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      The following are basic guidelines for use of the Cyber Nations community forum. Anyone caught disobeying these guidelines will be issued a warning. The forum staff works on a five warn limit policy unless the situation calls for more appropriate action ranging from a verbal warning to a double warn and suspension to an immediate ban, etc.   Just because something is not listed specifically here as illegal does not mean it's allowed. All players are expected to use common sense and are personally responsible for reading the pinned threads found in the Moderation forum. Questions regarding appropriateness or other concerns can be sent via PM to an appropriate moderator.   A permanent ban on the forums results in a game ban, and vice versa. Please note that the in-game warn system works on a "three strikes you're out" policy and that in-game actions (including warnings and deletions) may not be appealed. For more information regarding in-game rules please read the Cyber Nations Game Rules.   1.) First Warning
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      Players may not appeal any in-game actions. This includes cheat flags, canceled trades, content removals, warn level increases, nation deletion, and bans from the game.   Players may appeal individual forum warnings. You may only appeal a warning if you can show with evidence that it was unwarranted or unduly harsh. If a reasonable amount of time has passed (no less than one month and preferably longer) in which you have demonstrated reformed behavior than you may request a warning level reduction. Wasting staff time with inappropriately filed reports and/or unfounded appeals will result in a warn level raise. Repeat incidences will result in a ban from the forum.   Bans are permanent. Banned players may appeal to the Senior Staff if they believe grounds exist (very, very rare) in which they state their case with evidence and why explain why they believe they deserve to be allowed back into Cyber Nations. This process is not quick and the investigation into cases may last three minutes or three weeks or more depending on the individual situation.   The only place where discussion of moderator action is acceptable is in the appropriate Moderation forum. Posting commentary on or disagreement with moderator action elsewhere will result in a warn level raise.   Posting
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  1. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    The Anchor Times July 18, 2113 KING ANNOUNCES ENGAGEMENT TO OTTANIAN PRINCESS DAY AFTER PRESIDENT ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR OTTANIA Princess Maisie of Gatineau NEWPORT, J ANDRES -- Yesterday President Bourbon announced that J Andres would be supporting Ottania's claim for Montreal, and would be sending government troops north of the border to support Ottania. Many analysts found this strange as Ottania was one of the smaller claimants for Montreal and the Federalists seemed to have the most authentic claim on the region and the greatest number of supporters. Today, the math became clear, as King Phillippe II announced his engagement to Maisie, Princess of Gatineau. The Bourbon family is clearly strengthening foreign monarchies in an effort to boost their own claim. In another century will King Phillippe V be joining J Andres and Ottania in another personal union? Only time will tell us now, but politically, this is a loss for J Andres, even if the common citizen is overjoyed with the prospect of a state wedding.
  2. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    The Anchor Times May 8, 2113 REFUGEES ARRIVE IN NORTHER GABRIEL COUNTY Refugee camp in Plattsburgh PLATTSBURGH, GABRIEL COUNTY, J ANDRES -- The power struggle within the former territory of New Quebec has reached Montreal, and it is sending refugees south to our borders. Although it has long been known that the government of New Quebec collapsed following the end of the Grand Mexican War, no news of any stable governments has arrived. As it has been told to this reporter from the refugees, there are four factions fighting over the city: The Federalists are a stable government far to the north of Montreal, which claims ties to the former Federation of Disparu. The Federalists are centered on the city of Ferin and have been slowly expanding their territorial claims. The Darachians are a smaller group centered in Ottowa where many descendants of Caitlyn Darach, first Monarch of Disparu, had taken up residence after Queen Caitlyn's assassination in 2016. The Darach family is very wealthy and in the aftermath of the war have been able to hold on to power in their region. They are lead by Fanette Darach, the current head of the family. If successful, Montreal would be their first major military victory. The Patrouille is a group that has seized control of much of the Saint Lawrence River charging steep tolls for crossing and collecting tariffs on goods which are being transported. It's members can be favorably described as an armed gang with boats. The Vermont Republic is a small and newly formed government based in Burlington that currently controls the upper third of the former state of Vermont and much list the Darachians, they have grander aspirations and are looking to expand. An ambassador from the Vermont Republic has arrived in Endor Cuidad, seeking J Andres recognition of their current land claim. President Bourbon has made no comment on the ongoing war in the north.
  3. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    The Anchor Times March 15, 2113 KING ASSASSINATED, PHILLIPPE II ASCENDS TO THRONE IN PRIVATE CEREMONY Orson Bourbon has ascended to the throne and taken the name Phillippe II NEWPORT, J ANDRES -- His Majesty, King Phillippe was assassinated early this morning using a long range sniper rifle while on the grounds of Aquidneck Castle. His Majesty will be remembered fondly for his guiding hand which saw J Andres survive the aftermath of the Grand Mexican War. His oldest son ascended to the throne in a private coronation ceremony. He gave prepared remarks following the ceremony, a transcript of which is provided below. [Transcript begins] My fellow Andreans. Today is a sad day for the country, and a very sad day for my family. My father was killed this morning as he enjoyed the early morning sunrise from the castle. The anti-royalists have claimed that his death is their victory, but these coward knights could not have acted alone. My father was killed by people who stand in the way of progress. For centuries, the free market has dictated the world and caused pain and suffering. Private enterprises have led us into war time and time again. My father saw the world as something different. In the nuclear aftermath of the war, he was the one who kept this country together. It was with his foresight that no one went hungry during those long days. You have shown that these decisions are the right ones, electing my uncle to five terms in office as your President. The Labor party is the only party equipped to make the right decisions in this dangerous new world of ours. The era of corporate greed are over. Those who did this will be punished. Not only by the fullest extent of the law, but by the people of this country that you have hurt. There is no room in J Andres for your outdated ways. [Transcript ends]
  4. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    July 5, 2101 JTECH NAMES NEW CEO, CHARTS NEW DIRECTION Emily Lumina, the new CEO of JTech ENDOR CUIDAD, J ANDRES -- The executive board has names Emily Lumina as the new CEO of JTech. The company has run into hard times in recent years under Dennis Howard. Howard lead the company to pursue agriculture and renewable energy, and then the government nationalized the Woonsocket Agricultural Sciences Laboratory and formed its own renewable energy company. Emily Lumina is a seasoned manager from within JTech. She says that she will be focused on getting an education/training system established, as JTech needs highly skilled workers, and all of the universities have been shut down. JTech has been unable to hire younger scientists as they have been unqualified. As the older generation prepares to retire, JTech will look to other options to train the generation coming in. Additionally, Lumina has said JTech will focus on short term projects that are achievable. Noting the government's recent contracts with Barlow Davis Shaw, she believes JTech can earn similar contracts although she did not state which contracts she thought were achievable.
  5. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    June 19, 2101 SHANNON, DUCHESS OF BOSTON, SUCCUMBS TO INFECTION Shannon shortly after becoming Duchess of Boston at age 28 BOSTON, J ANDRES -- Church bells sang somber tunes throughout the Grand Duchy today as news of the passing of the Duchess was spread. Shannon had become Duchess after the unfortunate passing of her grandfather, Duke Benjamin in 2064. Benjamin, the war hero and former president lived a long life, outliving all of his own children, so his title passed to Shannon, the oldest of his grandchildren. Shannon has spent her time pre-war attempting to beautify the city of Boston. Many new parks were created, and she funded the creation of a soccer stadium in 2080. Unfortunately, her beautification efforts were undone by the nuclear attacks, which also took the lives of both of her children and husband. Since the war, Shannon has continued her efforts to help the city heal, but the loss of her family was traumatic and she has spent less time in public. Shannon, aged 74, was in generally good health; however, she became ill with a lung infection over the winter. Doctors had seemed optimistic that she had fought the infection, although now signs point that the opposite was true. Shannon will be missed greatly in the city that has always held the Richards name in high regard. The duchy will now fall to her nephew, Antonio, the Baron of Hyannis.
  6. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    April 19, 2101 DOORS OPENED TO NEW ADRIK ANNAN GOVERNMENT CENTER The new governmental center building in downtown Endor Cuidad ENDOR CUIDAD, J ANDRES -- The Adrik Annan Governmental Center building was first built in 2016. Since the decimation of most of Endor Cuidad, government functions have been shifted from building to building, based on whatever the needs were. Barlow Davis Shaw has overseen the construction of the new government building, and while significantly smaller than the previous one, it is still a sight to behold. While most of the buildings downtown are still dirty and pre-war, it stands pristine looking in the heart of the city. President Bourbon smiled as he ceremoniously opened the doors for the first time. "This building is beautiful. Last year, my brother said that we should question complacency. There was no need for us to be having government meetings in building that were likely to collapse at any moment. This building is a symbol of our promise to the people. We are no longer pleased with the status quo. We can only hope that our grandchildren can live in the world that our own grandparents once did. May our toil and sacrifice make way for their success."
  7. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    November 12, 2100 KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY Louis Bourbon has been named Earl of Danbury DANBURY, J ANDRES -- If you thought there were a lot of Bourbons in the news before, get ready for one more. Louis Bourbon, Vinsalian-born father to the Premier, Mateo Bourbon, has just been selected by King Phillippe to become the next Earl of Danbury. The title was formerly held by the current President, Pierre Bourbon, before he renounced his titles and honors when he was elected President. Sources close to the King say that Richard, Baron of Warwick was originally a contender, until the King was reminded of his close business ties.
  8. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    October 6, 2100 LABOR PARTY BEATS EXPECTATIONS President Pierre Bourbon ENDOR CUIDAD, J ANDRES -- There was speculation. Four years ago the Labor party pulled off some of the biggest victories ever seen. They made big promises that they couldn't keep. The Labor party was still popular, most new agencies still expected them to win, but no one expected them to reach the heights of their previous election. And then they surpassed them. The party has gained 12 seats in the Commune, giving them a full 60% of all seats. President Pierre Bourbon received 68% of the popular vote, even against a strong candidate in Dennis Howard. It appears there is no ceiling for support of the Labor party. President Bourbon gave a brief victory speech, thanking the public for their strong show of support, and vowing to finish the infrastructure projects that they have started. Libertarian party candidate, Dennis Howard, was much less gracious. "J Andres has spoken," he said, "and it turns out, private enterprise is dead." Howard ended up cutting off his speech early as he became visibly emotional. Sources close to him indicate he may leave the country, and has plans to explore the continent. In the Commune, only the Libertarian, Nationalist, and Communist parties earned any appreciable amount of seats. The Anchor party delegation of 33 has been diminished to 6 seats and the VNP earned only 2. Corey Sturgeon addresses reporters outside his home If the Labor party outperformed, then the Anchor party underperformed. There were questions within the party about the leadership abilities of Corey Sturgeon, who stepped into the leadership role after Daniel Young was voted out. Sturgeon has been unable to control his delegation, or to excite the public about their party. He addressed the press outside his home in New Haven this afternoon and announced that the remaining Senators would have a frank discussion about the future of the party. Nearly all are calling for Sturgeon to step aside, but many are even calling for the dissolution of the party.
  9. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    September 23, 2100 ANCHOR PARTY IN CRISIS MODE Corey Sturgeon, Leader of the Anchor party on the campaign trail during Independence Day celebrations BOSTON, J ANDRES -- Corey Sturgeon spent Independence Day far from home this year, as he was up in Boston trying to excite the electorate to vote Anchor party in the elections next month. Although Sturgeon had walked in the Independence Day parade before, he was previously granted a much better position, often accompanied by the Duchess, or other members of the Richards family. This year, he walked flanked only by the local Anchor party candidates themselves. The Anchor party is in full crisis mode after polling forecasts the party will lose even more seats this year. In the last elections, the Anchor part lost 120 seats, leaving them with only 33. Analysts are unsure how far the Anchor party will fall, but losing any more than a couple will be a catastrophe for the party. Sturgeon has limited his travel this year to mostly the greater Boston area, trying to drum up support in areas that used to be Anchor party strongholds, but have recently went in favor of the Libertarians. "It's a tough battle," Sturgeon said in a brief conversation with The Anchor Times. "The Vinsalian Libertarians have done a great job of consolidating support. I'm afraid the political spectrum isn't big enough for both of us to operate where we are." When asked if this meant that the Anchor party would consider dissolution if more seats were lost, he played coy. "I don't know about that." One thing the Anchor party candidates have mentioned, is that if they do land a seat in the Commune, Sturgeon should not take his leadership position for granted.
  10. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    May 30, 2100 HAHN ACKNOWLEDGES CHANCE OF VICTORY IS SLIM Albert Hahn, Leader of the Nationalist party in the Commune ROSSINGOL, J ANDRES -- Albert Hahn was attending a press conference in Rossingol, his home district, when he appeared to acknowledge that Nationalist chance of victory in the coming elections were slim. "I'm not saying it's impossible," he clarified following the statement, "but the Labor party is very popular at the moment. Their legislative policies have been successful and I truthfully support a good deal of them." Hahn further elaborated to say that he would not make the Nationalist party into an "opposition party." He said that the Nationalists had their own set of ideals, and when they coincided with the Labor party he would support their proposals. Hahn was asked what policies he opposed, and he advocated for a stronger national defense and the conscription of a national army. These two points have been Nationalist party positions since long before Albert Hahn's time in the Commune, and a long time before his grandfather, William, long-time Governor of Rossingol, was involved in politics. Hahn had less optimistic words for Nationalist party presidential candidate, Abel Bodner. Hahn had to suppress a laugh before speaking. "Although I doubt we will win a majority in the Commune, I'm pretty sure the good people of Rossingol will elect myself and many other Senators to convey their interests in Endor Cuidad. And although I support Mr. Bodner and his candidacy, I have a strong feeling he will be spending the next four years across the river in New London, and not as part of the national government." As the press clamored to confirm his statement, he continued, "I will say this though. Mr. Bodner is doing a great service in an attempt to advance Nationalist ideals. The Anchor party has failed to put forth a presidential candidate for the second time."
  11. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    January 1, 2100 NATION WELCOMES A NEW CENTURY Brief fireworks display outside of Albany ENDOR CUIDAD, J ANDRES -- The twenty-second century is upon us. It looks surprisingly different from that forecast in the past, but this is the century we are presented with. Celebrations were more boisterous this year, than in recent memory. Could it be celebration of the new century? Could it be that the people are regaining confidence in a world shaken by war? The King gave his annual address early this morning via radio. "We must strive to move past the destruction of the war," he said. "The war ended fifteen years ago. For years, during the worst of the aftermath, we waited, as if we were casual observers to our own lives. That made sense then. But the children who know no other way of life question our complacency with the way things are. We can be better. We will be better." His speech is being highly quoted on the amateur radio frequencies as a rallying cry around the Labor party. The King's brother, President Pierre is expected to speak this afternoon to set his agenda for the coming year.
  12. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    October 27, 2099 FLURRY OF ACTIVITY BEFORE END OF SESSION Premier of the Commune, Mateo Bourbon, Announced New Legislation ENDOR CUIDAD, J ANDRES -- With the Labor party majority at risk next year, Premier Mateo Bourbon took this opportunity to pass a flurry of new legislation, much of it aimed at preserving the majority at all costs. Most notable, all previous gun control legislation was revoked. Although most of these gun laws were not being enforced, this legislation officially removes them from the books. This is is widely accepted in the rural areas where there are no police forces and handguns are the only means of protection from non-citizen raiders. The commune also passed an authorization bill that would hire Barlow Davis Shaw to serve as the prime contractor to design and build a new governmental center, to replace the old Adrik Annan Governmental Center which was destroyed in the aftermath of the war. BDS has been seen as instrumental in getting the national rail project back on track. Although the 2090 completion date of the Coast Line will likely still be missed, it looks like it should be completed in the following year.
  13. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    October 27, 2099 ANCHOR PARTY EXODUS Antonio, Baron of Hyannis, made his new party affiliation known NANTUCKET, NEWPORT PRINCIPALITY, J ANDRES -- Antonio, Baron of Hyannis has made the switch to the Libertarian party. Antonio is the great-grandson of Ben Richards, the beloved former Duke of Boston who founded the Anchor party in the early days of the Maritime Republic. Antonio is not alone is switching parties. Even former President Steve Steel has switched his affiliation. "The Libertarian party represents everything that the Anchor party once did," Steel remarked last week. Of course, Antonio's change is significant for what he represents: a generational shift in the Anchor party electorate. Especially for those who have come of age after the war, the Anchor party represents the driving force behind that war. While Charlotte Laurent and her involvement may be remembered fondly since her passing, the actions of Daniel Young and the Anchor party majority in the Commune are not remembered in the same limelight. There were the dismal years following the bombings where the Anchor party could not properly mobilize the resources to stop the damage. Most of the youth support the ruling Labor party, although those with right-leaning views are significantly more likely to support the Libertarians over the Anchor party. The Anchor party has fallen from grace in recent elections, only earning 5% of the seats in this past election. Daniel Young was booted from power following that election, and the party leader position was given to Corey Sturgeon. Sturgeon was part of the same leadership team with Young, and confidence in him has fallen since the election as well. When the Baron was asked if he thought Ben Richards would be disappointed in his decision he said, "No. He was a man who always understood that a label was just a label. Josef Mercton was one of his best friends, and he was a Nationalist! They found the common ground. But the Anchor party of today is not the Anchor party of his era. Today's Anchor party is corrupt and self-serving. I endorse the Libertarian party and their candidate for President next year, Dennis Howard."
  14. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    July 8, 2099 DENNIS HOWARD DECLARES CANDIDACY Dennis Howard at the podium in front of the WASL WOONSOCKET, J ANDRES -- Dennis Howard stood in front of the WASL today and declared his candidacy for President. "No more!" he shouted loudly as he ended his speech. It appears to be his campaign slogan, although we haven't yet seen the graphics. Howard appears to represent the establishment that are displeased with the Labor party administration. "Business has always been the backbone of our nation. The WASL was built by private enterprise. It began doing great things as a private enterprise, and then the government stole it away." As he retold the story about how the WASL was stolen from JTech, he received a long-lasting round of applause. It appeared as if many JTech employees had made the ride from Endor Cuidad to watch the speech. It's possible the company even let them off for the day to observe. "But we say no more!" he yelled, as he began his rallying cry. "May the government never lay a finger on another business! Sure, they've hired some help for the National Rail, but that doesn't mean they have learned! We must push back against the Labor majority if we are to return to prosperity!" Although Howard is personally popular, and public sentiment was behind him when the government first nationalized the WASL, the numbers have switched now that the government has continued its program of providing free rations to those in the cities. Howard has already received the endorsement of Corey Sturgeon, the Anchor party leader in the Commune. Sturgeon stated that it was unlikely that the Anchor party would field a candidate in the Presidential election when Howard was such a strong choice.
  15. Armageddon; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 7

    April 14, 2099 COMMUNE HIRES BARLOW DAVIS SHAW Workers preparing the tracks in New Rochelle NEW ROCHELLE, GREATER BROOKLYN, J ANDRES -- Mateo Bourbon and some Labor party senators joined the ranks of the Libertarian, Nationalist, and Anchor parties calling for introduction of private enterprise into the National Rail project. Premier Bourbon appeared defeated as he announced the news. "We must face the facts. The National Rail project is the largest infrastructure project in which our nation has ever attempted, and we are trying to do it in a world without networked computers. The partners of Barlow Davis Shaw have assured us they have the skills to bring this project on track. That is what is important right now." Some Labor party senators have called out the Premier for switching to the opposition. Paul Mitchell, Senator from Danbury, said, "He has sold out his beliefs to try to capture an electoral victory next year. He's from my party and I'm saying this. Private enterprise needs to be managed, not encouraged." Barlow Davis Shaw had previously managed large projects, such as Duchess Shannon Stadium in Boston, but the National Rail project will be the largest thus far. The contract terms them as the "Prime Contractor," and they are expected to draft a series of standards for subcontractors to follow throughout construction, to ensure consistency in the process. Additionally, they will set the standards for training and quality assurance.