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      Cyber Nations Forum Rules   07/03/2016

        Cyber Nations Forum Rules  
      In the process of registering on this forum, all players--including you--agreed to accept these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of Invision Power Board. In doing so you essentially signed an electronic contract pledging to have read the rules and TOS and agreeing to follow the rules and TOS as written. It is your continued responsibility to read, follow, and keep up-to-date with the CN rules.
      The following are basic guidelines for use of the Cyber Nations community forum. Anyone caught disobeying these guidelines will be issued a warning. The forum staff works on a five warn limit policy unless the situation calls for more appropriate action ranging from a verbal warning to a double warn and suspension to an immediate ban, etc.   Just because something is not listed specifically here as illegal does not mean it's allowed. All players are expected to use common sense and are personally responsible for reading the pinned threads found in the Moderation forum. Questions regarding appropriateness or other concerns can be sent via PM to an appropriate moderator.   A permanent ban on the forums results in a game ban, and vice versa. Please note that the in-game warn system works on a "three strikes you're out" policy and that in-game actions (including warnings and deletions) may not be appealed. For more information regarding in-game rules please read the Cyber Nations Game Rules.   1.) First Warning
      2.) Second Warning
      3.) Third Warning (48 hour suspension at the forum)
      4.) Fourth Warning (120 hour suspension at the forum)
      5.) Permanent Ban   Game Bans and Forum Bans
      If you receive a 100% warn level on the forums, you will be subject to removal from the forums AND have your nation deleted and banned from the game at moderator(s) discretion.   If you are banned in the game, then you will be banned from the forums.   Process of Appeals
      Players may not appeal any in-game actions. This includes cheat flags, canceled trades, content removals, warn level increases, nation deletion, and bans from the game.   Players may appeal individual forum warnings. You may only appeal a warning if you can show with evidence that it was unwarranted or unduly harsh. If a reasonable amount of time has passed (no less than one month and preferably longer) in which you have demonstrated reformed behavior than you may request a warning level reduction. Wasting staff time with inappropriately filed reports and/or unfounded appeals will result in a warn level raise. Repeat incidences will result in a ban from the forum.   Bans are permanent. Banned players may appeal to the Senior Staff if they believe grounds exist (very, very rare) in which they state their case with evidence and why explain why they believe they deserve to be allowed back into Cyber Nations. This process is not quick and the investigation into cases may last three minutes or three weeks or more depending on the individual situation.   The only place where discussion of moderator action is acceptable is in the appropriate Moderation forum. Posting commentary on or disagreement with moderator action elsewhere will result in a warn level raise.   Posting
      All posts must be in English. Common phrases in other languages will be allowed so long as they are translated upon request. Foreign languages are permitted in signatures and avatars, however.   Certain areas of the forum require you to have a nation in either standard CN or CN:TE. If you have...   A SE and a TE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your SE nation or ruler name. You are allowed to post in either SE or TE areas of the forum. You must have your CN:TE nation name listed in your profile to post in the CN:TE section of the forum.
      Just an SE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your SE nation or ruler name. You are not allowed to post in any TE areas of the forum.
      Just a TE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your TE nation name or ruler name. Your must have your CN:TE nation name listed correctly in your profile. You are not allowed to post in any of the SE areas. You are allowed to post in the water cooler, question center and the moderation forums. Other than that, all your posts need to stay in the TE area.   Flame/Flamebait/Trolling
      Flaming is expressing anger or lobbing insults at a person/player rather than a character, post, idea, etc. Flamebait are posts that are made with the aim of targeting/harassing/provoking another user into rule-breaking. Trolling is submitting posts with the aim of targeting/harassing/provoking a specific group into rule-breaking. Forum users should not be participating in any of these, and doing so will result in a warning.   Topic Hijacking
      Hijacking is forcing the current thread discussion off of the original topic and usually results in spam or flame from either side. Forum users found hijacking threads will be given a warning.   Repeat Topics
      One topic is enough. Repeat topics will be locked, removed, and the author given a warning. Users found creating repeat topics after others were locked by staff will receive a warn raise.   Joke Topics
      Topics created as a joke are prohibited. Joke topics will be locked and the author warned. This includes topics in which the author is making an announcement “for” another in-game alliance. Humorous threads are permitted; it is up to the discretion of the moderation staff to determine what is merely satire and what is actually a joke topic.   Spam
      Spam is defined as creating posts or topics containing only contentless material of any kind. Users found spamming will receive a warning. Examples include (but are in no way limited to) posts containing nothing but smilies, "+1", "QFT", "this" any other one/few-word contentless combination, joke threads, or posts containing quotes and anything that counts as spam by itself. Adding words to a post with the express intent of avoiding a spam warn will result in a warning. These posts and other similar contributions have no substance and hence are considered spam. Posts of "Ave", "Hail" or any other one word congratulatory type are acceptable as one word posts. Emoticon type posts such as "o/" without accompanying text is still not allowed. Posts containing only images are considered spam, unless the image is being used in the Alliance Politics sub-forum and then the actual text of the image be placed into spoiler tags.   Posting in All Caps
      Posting large amounts of text in capital letters is not permitted. Use discretion when using your caps lock key.   No Discussion Forums
      There are forums that are not for discussion and are used strictly for game and forum staff to address certain issues, bugs, etc. The following forums are not open to discussion: Report Game Abuse, Report Forum Abuse, and Warn/Ban Appeals. Only moderators and the original poster may post in a thread, period, with absolutely no exceptions. Users found disobeying this guideline will receive an automatic warning for each offense.   Moderation Forums
      All Moderation forums also maintain pinned threads clearly marked as required reading before posting. Failure to read and follow required reading and procedure in a Moderation forum will result in a warning. Examples include posting requests in the wrong forum, failure to include all required information in posts, etc. The standard of conduct and enforcement of rules in Moderation forums is strictly enforced and the repercussions for disregarding rules or disrespecting staff are harsh. Read the pinned threads before posting and you will be fine.   Namecalling
      Excessive or unqualified namecalling is not allowed in IC forums; namecalling should also never make up the bulk of a post. Namecalling is prohibited entirely in all OOC forums.   Filtered Words
      Any attempts to evade the word filter will result in a warning. The terms we have filtered are filtered for a reason and no excuse for evasion will be accepted. Filter evasion includes censoring or deliberately misspelling part of a filtered word.   If you link to a website, image, video, etc., containing profanity, please post a disclaimer before the link. The moderation staff may still remove links if the content is deemed too obscene.   Harassment
      Forum users should not be stalking/harassing others on the forums. Anyone found stalking players from topic to topic, etc., will be subject to a warning.   Gravedigging
      Gravedigging is not allowed anywhere on the forums. Gravedigging is "bumping" old topics which haven't been active for quite some time (four to seven days is standard depending on the nature of the thread and how many pages back it had been pushed before bump). Your warn level will be raised if you are caught doing this.   The Suggestion Box and Black Market forums are partial exceptions to this rule. Suggestions/ideas in that forum may be posted in regardless of age PROVIDING that the reviving post contains constructive, on-topic input to the original topic or discussion. Black Market threads may be bumped by the author if there is new information about the offered exchange (i.e open aid slots). In the Player Created Alliances forum it will not be considered gravedigging to bump a topic up to a year old, so long as the alliance in question still exists and it is not a duplicate thread.   Signatures
      Those who fail to read and abide by these rules will have their signatures removed and receive a warning.   You may have only one image per signature which may not exceed the maximum size of 450 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. You may have no more than 8 lines of text and text size cannot exceed size 4. Each quote-tag, image and empty line count as a line.   Inappropriate Images and Other Disallowed Images
      Images that are sexual in nature or have sexual overtones are prohibited. It is up to the discretion of the moderation staff to determine what constitutes sexual overtones. Depictions of kissing are permissible provided there are no sexual implications. Images depicting female nipples are prohibited outright.   Making “ASCII art” is prohibited regardless of the image depicted.   Using photos or likenesses of another Cyber Nations player is also prohibited.   Drug References
      Images and posts promoting illegal drug use are prohibited. References to drugs are acceptable only if the moderation staff deems that it is not promoting the use thereof.   Obscene Content and/or "Account Suicide"
      Anyone caught posting vulgar material (including but in no way limited to pornography, "gross," "tubgirl," "lemonparty," photos depicting RL illegal acts such as violence towards humans or animals, child pornography, death photos, and any other obscene or offensive material in either text form or picture form) will have their account(s) permanently banned, and their ISP contacted along with any other applicable internet and RL authorities.   OOC Threats / Revealing Personal Information
      An OOC threat of any nature will equate to an automatic ban from the game and forums. Likewise, the publishing of personal information of any other player without their explicit permission is grounds for warning and/or a ban from the game depending on the severity of the offense.   Death Threats / Death Wishes
      A death threat or a death wish of any nature (including but not limited to telling another player to commit suicide) will result in at very least a 40% warn level increase and 2 day suspension from the forums, with harsher punishments, including a complete ban from the forums and game, up to the discretion of the moderation staff.   Quoting Rulebreaking Posts
      Do not quote any post with obscene content or any other content that has to be removed by the moderation staff. Doing so makes it more difficult for the moderation staff to find and remove all such content and will result in a warn level increase. Putting rulebreaking posts of any kind in your signature is prohibited.   Forum Names
      With the exception of moderator accounts, all forum accounts must match up exactly with the ruler name or nation name of your in-game country. Those found not matching up will be warned and banned immediately. Forum account names may not be profane or offensive.   Multiple Forum Accounts
      With the exception of moderators, if you are caught with multiple forum accounts, the multiple account(s) will be banned, warn level raised, and your identity will be announced by a moderator to the CN community so rule-abiding players can take IC action against you. Multiple forum account offenders will receive a varying percentage warn level raise and/or a permanent ban on a case-by-case basis.   Posting For Other Players
      Posting for banned or suspended players is prohibited, as is posting for any person without a nation. This includes making warn and ban appeals on their behalf.   Imitation &. Impersonation
      Imitation in terms of this forum is mimicking the posting, avatar, or signature styles of another user in an attempt to be satirical or generally humorous. Impersonation in terms of this forum is copying the posting, avatar, or signature styles of another user in order to present the illusion that the person is in fact that user. Imitation is fine and can be quite funny. Impersonation is disruptive and is warnable. Please pay attention to the subtle difference between these two concepts.   A player may not impersonate another player by emulating the characteristics of someone else's past or present account in an attempt to harass, stalk, or flamebait. Creating a new forum account in an attempt to impersonate a standing account will result in deletion and banning without notice.   Any attempt at imitation and/or impersonation of moderators and game staff is strictly prohibited and will be met with harsh repercussions.   Avatars
      Size for avatars is limited by the forum mechanics, therefore there is no size issue for a user to worry about. Avatars must be in good taste, and any avatar containing a picture that is too violent, disgusting, sexually explicit, insulting to another player or staff member, etc. will be removed. Avatars that are potentially seizure inducing will not be permitted. Players may not "borrow" the avatars of any moderator past or present without permission.   Swastikas and Nazi Imagery
      The swastika may not be used in signatures or avatars. Pictures of swastika's are acceptable for use in the In Character (IC) sections of the roleplay forums, so long as its context is In Character, and not Out Of Character. Pictures of Hitler, mentioning of the Holocaust, etc... have no place in the roleplay forums, since these people and events existed in real life, and have no bearing or place in the Cyberverse. Other Nazi or SS imagery is forbidden in all forums.   Moderation Staff
      The revealing of the private identities of any Cyber Nations staffers past or present is strictly prohibited, and thus no speculation/accusation of identity is allowed. Doing so is grounds for moderator action against your account appropriate to the offense, including a full forum/game ban.   Claims of moderator bias should be directed to the highest level of authority--the Head Game & Forum Mod/Admin, Keelah. Claims of moderator bias without supporting evidence is grounds for a warning.   Blatant disrespect of the moderator staff is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to spoofing moderator accounts in any way, sig/avatar references, baiting, flaming, rude demands, mocking, attitude, and unsubstantiated claims of bias. They are volunteers hired to enforce the rules. If you have a problem with the way a moderator is enforcing the rules or the rules themselves please contact Keelah.   Attempting to use the moderation staff as a weapon by abusing the report system in an attempt to get another player warned or banned is strictly prohibited.   Do not ask about becoming or campaign to become a moderator. The moderators are drawn from CN membership but moderation positions are by invitation only. Asking to become one will substantially decrease your chances of ever being asked.   Aiding Rule Violators
      Any user found to know of a serious rule violation without reporting it to a game moderator (eg. knowledge of a user with multiple nations) will be given a warning or, in more serious cases, have their nation deleted.   Aiding Banned Players
      Any user found to be harboring, aiding or otherwise knowingly helping a banned user will be deleted. This includes knowing of their existence within the game without reporting it to the game-moderation staff.   Questionable Actions and Content
      The forum rules are not designed to cover every scenario. Any action that is seen to be counter-productive or harmful to the forum community may be met with moderator action against your account. The Cyber Nations Moderation Staff reserves the right to take action against your account without warning for any reason at any time.   Private Transactions
      Nation selling and other private transactions via such auction sites like eBay is against the Cyber Nations terms and conditions. While our moderators cannot control what people do outside of the game you are not allowed to promote such private exchanges on our forums without expressed permission from admin only. Anyone found to be engaging in such activity without permission will be banned from the game.   Advertising
      Advertising other browser games and forums is prohibited. Soliciting donations towards commercial causes is also prohibited. If you wish to ask for donations towards a charitable cause, please contact a moderator before doing so.   Extorting Donations
      Donations are excluded from any kind of IC payment. Anyone found extorting others for OOC payments will be warned in-game and/or banned.   Third Party Software
      Third party software is not allowed to be advertised on these forums by any means (post, signature, PM, etc). These programs can easily be used to put malware on the user's computer, and as such can cause huge security issues. Anybody who is caught spreading links to these will at the very least have their warning level increased.   Other Forum Terms & Rules   Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them and wish to proceed with the registration, simply click the "Register" button below. To cancel this registration, simply hit the 'back' button on your browser.   Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. USE THE WEB SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will not be liable for any damages for any reason. THIS WEB SITE IS PROVIDED TO YOU "AS IS," WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.   The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this bulletin board. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.   You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this bulletin board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.   You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.

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  1. Republic of Vietnam

        Government: Federal Republic Capital: Ho Chi Minh Currency: Vietnamese dong Population: 89.7 million Languages: Vietnamese.   Rising silently to the world stage, the Republic of Vietnam was formed and constituted after several meetings taken among the political leaders of Vietnam in the city of Ho Chi Minh. The new nation then launched into action bringing forth new legislation, a standing army and stable infrastructure. 
  2. Montana Confederation

    From this day forth the townships and counties of Montana along with the crow and blackfeet Indian nations have banded together for unification and defense. Montana is a confederation with many territories governing independently. Government: confederate union Head of government: President Ryan McDonnell Currency: USD Capital: Helena Ooc:more to come
  3. Zapadnaya Respublika Elections (4)

    [b][u]ZCNA News: Presidential decree dissolves Parliament[/b][/u]   [i]“Hours of speculation have ended this afternoon as His Excellency the President announced a dissolution of the Senate and the National Assembly due to political gridlock which has paralyzed the government since the last election. In an announcement from the Office of the President, a presidential decree was issued clearing the way for an immediate snap election.   Prime Minister Grigorova requested the move as a last resort after the failure of the governing coalition to agree on economic matters and on the parameters of the national budget. The Prime Minister’s Justice & Development Party (JDP) will be seeking a strong enough mandate to govern without the support of the Republican People’s Party (RPP) and to block a strong challenge from the European Future Party (EFP). While all pre-election polls have been inconclusive thus far, all parties have stressed the importance and urgency of having a one party governing majority in the National Assembly.   The situation in the Senate is viewed as being less important due to the focus on economic policy and reform, so the most closely watched races will be those between candidates in the National Assembly. Additionally, voters will be asked to endorse the convening of a National Consultative Constitutional Assembly (NCCA) to draft a series of amendments to the Zapadnayan Constitution.”[/i]
  4. August 1991: The Warsaw Pact is gone and communism is collapsing across eastern Europe. President Gorbachev is on vacation in Ukraine when radicals within the communist party and the military stage a coup back in Moscow. The coup fails due in part to the intervention from the President of the Russian SFSR. Several soviet republics declare their intent to secede from the Union. The Communist’s seven decade grip on power finally breaks. December 1991: The leaders of the the remaining soviet republics agree to annul the treaty that established the USSR. President Gorbachev resigns as president on Christmas day. Russia, now called Vostokslavia becomes an independent state and successor to the USSR. Several new political parties are born among them are the New Octobrists, a pro-monarchy party funded by Russian emigre and the Russian Orthodox Church abroad. In the coming years it will gain millions of supporters. January 1992: The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church dies. Konstantin I becomes Patriarch and declares his intent to unify the ROC and ROC abroad. September 1993: Vostokslavia’s economy is in tatters. The growing power of the executive branch causes the Supreme Soviet to clash with President Yeltsin culminating in a presidential decree dissolving the parliament. In response the elected officials stage a impeach the president claiming they are standing up for democratic values and garner widespread support. Several days later the Supreme Soviet names the Vice President Rutskoy as Vostokslavia’s acting president. Yeltsin responds by ordering the military to fire on the parliament headquarters. Many believe the Octobrists were responsible for the coup, though none of its members were put on trial. October 1993: The attack on the government headquarters quells the revolt and President Yeltsin tries to push through a new constitution. Days before the final vote a bomb detonates in Red Square as the president’s motorcade is leaving the Kremlin. The President is severely injured but lives. Chechen terrorists take responsibility for the attack. Until now Chechnya had been given complete autonomy, but in response to the attack Vostokslav troops are sent to secure the region. November 27 1993 - Februrary 9 1994: Areas with significant non-Russian populations succeed from Vostokslavia. Nearly all territory east of the Urals is lost. Vostokslav loyalists are urged to retreat behind the urals. In Chechnya Vostokslav troops suffer an embarassing defeat and withdraw from Chechnya in disgrace. May 7 1994: Chechen warlords combine their forces to invade Dagestan and Ingushetia. The unified warlords release a manifesto declaring Islam as the one true religion and vowing to fight Vostokslav occupation of muslim lands. They declare their new state the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. The act sparks a furious debate in the Duma. Octobrists lead voices calling for swift and decisive action against Chechnya. A wheelchair bound Yeltsin mobilizes for a military strike and places an enterprising young former KGB operative named Putin on his advisory staff. June 1994 - February 1995: Vostokslav airstrikes target Chechen separatists thousands are killed and terrorist attacks increase. This coupled with poor foreign policy choices concerning the near abroad leads to international sanctions, full economic collapse and isolates Vostokslavia from global politics. People become disillusioned with the government and revolt. July 1995: Due to economic troubles Vostokslavia has been unable to equip and adequately pay its soldiers. Regional commanders refuse to order their troops to quell rebellions out of fear that the soldiers will shoot them instead. Octorbists in the Duma call for the President to Resign alienating other parties who fear a repeat of the 1993 Crisis. Octobrists begin secretly making deals with high ranking generals and admirals promising to fund their operations with money from abroad. August 10 1995: Vostokslav soldiers surround the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin turns over the President to the army and no shots are fired. Yeltsin is put on trial sentenced to 15 years in jail for corruption. He is secretly allowed to leave the country and enter exile. Yeltsin dies years later. Many of Yeltsin’s advisors and cabinet members removed, except Putin, who is rewarded for ending the coup. He becomes director of foreign security service. The former Chairman of the Duma, an Octobrist becomes acting president and relinquishes most powers to the Duma. November 1 1995: The Duma agrees to a referendum to restore the monarchy. Although the majority of Russians support restoring the monarchy the last Tsar and his family line were snuffed out during the civil war. To make matters worse there is a struggle for legitimacy within the Romanov family. The Duma debates overlooking the Romanovs altogether and choosing a new Tsar from elsewhere. Ultimately the Duma establishes a committee to investigate candidates and choose the new Tsar. November 7 1995 : The Extraordinary Commission for the Restoration of the Monarchy has its first session. It sorts through dozens of candidates to select the most legitimate person to claim the throne. July 1 1996: After months of deliberation the Extraordinary Commission submits three males and one female as legitimate heirs to the throne. subsequently the Duma begins deliberations and prepares a second referendum with a new constitution establishing powers and checks for the monarchy. Most agree the top contender is Prince George Petrovich Romanov, grandson of Nicholas Nikolaevich Romanov who was first cousin once removed to the last tsar. The only mark against him is that he has three daughters, but no sons. The Duma hopes that, if George is elected he will allow it to appoint an heir based on its own criteria. July 7 1996: George becomes the first democratically elected Tsar in nearly 400 years. He takes the Regal name Alexander and signs the document of ascension ‘Alexander IV Imperator.’ His coronation occurs one month later with many foreign dignitaries invited in hopes that the event will be an opportunity to improve Vostokslavia’s world image. January 1 1997: Vostokslavia’s new constitution comes into effect. November 11 1997: Alexander IV signs a decree naming his his eldest grandson, Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovic as the tsarevich and heir to the throne. The tsarevich is mixed blood and the duma refuses to support his eventual ascension causing a rift to form threatening the monarchy. January 1998: Vladimir Putin becomes the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and leader of the opposition. He begins to form a close relationship with Alexander IV and forms an alliance between his party several smaller parties to form the United Russia political party which sweeps the election days later. Putin subsequently becomes the Prime Minister of Vostokslavia. March 1998 - April 2000: Putin uses his ties to the intelligence community suppress dissent and solidify his position while simultaneously painting the tsar as the country’s savior. The country has experienced economic growth a restoration of pride after the long road to recovery after the end of the Cold War. Putin and Tsar Alexander become icons to their people. May 2000 - early 2014: Multiple bomb blast shake Moscow in the summer of 2000. Terrorists target monuments, gathering places and residential areas. Chechen terrorists are blamed for the attacks and Russia sends troops back to the region. A long two year war sees the destruction of Chechnya and the deaths of thousands of people. Groznyy is leveled by artillery strikes and Russia reclaims the region. In the months following the war dozens of Chechen warlords are captured or killed by Vostokslav airstrikes and special forces operations. Over the next decade Putin solidifies his grip on power while snuffing out opponents and strengthening the power of the Monarchy and thereby himself. May 2014 - December: Putin is elected for a fifth term. International organizations question the validity of the election as do many Russians. A general strike occurs in Moscow, shutting down the city for weeks. The Duma voted to impeach the Prime Minister despite United Russia controlling the majority of seats. Alexander IV and his wife are placed on house arrest and forced to abdicate. The tsar abdicates in favor of his grandson, but the Duma installs another tsar, Mikhail Ivanovich, Alexander IV’s distant cousin. Over the next few months the country undergoes upheaval and civil war. Ultimately Alexander IV is restored to the throne and Dmitry Medvedev, a Putin ally, becomes Prime Minister. January 7/8 2015: Alexander IV renounces the abdication letter he signed the previous year and reasserts his claim to the throne. However as Vostokslavia prepares to enter a new era many worry that the country will again be thrown into the fire. Uncertainty grips the populace. The future of Vostokslavia is unclear and the fate of the nation is tied to an aging tsar, his childless heir and an inexperienced politician. Russians brace themselves for what is to come.
  5. Australia

    With the success of the Commonwealth Summit and an increasing amount of popular support for reunification with the United Kingdom it was finally time to proceed to the next step of the movement. A representative of the Novak government would be invited to meet with one from the United Kingdom in Canberra to formally discuss the future of Australia.
  6. Having lost contact with their Neapolitan benefactors, the peoples of the Italian Levant were restless. Divided among various religious, ethnic, and cultural lines, it seemed impossible - at least in the present - for a unified state to emerge. Local authorities, based on historical borders, began to spring up all around the protectorate, one of which was the Republic of Gaza. Centered around Gaza city, it was much larger than the former Gaza Strip, having drawn under its wing territories as far north as Ashkelon and Ashdod, and as far east as Kiryat Gat, with its eastern boundary being formed by the Yitzhak Rabin highway.   Soon, however, the threat of outside invasion - in particular, worry about invasion from neighboring Egypt - led the peoples of Palestine to unite, and an agreement was reached between the city-states of Gaza and Hebron to reunite under the Palestinian Authority. Seen as a threat by the Jewish-majority cities of Be'er Sheva, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv, another state of Israel was formed. Wasting no time, it quickly began invading the independent territories, seeking strength through unity and rejecting Palestinian claims of sovereignty.   While the northern territories of the West Bank fell by the hour to encroaching Israelis, the city of Be'er Sheva found itself cut off from the rest of the state of Israel, attacked from both sides after having been pinched off like a turd. It fell, not quickly but within a few days, and by the end almost half of the city population was dead. While ruthless and brutal, it would serve an important part in preserving relative independence for the Palestinians later. But, in retaliation for the massacre at Be'er Sheva, the Gazan city of Ashdod was completely leveled, and tens of thousands of citizens in the West Bank were slaughtered on international television.   With casualties in the extreme on both sides and in recognition that this division would only invite outside invasion - which was, of course, the exact opposite of what anybody wanted - a deal was reached between the governments for peace. [b]Gaza, Hebron, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv were to form a confederacy of five mostly-independent regional powers based around each capital. Each of the city-states would have its own laws, citizenship requirements, borders, standing armies, and governments, but a national council would be formed with representatives of each to discuss such matters as economic and military coordination. Its composition and president were soon to be elected nationally. In the interim, the nation would be represented by the Governor of Gaza, Hashim al-Rashid Faysal Ghassan El-Ghazzawy.[/b]
  7. Alliance of Free States (CNRP2)

    FACTBOOK [Loading factbook...] [Loading factbook...] [Factbook loaded.] [Viewing factbook.]   [Beginning of Factbook.]   [Rebel] Alliance of Free States There comes a time in the life of a human when he begins to question the very aspects of life itself. It is at this time that this person may question the fellow humans that govern these people. It is at this time that one may discover the need for change, the need for something new. It is now up to this person to put into action this vision that he/she faces. It is at this time that we must have "Force for Change."   Recorded 12/16/20XX 11:56 PM Disclosed Location.   [Beginning of recording.]   Hopkins: In 4 minutes, the coworkers and friends of the world will join together to form the Alliance of Free States. Our motto shall be Force for Change, our capital will henceforth be known Capital City, and we should be led by a senate of representatives...elected...representatives. It is my greatest [11:57] honor to be appointed as the Defense Representative. It is also my honor to work side-by-side with Chancellor William Biggs. Long live this alliance! [11:58] And finally, I would just like to say that our military leaders are...the best...on this planet and we could not...under any circumstances...be any more fortunate. It is very great to be [11:59] here. cheers!   [End of recording.]   [Loading...] [Loading...] [Loading...] [Loading...] [Load complete.]   [Beginning of interception.]   Dear Chancellor Biggs...   It is only on my greatest honor that I call you my superior. One moment ago, we had signed the document announcing the formation of the Alliance, and I am excited for the days to come. My only request, chancellor, is that once you get back from your trip, that you sign the document as soon as humanely possible, or faster would be appreciated. Without your signature, it will be hard to get basically anything done. If you need an early flight back, I am sure I could arrange a transport to pick you up and bring you to Capital City within the hour. These transports are quick and safe. Please notify me as soon as humanely possible, or faster would be greatly appreciated.   My Appreciation, Hopkins.   [End of interception.]   [Loading...] [Loading...] [Loading...] [Load complete.]   [Beginning transmission.]   Dear Mr. Hopkins,   I am honored to look upon you as not just a worker, yet a friend. I can already see our work being extremely successful. In response to your encouragements, I assure you I will be back to Capital before you even have the opportunity to make an attempt to get anything done, and my signature faster yet. You have to be patient for things to happen faster, my friend. I will not be needing a transport and my trip has been going great, thank you. I look forward to our first meeting.   Sincerely, William Biggs.   [End of transmission.]   [No more available transmissions.]   FILES [Loading files...] [Loading files...] [Error. LOADING FILES failed.]   [No information found.] [Computer data wipe history Loading...] [Loading...] [Last data wipe: Today, 12/17/20XX.] [Wipe time: 2 minutes ago, 3:48 AM.]   {OOC: I know it's a little weird, but I thought it would be cool to add a little mystery to it. Either way, I worked hard on it, so please send me some feedback through messaging please. First time I really worked hard on a DOE. XD} {OOC #2: This is going to be my news thread for the Alliance, and I will likely post like this, so be prepared.}
  8. International Pacific Summit

    Earlier today, a summit meeting was proposed by the Oceanic Federation. Oceania's president, Charles Bloy, cordially invites the leaders of Northlands, France, the United Kingdom, and a few other concerned parties to a conference in Midisle. The conference will pertain to the overall disposition of the Pacific region. It is expected that the President will have little pink cupcakes available to quench the leaders' munchies.   A birds-eye view of Midisle.
  9. Austria-Hungary News & Actions

    AUSTRIA-HUNGARY NEWS AND ACTIONS   [OOC- Closed unless invited!]      
  10. Austria-Hungary Factbook

    Kingdom of Austria-Hungary   Austria-Hungary Österreich-Ungarn (German) Ausztria-Magyarország (Hungarian)     Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter "Indivisible and Inseparable"   GENERAL INFORMATION Captial: Austria (main), Budapest, and Zagreb Religion: Roman Catholicism Government: Constitutional Monarchy   ROYAL FAMILY Monarch: King Charles V and Queen Andrea Archduke Frederick and Archduchess Maria Grand Prince Franz Joseph, Foreign Minister Grand Prince Kasimir Felix, Defense Minister Prince Richárd Prince Olivér Princess Veronica   HEAD OF GOVERNMENTS Austria: Minister-President Karina Stein Hungary: Prime Minister Szebasztián Ottó Croatia: Prime Minister David Matanovic   IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT Austria: 215 Hungary: 175 Croatia: 110   IMPERIAL DEFENSE COUNCIL Minister of Defense Grand Prince Kasimir Felix Field Marshal Gen. David Ganea Air Marshal Gen. Vatroslav Marak Fleet Admiral Adm. Mario Krizanic Marine Commodore Gen. Artur Daluege
  11. A New Age

    As the crowds gathered in the square in the center of Vienna, a young handsome military officer stood at his chamber window. The crowd gathered some 48 hours beforehand waiting to see their new king. The lands of Austria, Hungary, and Croatia were now one land once again. The region seperated by war and imperialistic ambitions of surrounding nations spread fear amoung the people. It pushed them to unite as one and to defend themselves from any outside forces. They are a strong people, a united people. The young officer called in a servent to assist him in getting dressed in his new royal attire. His clothes would be woven with the finest wool in Europe and lined with pure gold. His crown, a symbol of his political and military power, would be encrusted with jems from around the world and covered with preciously rare metals. As the time drew near, he would contemplate by himself for some moments.   At four o' clock in the afternoon, the bell tower rang with an angelic melody. A modest man, most likely the new king's chief advisor, appeared on a balcony overlooking the growing crowd. He stepped forward towards a microphone and state, "My fellow countrymen and women, I announce to you a great joy! We have a king! I introduce his most excellent King Charles V of the Austria."   The crowd rejoyced with approval, and tears. An orchestra from Budepest played the new national anthem and several other melodies that were fitting for welcoming a new king. After the rejoycing subsided, King Charles V would appear on the balcony. He simply stood still, and after awhile simply returned to his royal quarters. The humilty of the king spoke volumes to Austrians, Hungarians, and Croations alike.   And so Austria-Hungary was reborn.
  12. France hereby requests the privilege of sending an ambassador to Oceania in order to discuss bilateral relations in the South-Pacific region.
  13. Indonesia

    The heavy pre-dawn mist that bathed the coast of Komodo Island was momentarily brightened, the light from the fire diffused amid the vapor. The crescendo came moments later, when the fire burst through the misty veil and scorched the earth beneath it. Enormous aircraft carriers loomed in the ever-shortening distance, launching from their decks scores of roaring monsters that disappeared across the island as quickly as they appeared on the coast. The radio broadcast flooded the airwaves -- it was shocking to those who had no reason to suspect an attack and welcome to those who prayed for it to come. Federation President Charles Milton Bloy addressed the islanders: "The day of your liberation has come. Do not fear. You will be safe."   The Nationalist Party leaders had escaped to the west and several factions had been thrown together around their leadership in Indonesia. At least, this is what the President said in his official address. Skeptics remained skeptical and the faithful remained in their own reveries. The motives for the action were uncertain to a great many.   Scant fortifications were annihilated within thirty minutes. A contingent of Federal marines and naval operatives, about 8,000 strong, landed and began the occupation, supported by light artillery. Rebel militias were amassing and, ragtag though they were assumed to be, their expertise in guerrilla warfare was not to be underestimated. A naval blockade of Komodo Island and of the Great Lakes Republic territory of Sumbawa. Once again, war was underway.  
  14. Clearing the Air

    Private   TO: The Governments of Hungary-Slovakia and Belarus FROM: Alvonian Foreign Ministry SUBJ: Concerns   To whom it may concern,   Recently tensions have risen between our states, for reasons that I cannot fathom. In the interests of peace and future cooperation, I formally invite representatives to come to Vienna to meet with Director Wilding and his staff directly, at your convenience of course. All necessary lodging will be cleared and taken care of by Alvonia as a courtesy and show of good will.   We in Vienna look forward to seeing you.   Regards, Finn Powers, Alvonian Minister of Foreign Affairs
  15. Mission to Femocratic Lands

    It was a long voyage, but the diplomatic mission to had been a technical success at last. Vice Admiral Stacey Bloomberg signaled to Femocratic ships patrolling the area that she wished to make contact, as had been arranged by earlier conversations between top brass.
  16. Mission to Hawaii

    A convoy of ships from the Oceanic Federation had been sent to the Polynesian islands, with the intent of making contact and establishing economic ties with the Hawaiians.
  17. Summit on the Disposition of Spain

    The Third French Empire hereby invites a representative of Britain to meet in Madrid in order to come to an agreement on how Spain should be administered until such time as a home-grown government can be established. The Empress herself will be in attendance and Britain is invited to bring whatever measures they feel necessary to ensure that the meeting goes without incident.
  18. Britons in China

    Upon invitation by Tianxia and already being in the area for the Oceanic tour the plane carrying King William would make a detour to Tianxia. Historically there had been quite a few disputes between the two countries, one only needed to remember a certain kick to one of William's predecessors crown jewels so to say. That being said, those times had passed and they were in a brave new world now. In line with this the plane would announce itself to Tianxian air traffic control and request permission to land.
  19. Romania-Zapadnaya Diplomatic Summit

    After acknowledging and accepting the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/124803-zapadnaya-respublika-elections-3/?p=3332349"]invitation[/url] of the Romanian government, Zapadnaya would make the necessary arrangements with Romania to facilitate the President’s trip. Shortly after being sworn in for his second term in Svyatoy Veragorod, President Dragomirov would travel to Sofia, then fly from there to Bucharest. The President would be accompanied by a translator and by Foreign Minister Ivo Draganov.   As was customary, the necessary flight and security information would be sent to the Romanian government and their approval sought before the President’s arrival.   Less than an hour after leaving Sofia, the Presidential aircraft landed in Bucharest and the President emerged to greet his hosts.
  20. Factbook of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland and Portugal   Contents: I. General Information and treaties General Information: Government type: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Capital(and Largest city): London Anthem: Rule, Britannia! Motto: Semper eadem Population: 75,614,700 Birth rate: 12.22 births/1,000 population Death rate: 9.34 deaths/1,000 population Age distribution: 17.3% 0-14, 65.2% 15-64, 17.5% 65 and beyond   Government: Monarch: His Majesty William the Fifth, By the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland and Portugal, and of His other Realms and Territories King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith Cabinet: Prime Minister First Lord  of the Treasury:  The Rt. Hon. Francis Urquhart MP Minister of the Civil Service   Deputy Prime Minister: The Rt. Hon. Einrí Reagan MP Lord President of the Council   First Secretary of State: Lord John Marbury, Earl of Croy, Marquess of Needham and Dolby, Baronet of Brycey PC Secretary of State for Foreign Office   Chancellor of the Exchequer: The Rt. Hon. Caiden Denzil MP   Lord Chancellor: The Rt. Hon. Osmond Pender MP Secretary of State for Justice   Secretary of State for the Home Department: The Rt. Hon. Lorna Midgley MP Minister for Equality   Secretary of State for Defence: The Rt. Hon. Kelleigh Kay MP   Secretary of State for Trade and Industry: The Rt. Hon Caitlin Aiken MP President of the Board of Trade   Secretary of State for Work and Pensions: The Rt. Hon. Victor Stamp MP   Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change: The Rt. Hon. Fabiana Zaal MP   Secretary of State for Health: The Rt. Hon. Dr. Cathán Thrussell MP   Secretary of State for Education: The Rt. Hon. Emmett Sheehy MP   Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government: The Rt. Hon. Eduardo Symons MP   Secretary of State for Transport: The Rt. Hon. Dakota Miller MP   Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: The Rt. Hon. David Jeffries MP   Secretary of State for International Development: The Rt. Hon. Daniel Power MP   Secretary of State for Ireland: The Rt. Hon. Isaura Vaughan MP   Secretary of State for Portugal: The Rt. Hon. Atieno de la Cruz MP   Secretary of State for Scotland: The Rt. Hon. Munro MacDaniel MP   Secretary of State for Wales: The Rt. Hon. Mairwen Sayer MP   Secretary of State for Tasmania: The Rt. Hon. Caradoc Sayer MP   Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sports: The Rt. Hon. Maisie Bruce MP   Foreign Affairs: Security alliances with: Novak Other treaties with: Member of the following organizations: Important links: BBC News
  21. Long time ago, there was a meeting between Tsar Mikhail I and the British King. What looked like a promising meeting, however, seemed to peter out, and relations between Russia and Britain was left in something of a diplomatic limbo for some time to come.    As soon the United Kingdom reformed, Markov had instructed the Foreign Commissariat to send a message to London, expressing interest in the resumption of the aforementioned meeting. When this received a positive response, the Soviet government would begin the necessary preparations for the upcoming visit of the British envoy, and notify London of that. The historic Winter Palace in Petrograd would be chosen as the meeting place, and would be decorated accordingly. The Honor Guard Corps would be required, under the pains of death, to memorize and play the British anthem correctly.   The diplomatic section of the Leningrad International Airport would be cordoned off from the rest of the airport, while a diplomatic team would await the arrival of the British envoy and transport them to the Winter Palace.
  22. Rio Grande - Plains Diplomacy

    An official letter would be sent to the Plains Federation from the Republic of the Rio Grande.  
  23. Britons in the Middle East

    With the situation of the world as it was the renewed British state had a real use for allies beyond Europe. Before relations between Novak and Britain had become pretty close however a treaty had never been signed. The recent act by Novak to protect an area Britain generally considered to be part of its Commonwealth was only further evidence that Novak had positive intentions. In line with this a diplomat would deliver a message to Admiral Kochavi.    
  24. The Papal States

    With the collapse of Carthage, Rome was able to restore itself to prominence once more, under the guidance of Pope Alexander IX, Rome and the surrounding lands returned to Papal rule, and with the collapse of Cisalpina has brought more Italian regions into anarchy, and hopefully into the fold of the Papal States. :Public:
  25. Ukraine uprising

    It started out small at first, random bombings within Russian, Belarusian or Romanian territories in the Ukraine. But over time it had become a problem. Being broadcasted over several radio and television stations, an unknown group had made it's voice heard. "Hello citizens of Ukraine, I am Dimitri Makarov. Just like you i was born to this country and belong to this land. My home was Kiev prior to it's eradication by foreign powers. Our home is full of this filth, and everyday we lose more and more to them the Romanian, the Russian, Belarusian it doesn't matter all strangers taking what is ours. I ask all of you to do your duty to the homeland and fight this disease. Your country calls for you, it weeps for you and you owe it to fight for it's freedom. As for the foreign dogs who watch or listen to this, you will suffer greatly for invading this country and dividing it up amongst yourselves like conquering warlords. We shall remove you, and wall our borders with your dead" Hours after the broadcast a series of bombings and ambushes on Russian, Belarusian and Romanian forces were launched. Hit and run tactics were employed by several armed men and women the area unclaimed by any nation was now being run by a large army of militia ransacking old Ukrainian military bases and foreign posts for supplies. War had come to Ukraine. Information Ukrainian Separatist 230,000 militia Leadership: Dimitri Makarov Commander of the rebellion Victor Souez general Elias Tiberius head of Ukraine national bank