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Life in Greater Germany

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[size="1"][i]Disclaimer: This is going to be a series detailing the leadership and everyday life in my nation. It's going to start slow and then (hopefully expand). Basically, it's an experiment. I'm going to be posting older articles and then move onto newer ones.[/i][/size]

[b][center][size="3"]Life inside of the Empire[/size][/center][/b]

Two years. It had been two years since the crushing of the rebellion. A rebellion that left Visari scarred and almost ripped the very foundations of an Empire apart. Despite the fact that Visari was disfigured, he still continued to rule the Empire with an ironfist. The people saw his face twisted and distorted, his blue eyes, penetrating but friendly, replaced by harsh yellow ones, far more penetrating and anything but friendly. For the rest of his life that face would be seen, appropriately enough, only in shadow, shrouded by a hood, those piercing yellow eyes its most visible feature. The country eventually reconciled itself to this new face; portraits and statues of him incorporated it without shame. As he intended, that countenance was seen as a mark of pride, a wound suffered in the service of the people. Internally, just like after the great collapse, the Empire had rebounded stronger than ever.

During the two years since the internal rebellion, the Kazahkstani sector had been totally rebuilt, and those who were held responsible were tried and sentenced to execution in the High Courts of the Empire. The broken and inept council that led to the fostering of the rebellion was abolished. In its place, the Emperor established a pyramidal structure with himself at its summit, then the Imperial Advisors who made all executive decisions in the Emperor's name, then the Moffs who ruled sectors. All of them owed their careers to the Emperor and gave him their allegiance. With the country the most stable it had been in years, the Imperial Government embarked on a mission to march the Empire into the future.

The first step was to establish a technological base that would push the nation forward and end the technological "dark age" gripping the nation. To support the development of the military technological data base, Visari ordered the creation of the Imperial Department of Military Research, which would be responsible for researching and development of new weapons and technologies. To run this new corporation, Visari appointed Imperial Moff and leading Technocrat in the Empire Moff Rebus. He would be given unlimited funds to research and produce new technological wonders for the nation.

As part of moving out of the "dark ages", the Emperor also ordered the construction of a new capital and dozens of new cities. The new city, designated Lusankya and/or Imperial Centre, would serve as the new hub of the Empire, and it will be located in Kiev. After the construction of Lusankya is complete, Tbilisi would be demoted to the rank of "historic" capital.

[i]Imperial Center/Lusankya[/i]

The new capital of the Empire would use the latest technology, such as holographic displays, fusion power, high speed rail and various maglev systems (which will become a standard in all Imperial cities). Dominating the skyline of the new capital would be the Imperial Palace, which will much like the one constructed in Tbilisi. In each major province/sector of the Empire, three new major cities will be constructed. This new cities are designed to march the nation into the future.



[b][center][size="4"]Life inside of the Empire[/size][/center][/b]

It was a time of change. It was a time of glory. Throughout the Empire, massive construction projects stretched as far as the eyes could see. From the ashes, the outer shells of the new modernized cities could be seen. As times passed, these metal shells would turn to functioning buildings, each with their own task in mind. In Lusankya, the shell of the new Imperial Palace dominated the skyline. In the middle of Lusankya, just like in the middle of the other twenty four futuristic cities being constructed, one could see the futuristic 3D billboard advertisements, spiraling highways, and other unique items. There were some that declared such task as expensive and unneeded, but the Emperor declared that no penny shall be spared for the rejuvenation of his Empire. Nevertheless, the citizens of the Empire benefited from these construction projects. These construction projects provided thousands of jobs, which lowered the unemployment rate even more. It was during this period, that the Imperial Ministry of Business and Commerce placed the official unemployment rate at two percent. The unemployment rate was scheduled to go down even further as new businesses opened, with the completion of these new cities.

Aside from the growth of unemployment, life for the normal citizen continued as normal. The average citizen was still accustomed to the normal propaganda. However, the Empire was now in a new phase. No longer was the state preaching the spirit of Nordic Socialism. According to Pollax Hax, the Imperial Minister of Propaganda and Chief of the Propaganda Dissemination Section, the spirit of Nordic Socialism had been achieved. Dalmatia was now in a state of bliss, where a New Order had achieved peace and prosperity for the nation. To support this propaganda, the Nordic Socialist Party was transformed into the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR). In theory, it was the same organization with a different name. In practice, it was even more hardline than it's previous incarnation, the Nordic Socialist Party. It's main goal was to maintain support for Visari's New Order in Dalmatia.

There were few functions performed by the government that were not duplicated by COMPNOR. Politics was conducted and monitored through the New Order Party of the Empire, the dominant partner of the Group of the Renewal Union and Neo-Democrats (IRU-ND) in the Senate; its central coordinating body, the New Order Committee, dominated the nominally independent local chapters throughout the Empire. The New Order Party advocated sweeping changes to existing power structures to make them conform with the Party's official ideology of "Correct Thought," a totalitarian system designed as a practical application of Visarism-Tarkinism, and boasted that vigorous application of Correct Thought allowed an individual to live his entire life without ever having to make a single decision for himself. The New Order Party Social and cultural affairs were handled by "the twins," the Coalition for Improvements and the Coalition for Progress. Defense was provided by the CompForce regimental system, which also closely monitored the Armed Forces of the Imperium. COMPOR's SAGroup, which trained youth in New Order principals, was revived and expanded, becoming one of the largest organizations of any kind in the Empire. Internal security and policing were the province of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). External affairs were monitored and duplicated through the Drake II Cultural Institute, while the Visari Institute of General Economy duplicated the functions of the Ministry of Finance and His Imperial Majesty's Treasury; even the courts had their counterparts, in the Khil-Parud Office of the Law Review. Effectively, Commission for the Preservation of the New Order acted as a second state and was ready to step in should the regular state falter.

In order to support COMPNOR, the Imperial Security Bureau was established, which was intended to protect the Empire from infiltration by Separatist saboteurs (in later years its mandate was extended to anarchists, insurrectionists, and seditionists), with at best ancillary roles in general counterintelligence, counterinsurgency, and counterterrorism. In practice, it functions as the Empire's thought police and the New Order's alternative to the Imperial State's various intelligence, security, and police agencies.

Despite more restrictions on personal life, citizens still enjoyed various upgrades to their personal life. With certain advancements in technology, citizens enjoyed more luxuries in their normal every day lives. 3D HDTV television, which didn't require the old fashioned use of glasses, was now a norm in the Empire. These sets were manufactored and sold at a reasonable price, and all Imperial networks supported the use of 3D resolutions. With these luxuries and many more, Imperial citizens would continue to support the Empire, even if it meant giving up a tiny bit of their lives.


[b][center][size="3"]Life inside of the Empire[/size][/center][/b]
[b][center][size="2"]Imperial Governor of Kazahkstan, Ardus Kaine[/size][/center][/b]

Ardus Kaine, Governor and Supreme Commander in and over the Kazakhstan Sector, exited his personal transport outside the Emperor's Retreat. He was a tall, slender man, who intimidated anyone who's ever had to speak with him. He was also a strong and noted public speaker, in addition to being involved in the politics and administration of the Empire, in his official capacity as an Imperial Advisor. Also seen as the Empire's chief ideologue, he helped create the New Order principles, which he followed vigorously and to the letter. He was one of the few to ever disagree with an order from the Emperor; however on this day, he would have to, if only for the benefit of his region.

Kaine walked through the long hauls of the Palace, until he reached the Emperor's audience chamber. Upon entering, he bowed his head in a sign of respect, to only be interrupted by the Supreme Ruler of the Empire.

"Rise Kaine, there is no need for such formalities, my old friend." Visari smiled, then motioned for the guards to leave. Kaine stood up and began to walk towards Visari, "It is a privilege to be in your presence. However, I do have some important business that needs to be discussed."

Visari nodded, "What troubles you?" Kaine took a deep breathe and began to speak, "Emperor, I am most disappointed at the current policies being exercised in Kazakhstan. I am even more disappointed that they are supported by Jorhan Stahl. Excuse me for my bluntness, but the current policies in the region are what started the rebellion three years ago. I am all for order and security; however, there should be a clear division."

"As Governor, you have complete control in your region to initiate any changes you see fit Kaine." responded Visari. "Jorhan Stahl usurps my authority constantly, as he sees the Kazakhstan’s as untrustworthy. Because of his views, the region continues to suffer and the infrastructure is years behind even the rest of the Empire. I.." Visari cut off Kaine as he was about to continue his sentence and groaned in frustration. "Jorhan Stahl believes in brute force tactics, in the most unfavorable situations possible. He also has been making some rather, un-wise decisions that I'm not very pleased with. However, that is besides the point. Just like any other Moff, you have supreme authority in your Region. I will deal with Stahl."

Kaine smiled, "Yes, Emperor."

Visari, now in a frustrated mood, dismissed Kaine.


[b][center][size="3"]Life inside of the Empire[/size][/center][/b]

Governor Ardus Kaine exited his transport in Astana, which was the seat of his power in Kazakhstan. Besides the usual welcoming committee, he was greeted by Tann Starpyre, who was the Imperial Minister of Construction and Construction Contracts. They both greeted eachother and set off for the governor's private estate. Upon entering the private estate, Ardus Kaine began to speak, to layout his grand vision for the revision of Kazakhstan.

"Kazakhstan is a region that is falling behind the rest of the Empire, due to policies not of our doing. While there are numerous of projects, I want more progressive things done. I want this region to become the crown jewel of Central Asia, and I want this done immediately!"

Kaine's adjutant unfolded a large map on the table and began to point with a laser pin. "The current capital of this region of Astana; however, that is the past. It is time for the future. Therefore, I propose the following:

Kaine began to draw a circle around the provinces surrounding Astana.


"The entire area I have circled will be combined into one city, named Astana City." Kaine smiled and folded his arms behind his back. Starpyre smirked, "And how do you plan on getting the funding for this. This could cause upwards in the hundreds of billions, and I don't see [i]this[/i] region of all Imperial regions getting this type of funding. If anything.." Ardus, annoyed, interrupted her, "Starpyre, I did not ask you for the specifics of how this will be funded; nor, did I ask for your permission. The point is simple. This project will be done, and the Emperor has assured me of that. I was going through formalities; however, I could easily go above your head to get the necessary funding."

Starpyre shrugged, "You know I am loyal to the Emperor and the New Order. I was simply restating a rumor that is baseless at best. I will make sure you get the necessary funds for the project in double time, Governor." Kaine smiled, "Excellent, Minister. I will be sure to put in a good word for you to the Emperor. Now, I must depart to attend to some other business."

As soon as the meeting ending, Kaine sent out a regional wide decree announcing the start of the project.

"Kazakhstan's re-shaping starts today. Our region will soon become the crown jewel of Central Asia!"


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[b][center][size="3"]Life inside of the Empire[/size][/center][/b]

[i]"Wake up! Wake up! Time for drills! The Empire never waits and neither should you!"[/i]

This was life that 10 year old Tian Chyler lived, since being recruited into Sub-Adult Group (SAGroup) of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. It wasn't his decision to join the Sub-Adult Group. It was compulsory to join the Sub-Adult Group at age 10 and serve through age 18 years, as was decreed by the Emperor. Penalties were provided for guardians who did not comply, including confinement. The Law also gives officials the authority to require participation. Quite a range of possible exemptions to participation were described in detail. These generally refer to poor health and inproper conduct. Children of Dalamatians residing abroad can not be compelled to serve if in the country for brief visits. Girls are allow to withdraw upon marriage. Children having difficulty with their school work can be exempted.

Chyler had been a member for one year, and the normal routine had become normal by the thirtieth day. First. He went through the basic exercises, provided by SAGRecreation. These exercises included the basic sporting exercises, which ended harsh physical training and wargames as an introduction to military training.

Next. Chyler would attend classes provided by SAGEducation. In this classes, Chyler and other children were indoctrinated by Imperial propaganda. This propaganda kept them from ever doubting the New Order or the Empire, and it also facilitated the belief that Visari was a psuedo-god, who raised his people from the ashes.

Chyler was no longer a child that thought on his own. He would be a child, who upheld the principals of the New Order. Some would call him and millions of other children robots, but in Dalmatia, he was considered the future of the nation.

Visari, in a somewhat cynical mood, privately expressed his attitude toward them. "This youth learns nothing but to think Dalmatian and to act Dalmatian. When these boys enter our organization at the age of ten, it is often the first time in their lives that they get to breathe and feel fresh air, and we keep them there for four years, and then we definitely don't put them back into the hands of the originators of our old classes and status barriers; rather we take them straight into the Party or into the Labor Front, COMPNOR, or the ISB, and so on. And if they are there for another two years or a year and a half and still haven't become complete Imperials, then they go into the Labor Service and are polished for another six or seven months, all with a symbol, the spade. And any class consciousness or pride of status that may be left here and there is taken over by the Imperial Armed Forces for further treatment for two years, and when they come back after two, three, or four years, we take them straight into the New Order Party, ISB, and so on again, so that they shall in no case suffer a relapse, and they will never be free again as long as they live." Edited by Malatose

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[b][center][size="3"]Life inside of the Empire[/size][/center][/b]

[i]"Happy Empire Day!"[/i]

That was the basic greeting on the fifth anniversary of the Continental Empire of Dalmatia. Throughout the streets of every major city throughout the Empire, large flags and banners were hung. "To 1000 More Years!" and "Peace and Prosperity. The Emperor's Promise." were the basic writings seen on these large posters and banners. On this Empire Day, the normal citizen had a lot to be thankful for. The economy had risen to new heights, providing jobs for millions of citizens. According to statistics released by the Imperial Ministry of Business and Commerce, the unemployment rate had fallen to 1.9%. In addition, the prestige lost during the great collapse was regained. However, aside from everything else, citizens of the Empire were glad to have a new capital. The new capital, which was build over the demolished city of Kiev and renamed Lusankya, would serve as the new centralized hub of the Empire. The capital was one of over fourty new cities constructed in the Empire. The capital was divided into sectors. Each sector of the capital had it's own designated function for particular purposes, such as governmental and senatorial, financial (including banking zones), residential, and commercial.

In the center of the Capital was the Palace District, where the new Imperial Palace was located. The Palace grounds were home to more than fifty connected structures and more than twenty thousand rooms; some of the rooms, like the famous Grand Corridor, were themselves kilometers long. The Palace complex was so large and extensive that it served simultaneously as the government district, housing a fully-equipped medical sub-complex and a number of offices and headquarters, including the War Room, the Admiral’s Office, the Crypt (a cryptologic center, not a burial vault), and the Imperial Information Center.

The residential district of the Palace complex was accessible through the Grand Corridor, including the wood-paneled President’s Guests Floor; the Emperor’s actual living space was a tiny fraction of the Palace called the Residence, a suite of residential rooms, studies, private audience chambers, libraries, and art galleries deep in the core of the main building reserved for his personal use (the Residence was equipped with viewports designed to simulate the view of the outside exactly, creating the illusion that it was perched atop the main pyramid rather than nestled deep within it).

The Palace included a number of throne rooms and audience chambers, including the famous Chamber of the Imperial Presence, a cavernous room modeled on the old Senate Rotunda with the Imperial Throne on a raised column where it was bathed in illumination from prismatic skylights; it is from this chamber that he gave most of his public addresses. Stretching out beyond the Sublime Porte — the main entrance to the Palace grounds — was the enormous Pliada di am Imperium, a vast plaza that opened into Glitannai Esplanade, Imperial City’s celebrated ‘carotid artery’ running along Judicial Plaza and ending in the Imperial Navy’s headquarters at Unity Gardens. The Palace had a reviewing balcony overlooking the Pliada to enable the Emperor or other dignitaries to observe parades and other celebrations in the enormous plaza.

In the Pliada di am Imperium, thousands of citizens had assembled. Holding banners and chanting slogans, they screamed in celebration of the Empire. On the balcony of the palace overlooking the Pliada, the Imperial elite had assembled. Imperial Regent Jorhan Stahl and the members of the Imperial Ruling Council stood in unison. Next to them, stood members of the Imperial Privy Council. Imperial Moffs and Military officials stood next to them in unison, as well. After observing the various displays, Stahl stepped forward to deliver his speech. His speech would be transmitted in all Imperial cities and on all television stations.


[i]Loyal Imperial citizens, we are here today to celebrate the day when our Emperor made his Declaration of a New Order and wiped out the cancer that was destroying our nation. Out of the ashes the Emperor formed the mighty and invincible Empire we are today. It was not an easy task, even for the Emperor. Without the help of extraordinary Imperial citizens, it could not have been done. We must remember this day, as it is not to be forgotten. Onward into the Future![/i]

The crowds cheered and began to chant, as Stahl stepped back from the podium. Stahl stepped aside and kneeled his head as the other officials on the balcony did the same. Through the small trail created, Emperor Visari began to walk forward. The crowd became utterly silent, as the Supreme Ruler of the nation walked up to the podium.

[i]Citizens of this nation, on this day we have reached a transition. On this day, we transition from a disgraced nation and to a nation full of pride and prestige. In the time you have given me, I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength, and I have rebuilt our pride! On this day, we stand united once more. For the sake of our children. For our children's children! For the next ten thousand years! [/i]

After delivering his short speech, the crowd erupted in applause. Visari began to walk back into the palace, for he had other important matters to attend to. The Empire Day celebrations would have to continue without him.

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[i][center]Dalmatia: A Nation of World Peace[/center][/i]

Dalmatia: A Nation of World Peace. That was the slogan written on propaganda posters scattered throughout the Imperial Capital and other cities of the Empire. It was also the title of Visari's upcoming speech that he was scheduled to deliver before an extraordinary session of the Thorvald Klaasson Stettner. The Emperor ordered that all 1,500 Deputies (appointed from territorial and national districts and from governing bodies of party, union, youth, and other organizations) be present at the session, as it was the first time in three years that the legislative body had been assembled.

Inside of the Thorvald Klaasson Stettner, officials from all over the Empire gathered in anticipation. When all the officials had reached their assigned seats, the activities began. Jorhan Stahl, President of the Thorvald Klaasson Stettner, stepped forward.

"Rise for the Emperor of the Continental Empire who has brought us peace, security and prosperity! Hail!"

Stahl turned towards the Visari and saluted as did the thousands of deputies. Visari stepped forward and returned the salute, bowing his head later to drown himself in the euphoria. After the salutes and cheers, he stepped forward to the massive tribunal and began to speak.


This session of the Thorvald Klaasson Stettner takes place on a date which is full of significance for the Dalmatian people. Four years have passed since the beginning of that great internal revolution which has given a new aspect to life.

This is the period of four years which I asked the people to grant me for the purpose of putting my work to the test and submitting it to their judgment. Hence at the present moment nothing could be more opportune than for me to render you an account of all the successes that have been achieved and the progress that has been made during these few months, for the welfare of the Nation.

In these few years, The state has generated millions jobs, with more on the way. The Imperial Armed Forces has now been reinstated to its former status, with it continuing to grow regularly. On a daily bases, The military is receiving new artillery systems, tanks, and aircraft. All of this, is for a nation that can be defensive, and secure it's people.

The Imperial state is building up, as well as securing relationships on a worldwide scale. As I have already mentioned on numerous occasions, the main goal of the state is to secure worldwide relationships. However, due to outside hostile propaganda, most nations have taken a distant if not hostile attitude towards Dalmatia

It is one of the aims of the Government to clear up relations between our neighbors.
To appeal to these nations, in order to put the Empire back on peaceful terms, I will plead the case of this nation, as it is my god given right as Emperor.

Allow me to point out some facts that cannot be refuted by the scribbling of international press liars.

First. Dalmatia has no hostile attitude towards the nation of Cochin. We greatly respect our neighbors, and we hope to maintain the best relations with our Cochin neighbors. The Empire has NO intention to expand it's frontiers into Cochin territory.

Two. Great Britain: The Empire has endeavored to continue the traditional friendship with Great Britain.

Three: Russia: Dalmatia adopted the same attitude toward Russia. The Imperial government has never given the slightest cause for doubt regarding their desires to establish friendly relations with the country. Moreover, they themselves have never brought forward any complaint regarding the relations between the two countries.

We hope our fellow European nations come to their senses and realizes the Continental Empire is a peaceful nation. We'll do nothing to harm the world and bring about a fiery storm, such as the last great European Wars. That is the last thing we want. However, if the nations of Europe decide not to hear my plea, it is their problem. Destiny will decide who is right.

Only one thing is certain. In the course of world history, there have never been two victors, but very often only losers. This seems to me to have been the case in the last war. May those peoples and their leaders who are of the same mind now make their reply. And let those who consider war to be the better solution reject my outstretched hand.

As Emperor of the Continental Empire of Dalmatia, I can thank god at this moment that he has so wonderfully blessed us in our hard struggle for what is our right, and beg him that we and all other nations may find the right way, so that not only the Dalmatian people but all Europe may once more be granted the blessing of peace. [/quote]

Visari handed the text of the speech to this assistant and walked off the tribunal. Stahl stepped forward to the podium.

For the Emperor of the Continental Empire of Dalmatia. Salute! Hail!

The entire building began to hail the Emperor in a synchronized manner. Edited by Malatose

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[b][center][size="3"]Life inside of the Empire[/size][/center][/b]
[b][center][size="2"]Imperial Governor of Kazahkstan, Ardus Kaine[/size][/center][/b]

Ardus Kaine stood in his private estate, overlooking the various construction projects throughout his province. Despite the objections of other officials, he had went through great pains to increase the standard of living in Kazahkstan. However, there was a growing issue in his sector. There were reports of numerous terrorist incidents through the sector. Reports of car bombs, kidnapping, and anything that could interfere in the various construction projects throughout the country. Despite the fact that security measures were increased, the incidents continued to spiral out of control, which forced Kaine to act. He had always been an advocate of a Kazahkstan free from the ideology and rules of the Empire, in order to keep peace and stability in the region, however those days were long over. Acting in his official capacity as Imperial Moff of Kazahkstan and with permission from the Emperor of the Continental Empire, Ardus Kaine issued a decree to restore peace in the region.

[quote]From: Moff Governor Ardus Kaine
Subject: Concerning the Imperial Province of Kazahkstan
CC: Emperor Visari, Imperial Ruling Council, Imperial Privy Council

For too long have I allowed Kazahkstan to act outside of the borders of the Empire. The lenient attitude offered by myself and the Emperor has only been met with scorn and hatred. That very hatred has led to the deaths of dozens of loyal Imperials, and I can't allow this to continue. Therefore the following must take place.

I. The culture that continously leads to insurrection and civil disobedience must be quelled and assimilated. New Order and Nordic Socialist principals must be taught and preached above all others.

II. The official New Order Calendar will be adopted in Kazahkstan

III. Past and future glories of Imperial heroes will be taught above Kazahkstan heroes.

IV. The official language in Kazahkstan will become Imperial Basic

V. Until this insurrection ends, curfew in Kazahkstan will begin at 8pm.


Imperial Moff Governor
Ardus Kaine[/quote] Edited by Malatose

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[b][center][size="3"]Life inside of Greater Germany[/size][/center][/b]

Michael Visari was ecstatic at the reformation of Greater Germany. He was a different man. No longer was he secluded, but he was now in the open, mingling with his deputies. Outside of the new attitude, his personal wardrobe also changed. He no longer dressed in long, black robes, but he now wore a uniform similar to the one his father wore. Nevertheless, Visari knew he had a long task ahead of him, in regards to restructuring the entire nation. Therfore he began to move forward, by issuing a number of decrees.

[quote][b][center][size="3"]Act on the Head of State of Greater Germany[/size][/center][/b]

The Reich Government has enacted the following law, which is promulgated herewith:

I. The offices of Lord/Lady (of the Althing Triumvirate) is to be merged with the office of Emperor of the Continental Empire of Dalmatia.

II. The style of the new office is to be titled Reichskanzler des Grossdeutschen Reiches

Reichskanzler des Grossdeutschen Reiches,
Michael Visari[/quote]

[quote][b][center][size="3"]Act on the Head of State of Greater Germany[/size][/center][/b]

The Reich Government has enacted the following law, which is promulgated herewith:

I. Greater Germany is to be reorganized into Gau (district subdivisions).

II. The Gau Districts are to be as follows:

Gau Baden · Gau Bayreuth · Gau Berlin · Gau Düsseldorf · Gau Essen · Gau Franken · Gau Halle-Merseburg · Gau Hamburg · Gau Hessen-Nassau · Gau Köln-Aachen · Gau Kurhessen · Gau Magdeburg-Anhalt · Gau Mainfranken · Gau Mark Brandenburg · Gau Mecklenburg · Gau Moselland · Gau München-Oberbayern · Gau Niederschlesien · Gau Oberschlesien · Gau Ost-Hannover · Gau Ostpreußen · Gau Pommern · Gau Sachsen · Gau Schleswig-Holstein · Gau Schwaben · Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig · Gau Thüringen · Gau Weser-Ems · Gau Westfalen-Nord · Gau Westfalen-Süd · Gau Westmark · Gau Württemberg-Hohenzollern - Gau Croatia - Gau Bosnia & Herzegovina - Gau Czech Republic - Gau Bohemia und Moravia

III. Gau Districts will be administered by Gauleiters, which will have the same tradional powers as the former position of Imperial Moff

Reichskanzler des Grossdeutschen Reiches,
Michael Visari

Reich Minister of the Interior,
Kren Blista-Vanee[/quote]

[b][quote][center][size="3"]Reich Law Concerning the Equal Treatment of all Citizens[/size][/center][/b]

It is the duty of the new Greater Germany to provide a Volksgemeinschaft free of elitism and class divides. The following is, therefore, promulgated herewith

I. The caste system of Free people, Thralls, Einherjars, Valkyries and Aesir is to be abolished immediately.

Reichskanzler des Grossdeutschen Reiches,
Michael Visari[/quote]

[quote][b][center][size="3"]Reich Law Concerning National Linguistics[/size][/center][/b]

I. The runic system of language is abolished.

II. Forms of linquistics in Greater Germany are to return to modern ways.

Reichskanzler des Grossdeutschen Reiches,
Michael Visari[/quote] Edited by Malatose

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[i]"Reichskanzler Michael Visari embodies the spirit of the German people. We must follow him. Not for ourselves but for a Greater Germany!" - excerpt from a German propaganda leaflet[/i]

This was the common message being spread throughout Greater Germany, the self proclaimed successor to Visari's Greater German Reich. Michael Visari was displayed as god like figure, whos cult began to sweep the new Greater Germany. Towns rushed to appoint Visari an hononory citizen. In almost every town across Greater Germany, the main square was renamed Michael-Visari-Platz. New Order propaganda went even as far as comparing Visari to Bismarck. Posters and magazine illustrations, newsreels and films proclaimed Visari as the man from the trenches, with the common touch, not only a many-sided genius with a sense of destiny, but also a humble, even simple human being who had few needs, spurned wealth and display, was kind to children and animals and dealt compassionately with old comrades fallen on hard times. Soldier, artist, worker, ruler, statesman, he was portrayed as a man with whom all sectors of society could identify.

Aside from the propaganda promoting the cult of Michael Visari, normal life began to change as well. The culture in Germany became ascetic, minimalist, pro-business, and militaristic. These aesthetics are encouraged throughout the nation by the Coalition for Progress, a branch of the New Order Pary

The role of art and media in Germany become primarily didactic; cultural expression serves as an instrument for inculcating the Nordic ideology, supported by the New Order Party. However, the government is not particularly brutal in the suppression of artistic culture, as it is primarily interested in military and political dominance. The Party promoted paintings and sculptures that were narrowly traditional in manner and that exalted the Nordic values of militarism, and obedience.

Other popular themes for art were the Volk(people) at work in the fields, a return to the simple virtues of Heimat (love of homeland), the manly virtues of the struggle, and the lauding of the female activities of child bearing and raising (Kinder, Küche, Kirche). Because of the support of militarism, war paintings became very common. This images are heavily romanticized, depicting heroic sacrifice and victory.

Education in the country was also transformed. All teaching institutions were placed under the direct control of the Reich Ministry of Education. The Reich Minister of Education was tasked with homogenizing the level of education throughout the nation, to place emphasis on the values cherished by the New Order Party. Military education became the central component of physical education; the historical mission of Germany and the study of great Nordic men were the primary subject of history classes.

All children in Germany were taught about the struggles of Michael Visari, and his portrait was present in every classroom. In addition, all children were ordered to wear a compulsory school uniform, although the uniform was required anyway with all children belonging to the Sub-Adult group of the Party. This was to encourage comradery and to instill the ideology of a people's community into the children. "No one is better than the other in Germany, we are all comrades in this nation!" was the official propaganda tagline for this purpose.

Religion in Germany was left unopposed. Anti-clericalism was a government policy, which meant that people were discouraged to believe in any type of religion. The new government did not allow itself to be overridden by the power that the Church traditionally held. However, while the government disapproved of many religions, most are tolerated as long as they remain apolitical.

An intense focus was also placed on sports in the nation. The Party placed a great emphasis on physical exercise and preached that it would improve the morale and productivity of Nordic workers" as well as making sports a source of national pride. Sporting skills were made a criterion for school graduation as well as a necessary qualification for certain jobs and admission to universities.

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[i]Anyone not wishing to come under suspicion of behaving in a consciously negative fashion will therefore render the Roman Salute[/i]

As the war in the East raged, life in Germany continued unopposed, and the culture of the nation continued to be transformed by the Nordic Socialist Party. Borrowing a chapter from past institutions of Germany such as the Holy Roman Empire, the Party began to restore the pageantry, colour, and mysticism, related to Germany's past. In Berlin, despite the war, these great parades were held on an almost daily basis. Two thousand years of Germanic culture" where luxuriously and pretentiously draped floats and thousands of actors in historical costumes paraded down Berlin, culminating in a mock battle fought by army units dressed in historical costumes from Germany's past.

This great cultural revolution reached it's height when Visari decreed that the Roman salute would become the normal greeting of Germany, after which the greeting became an ordinary way of life. Postmen used the greeting when they knocked on people's doors to deliver packages or letters. Small metal signs that reminded people to use the salute were displayed in public squares and on telephone poles and street lights throughout Germany. Children were indoctrinated at an early age.

Children in Germany would be taught the Roman Salute at a young age. Kindergarten Children would be taught to raise their hand to the proper height by hanging their lunch bags across the raised arm of their teacher. In addition, teachers and students were taught to salute each other at the beginning and end of the day.

Indeed, times were changing in Germany; however, most in the Party would say it was for the better.

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[i]I once had a comrade, you won't find a better one.[/i]

The war against the Mongol hordes was now over. Throughout the Reich, thousands of flags flew at half-staff in honour of the thousands killed, wounded and maimed defending Europe against the barbarian hordes. Television and radio broadcast, throughout the nation, told the story's of heroic soldiers who sacrificed themselves in daring actions. Throughout Welthauptstadt Germania, thousands of Nordic flags were draped over buildings, flags and statues. While citizens throughout the area were celebrating the nation's victory, most of the citizens were congregated infront of the Soldatenhalle. The soldatenhalle, the center of the regime's glorification of war, patriotic self-sacrifice and virtutes militares, was the home to the tombs of German heroes and patriots. It was where most German soldiers were buried, under the holy flag of the Nordic Socialist Party and under various other religious symbols.

Outside of the large monumental building, hundreds of thousands of citizens had assembled. In front a large podium was assembled, where various members of the party, state and armed forces had assembled. After a moment of silence, the Reichskanzler of the Greater German Reich began to speak to the assembled audience.

[i]German People,

We assemble here, in this sacred courtyard, to remember the thousands of lives sacrificed. These lives were not lost in vain, however. Our proud soldiers of the Wehrmacht gave their lives to protect European culture against the bestial hordes. These proud and brave men of the Wehrmacht has proven this Greater German Reich can overcome any crisis. We can endure, and we will continue to endure. It is not Asia that will win, but Europe! And at it's head will be the one nation, which for one and half millennia, has represented Europe as its hegemonic power against the East and will represent it in the future: Our Greater German Reich, the German Nation![/i]

After Visari's speech, the military band began to play [i]Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden[/i] in honor of the fallen troops. Hundreds of crying and weeping citizens began to march past the assembled caskets, raising their hands in the Roman Salute out of honor. Afterwards, the various honor guards lifted the two dozen caskets and began to transport them into the Soldatenhalle for final burial. Visari followed this procession, carrying a funeral wreath bearing his name. After the final casket had been placed into the ground, Visari laid down the wreath and saluted.

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[center][i]I am the voice of all Germans who are too scared to cry for help - Reichskanzler Visari[/i][/center]

As a result of the MDoAP between Greater Germany and the Scandinavian Union, Schleswig-Holstein was re-united with the Reich. Hours after the announcment and in a well orchestrated move, German troops removed the border crossing and placed the flag of the Greater German Reich on the flag pole which previously flew the flag of the Scandinavian Union. The convoy then began to move forward towards major centers in the town. Thousands of cheering civilians greeted the German troops. Some soldiers were given flowers and others were given hugs.

Hours after the German convoy entered the region to secure various areas, Michael Visari's personal entourage entered Schleswig-Holstein. Against the advice of his security advisors, he rode through the area in a open transport. He reached forward to greet the thousands of cheering civilians, reaching forward to shake hands and take flowers out of the hands of others. His transport continued through the area until it reached Keil. There, surrounded by hundreds of German flags, a large podium had been erected. After exitting his transport, Visari stepped onto the platform and began to speak.

[i]I greet you today in the name of the entire German Volk. I am happy to receive you into our Greater German Reich. I lead you back to your homeland which you have not forgotten and which has never forgotten you. In the name of the German Volk, I thank you for your brave, manly, and unshakeable insistence on your rights and your affiliation to the German Reich.

I believe I could not have expressed this gratitude in any better way than I just did by bestowing on your leader the one badge which adorns the chest of the new German Reich’s best fighters. That you are able to celebrate this day is not the result of chance, but of immense work, the most difficult of struggles and sacrifices. You were once forsaken by a Germany which had succumbed to disgrace and shame. Now you have come home to a mighty new Germany. From despair and suffering now springs forth a new community. It is our will and our determination that it shall never again be shattered and that no power on earth shall ever break or bend it. Let this be our most solemn vow.

Never again will you be seperated from your German brethern.


After speaking, Visari began to take a tour around the city.

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"Reichskanzler, this came in the news this morning," Adjutant Keisler handed Visari a list of major world events. At the top of the list was the recent report from Grand Papua.

Visari shook his head as he read it. "Interesting. So now they're arresting people based on their political beliefs. I do find that interesting. Keisler make preparations for my transport. I must return to Berlin immediately. If my people are being treated unfairly with the passing of these new laws, then I cannot stand idle and let this happen."

Keisler nodded and began to make the necessary preparations.

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With the announcement of the Canadian withdrawal from Rugen, German troops began to move across the Rugen Bridge into Rugen Island. German Army troops marching into Rugen were met by German priests conferring blessings upon them and women tossing flowers into their path. Before, Visari had marched into Keil. This time, he would address a hastily assembled Reichstag to discuss the situation.

[i]"First, we swear to yield to no force whatever in the restoration of the honor of our people, preferring to succumb with honor to the severest hardships rather than to capitulate. Secondly, we pledge that now, more than ever, we shall strive for an understanding between European peoples, especially for one with our neighbors. We have no territorial demands to make in Europe! Germany will never break the peace."[/i]

After Visari's speech, the three hundred delegates in the Reichstag jumped to their feet amid wild cheering for the Reichskanzler and shouts of 'Heil!'. Edited by Malatose

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Head of Reich Intelligence Ysanne Isard gave Michael Visari two large files labeled "TOP SECRET", "Reichskanzler, this is the latest batch of information you requested on Croatia. We managed to gather information on past and present communications. We also gathered more information on the Croatian Naval Build up."

Visari shrugged and skimmed through the first packet labeled "Communications". He skipped every other document, in an uninterested fashion, until he reached a page titled "Croatian - Grand Papuan Logs". "Interesting. Grand Papua and Croatia have been in close communications for some time now."

Isard interjected, "Yes Reichskanzler, the communications seem to be mostly defense related. Some documents also show the presence of Grand Papuan military advisors in Croatia."

Visari nodded and began to read through the second packet labeled "Croatian Naval Documents".

"Blueprints?", Visari asked

Isard answered, "Schematics, shipbuilders, technical layouts. Everything you want to know about the Croatian Navy is in there..."

Visari flipped through the pages, "Hmm? a Grand Papuan ship design?"

"I was shocked to find that out. But yes, Grand Papuan has built atleast one Croatian ship, which goes directly against our announcement," Isard said with a slight smile on her face.

"Indeed. Ironic enough, I will be meeting with some representatives from Croatia soon. I will present this information and ask for a proper explanation. If no response is given, then I will execute a proper response." Edited by Malatose

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[b]Welthauptstadt Germania[/b]

"The Reichskanzler ordered us to begin gathering intelligence on Grand Papua ever since that Nordic Socialist rebellion started," stated Chief of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces Generalfeldmarschall Xecr Nist as he looked over various reports.

Großadmiral Günther Krech shook his head, "Grand Papua is a thousand miles away. Now, I'm not saying the Kreigsmarine can't commit to such an operation. We must think this through fully.

Generalfeldmarschall Soontir Fel of the Luftwaffe and Chief of the General Staff laughed. "
Großadmiral Krech, you have always been of the most optimistic kind."

"Enough of this bickering. The Reichskanzler hasn't even issued an official directive concerning Grand Papua. We are just here to discuss general possibilities. Reich Intelligence has given me a full report on the status of Grand Papuan defenses, especially in regards to their air defense network. The Luftwaffe and Kreigsmarine can look over this reports and plot out a decisive course of action. In the meantime, Reich Intelligence promises more information in the coming days." Xecr Nist lit a cigar and sat back.

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[quote]To: Supreme Command, German Wehrmacht
From: [i]Generalfeldmarschall[/i] of the Prussian Wehrmacht
Sub.: Military Purchase

Per the alliance agreed upon by our respective governments, I would like to inquire into the possibility of purchasing German materiel as was alluded to in the conference. We are currently in the midst of re-expanding our armed forces after a brief period of disarmament, and I'd like to update the equipment used by our armed forces. A complete list is included below. We may approach you for more purchases in the future as funding allows.

[b]Emelrich von Reval[/b]


[*]135,000x XE-101 Xenias Infantry Combat Gear
[*]100,000x StA Assault Rifle
[*]200x Arca IV Nakil Main Battle Tank
[*]24x Lu-65 Eagle


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[quote]To: Generalfeldmarschall of the Prussian Wehrmacht
From: Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht

We have received your order for armaments and will begin the process of shipping them to Prussia, immediately. In addition, we will ship the necessary parts for proper upkeep. Military advisors will also be provided for training purposes.

Chief of Weapons Procurement [/quote]

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Michael Visari arrived in Welthauptstadt Germania in the middle of the night. Despite the fact that he was exhausted from his trip to Ireland, he summoned a meeting at the Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht to discuss the current war in the Pacific. As Visari entered the central planning area, he was saluted by the top brass of the military.

After glancing over the situational report, Michael Visari smirked, "Grand Papua is causing more problems than suspected? This is unacceptable."

Generalfeldmaschall of the Luftwaffe Soontir Fel responded, "Reichskanzler, we have achieved a large number of successes. We estimate in a couple more days, the Luftwaffe will have gained total air superiority over Grand Papua. However, the issue still remains, how will the landing operation go?"

"Such an operation would be costly. We could do it; however, we would lose thousands. It'd turn to a meatshield. Grand Papua has been preparing for this war for months. Their defenses would be very difficult to bypass," responded Generalfeldmarschall Ferdinand Jorst

Jorhan Stahl folded his arms, "So, how are we going to succeed? The military suffered enough casualties in the last war. I see estimations of fifty thousand men and that's just for the opening assault. We need alternatives."

"We could always initiate our nuclear doctrine on the grounds of ending this war on favorable terms. We could initiate limited tactical nuclear strikes on defensive and coastal targets in Grand Papua. In regards to our men and equipment, they are fully prepared to fight a nuclear war. However, we face the possibility of escalation to a full fledged nuclear war and retaliation from Papua's allies," replied Chief of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces Generalfeldmarschall Xecr Nist

Visari sighed and folded his arms, "I do agree that escalation could occur if we proceed with the use of tactical weapons; however, would anyone dare defend Grand Papua besides their allies? I do agree that this war should end sooner than later; therefore, I am giving the order to use tactical weapons when the need arises."

Stahl shook his head, "Reichskanzler, are you sure this is the direction we want to go? The use of nuclear weapons is never a good thing..."

Visari responded, "How the world sees Greater Germany is of no concern to me. Proceed with the plans.."

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[b]Reich Chancellery
Welthauptstadt Germania[/b]

"Reichskanzler, this war has the potential to become an endless struggle," Stahl said looking over the latest reports

Visari sneered, "So what do you suggest? We leave? We have come too far to do just leave"

Stahl replied, "I know we have the advantage and our losses have been relatively light, but we owe it to our people. I'd rather for this nation not get caught in a Pacific quagmire. I suggest we begin withdrawal operations now."

"Perhaps, but I want Grand Papua leveled before I declare an end to hostilities," Visari ordered.

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[b]Reich Chancellery
Welthauptstadt Germania[/b]

The mood in Berlin, following the merger with Hethnamark, was one immense joy. However, the mood soon changed when Michael Visari called an emergency meeting at the Reich Chancellery. Every Minister and Party Official was called forth to "Discuss the Future of the Reich", as Visari put it in the official letter. Just hours after sending out the letter, the meeting room of the Reich Chancellery was filled with every major official. After awhile, he began to speak.

[i]Party Comrades

In my years of leadership, we have made immeasurable progress. Greater Germany has been transformed from a broken state into a great European super power, and all Germans and people of Nordic descent have been united under one banner. As we look outside of our windows, we see dozens of technologically advanced cities rising throughout our Germanic Reich. Externally, we have spread our influence tremendously and our enemies continue to tremble in fear. Greater Germany is a nation that continues to move into the future, and we must continue to make big moves to maintain our steady progress. That brings me to the most important part of this meeting. I have been leader of the Nordic Socialist Party since it's formation in Dalmatia, and I have continued to lead it in Germany. However, there needs to be change, both in the political and state spheres. Party Comrades, today begins the transition in Greater Germany. My term as Autarch of the Nordic Socialist Party is coming to an end, and I ask you all to place your complete trust in Jorhan Stahl. Jorhan Stahl has been a loyal party comrade from the beginning, and I trust that he will lead Germania down the correct path.

Next, I shall be stepping down as Reichskanzler of Greater Germany, in the next week. As per the rules of succession, Reichspräsident Stahl shall become the next Reichskanzler of Greater Germany. Again, I ask that you place your complete trust behind party comrade Stahl. As for me, I shall be retiring to my hometown of Munich. Comrades, all these years I have been humbled by the honor to lead you. Germany flows through my veins and will forever.[/i] Edited by Malatose

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[b]Nordic Socialist Party Congress
Welthauptstadt Germania[/b]

"After counting and confirming all votes, the position of Autarch of the Nordic Socialist Party shall now be transferred to Reichspräsident Jorhan Stahl."

The announcement was followed by claps throughout the room. Both Michael Visari and Jorhan Stahl stood and clapped and shook hands. Afterwards, Michael Visari was handed a Golden Party Badge, which he then placed on Jorhan Stahl.

The beginning of the transition had begun.

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[b]Greater Germany[/b]

After Michael Visari announced his intentions of not running for another term as Reichskanzler of Germany, the Reichstag of Greater Germany declared that elections would be held. Unlike other democratic countries, however, there were no competing names on the ballet box. The only candidate on the ballet was Jorhan Stahl, the current Reichspräsident of Greater Germany. Millions stood in line to cast their vote for Stahl, perhaps out of support or fear if they didn't. At the end of the day, the official elections were broadcast throughout the Reich.


Some presented the two percent that didn't vote for Stahl as Hethnamark citizens, who didn't approve of the merger between the two states. However, in the end, it didn't matter. Thousands of celebrations were held throughout the Reich, as posters of Stahl were erected throughout the country. The new age in Germany had begun, with Stahl at the helm.

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Shortly after 3 in the morning a 'chartered' commercial plane touched down in Germany housing an unassuming East Asian man of moderate height. The Premier of China was dressed in a typical business suit which was suited to any sort of world traveler. A private car with tinted windows had been arranged to meet him, so that he could be transported from the airport to his destination, a meeting with the new Reichkanzler of Germany. The meeting would be very secretive. So secret that only a few outside the highest levels of both governments knew.

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Unlike most state visits, the airport was strangely absent of the typical military band and honour guards. The only things present were Reich Security Bureau agents, who guided the lone limo to a secret entrance at the Reich Chancellery. At the entrance, Jorhan Stahl waited to greet the Chinese Premier. The last time the two world leaders met was doing the Caucuses War; however, these were different times and he hoped for better results.

"Welcome to Greater Germany. Please follow me, so we can begin discussions at once."

Jorhan Stahl led the Premier to a large meeting room.

"Please have a seat."

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"Thank you comrade. Essentially my meeting here is to work out the framework to deal with the unpleasantries of certain upstart terrorist regimes. Quite frankly we find them tiresome. Germany used tactics we disapproved of, but Germany understands how things work in the world. Others... well they have certain misconceptions. In my judgement it is unlikely Germany would create future genocides under your leadership. The principle threat in that regard lays to the South and the neo-nazi forces assembled in GP. It is my judgement that such a threat should be given the scorn it deserves. Wouldn't you agree?"

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"Our actions in the Caucuses were deplorable. I will admit. However, what's done is done, and I can only apologize. In regards to your world assessment, I do agree. GP, in particular, angers me greatly. They cloak their extremist ways behind the veil of being German. So yes, GP should be given the scorn that it deserves. To be frank, this is not a time for both of our nations to be foes. We need to unite against our common enemies, before we end up being the divided and conquered ones."

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