with a secret treaty activation, hell yeah, good times. Someday hopefully we can ruffle some people's jimmies again. But until then I'm at least glad that we still keep in contact and all of that.

NSO, you dudes are awesome. Showed that you could kick ass in the worst situations, once again. You don't know how much we appreciate it. Maybe the odds will be more in our favor next time around. Anyways, we will still be kickin' it around together in the future so hell yeah. Rayvon, youwish, KainIIC, and all the others, you are awesome. But not you, Pollard.

Then there is all the people that !@#$ happened with. Arrnea, your medal for beating us in the race to the dustbin of history is in the mail. NEW, you kicked our asses pretty good it was fun. Polar and UINE, lulz. GDA, it was still a white peace :troll: Legion, you guys actually turned out to be half way alright.

If I forgot you, too bad, its Friday night and I'm fixin' to drink. But anyways, thanks for the good times, it was something special.

Peace out, girl scouts.

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As one of the founding and last members of the New Sakura Order, I thought I would write a few words about the alliance. We formed about 2 years ago as a splinter of the SOS Brigade. since then we had made it our goal to survive and thrive in this world we call Bob. We've managed to do so for two years, but out run is coming to an end. But this is part of that same goal of surviving and thriving, out of a want to make ourselves better, along with our best bros from Tetris, we have decided to merge together to form our new home together of Shangri-La.

I was one of the original government members that is still in government in the New Sakura Order. I have enjoyed every minute of being in this alliance and I am sad to see the alliance go. I did voice my opposition of this merger to begin with but Elrich, the other original government member still here, convinced me that the alliance image would still be there in our new home and I was convinced. So, we're not really leaving. The alliances of the New Sakura Order and Tetris are just deciding to move in with each other.

Before we go though, there are a few things I want to do and say. First off, I would like to thank every one of our allies that we have had.[list]
[*]To the no longer existant IAA: Thank you so much for being our protector until you faded away. You were awesome to work with and I enjoyed it. I am sorry for the entire government to have caused you guys a bit of trouble.
[*]To GATO and LoSS: Thanks for picking up the protectorate from IAA when they passed. You guys are awesome for doing that.
[*]To GATO: This is for upgrading with us to an MDoAP, I've enjoyed working with you in the New Sakura Order and will continue to look forward with working with ya as a member of Shangri-La's government.
[*]To the AOD Brigade: You guys were awesome. It was saddening to see us go our separate ways, but it happens.
[*]To LSF: Let's keep the party going while we're in Shangri-La, you're awesome people and its great to work with ya.
[*]To the dead SOS Brigade: It was cool working with our old home after things cooled down from the whole Arrnea thing.
[*]To the defunct BTA: You guys were cool, rest in peace bros.
[*]To RIA: You've been a riot guys, lets keep the insanity going with Shangri-La.
For our every member of the New Sakura Order, current and past members. I would like to award you with this award.

[center]For being a member of the New Sakura Order[/center]

Thank you guys for being a member of the alliance, every single one of you guys. You were fun to hang around with. There were a lot of you, so I can't name them all, but you know who you are.

Now, I have another award to give out. To Katsumi, you were our original empress. You were great, it was fun and crazy working with you and I enjoyed every day of it. To you I award you this special award.

[center]For being the original leader of our home[/center]

I want to close this off by saying that this is not a goodbye, but rather a new beginning. We're still around, we're just going to be living in a new home.

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The best of two fine alliances combined in perpetuity. I am exceptionally pleased to be a part of this sublime union.

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i knew something was up:
[quote][b]Biggest Gainers[/b]
[img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/47/Gold_medal_icon.svg/16px-Gold_medal_icon.svg.png[/img] [color=#00FF00][i]Shangri-La[/i][/color] [color=green](+2.93)[/color]
[img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2e/Silver_medal_icon.svg/16px-Silver_medal_icon.svg.png[/img] [color=blue][b]The Imperial Order[/b][/color] [color=green](+0.54)[/color]
[img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/89/Bronze_medal_icon.svg/16px-Bronze_medal_icon.svg.png[/img] [color=orange]RnR[/color] [color=green](+0.28)[/color]

[b]Biggest Losers[/b]
[img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/47/Gold_medal_icon.svg/16px-Gold_medal_icon.svg.png[/img] [color=#FF00FF][i]New Sakura Order[/i][/color] [color=red](-1.69)[/color]
[img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2e/Silver_medal_icon.svg/16px-Silver_medal_icon.svg.png[/img] [color=green][i]Tetris[/i][/color] [color=red](-0.68)[/color]
[img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/89/Bronze_medal_icon.svg/16px-Bronze_medal_icon.svg.png[/img] [color=gold]Death Before Dishonor[/color] [color=red](-0.10)[/color][/quote]

nothing gets by me :smug:

well it's sad to see the former alliances go, but equally happy to see the new alliance

here's to SHANGRI-LA:

and like a wise man once said:
[quote]I've got two tickets to paradise, Won't you pack your bags, we'll leave tonight, I've got two tickets to paradise, I've got two tickets to paradise.

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Very awesome stuff guys. While its sad to see NsO and Tetris go, I'm sure this union will be be amazing!

Its been a blast being friends with NsO this past year and I'm glad we've reconciled a lot of our differences with Tetris. I hope to continue to grow closer to you guys!

o/ NsO
o/ Tetris
o/ Shangri-La

:awesome: Edited by ShadowDragon

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