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April Fools

Posted by admin , 01 April 2009 · 1,351 views

This morning around server update time there was a major security issue which mistakenly gave everyone access to the moderator's control panel in the game. There was a total of 3,129 moderator actions that took place throughout the night with most coming from the users Blacky performing 393 mod actions and TrotskysRevenge who performed 10 mod actions. We have patched up the security breaches and are preparing to file litigation against those responsible for the moderator actions and resulting damages. To everyone who messaged me throughout the night (33 emails, 42 in game private messages, 24 forum private messages, and pages and pages of bug reports) all of your reports are appreciated and your messages will be used as evidence in court. We would also like to point out that it's April Fools Day. For those who missed it here's a screenshot:

Posted Image

It seems like this prank backfired on the moderation staff because all of our inboxes are freaking swamped right now. Though it is good to know that there are some really honest people out there on the Internets. (excluding Blacky and TrotskysRevenge of course) The mod control panel was completely fake but the spy worm is totally real and we use it to spy on the player base all the time. You should see what Sword of Estel looks and sounds like when she eats popcorn in front of her computer. (Ok, I'm kidding again. We're not secretly listening in on your every move.)

We also had a little fun with one of our moderators Philothoes who decided that this year he and some of the other mods were going to play a little prank on me. He started this big argument with some of our other moderators several days ago and the plan was for him and the others on the mod team to resign on April 1st which was totally suppose to give me a brain aneurysm or something I guess. Problem was I saw right through their shenanigans from the start thanks to Evenstar who folded under just the slightest amount of questioning and so together we preempted their plans yesterday by firing Philothoes and warning the mod team that such in-fighting will not be tolerated. Many frantic text messages among the mod staff and an 800 word count email from Philothoes resulted as he tried explain the situation and pry his way back on the team. LOL. That's what they get for trying to fool ole admin.

Please post up the 800 word e-mail :D
Amazing :)
Well played, man.
( Does this mean that I didn't install the spy worm on my Triumvirs?... :( )
o/ admin. good read, good read.


-edit, ok nvm. =/
Good stuff
More importantly on the statistics, who got modded the most times?
Apr 01 2009 09:06 AM
Good on'ya mate.
All I did at my work was reroute the toilet fill tube so that when someone flushed the toilet it sprayed water on their back, but yours is more elaborate.
So Electron Sponge isn't deleted. :(
This has to be the funniest april fools day joke(s) I've seen today.

More importantly on the statistics, who got modded the most times?

I didn't track this because players would just start repeatedly modding their own accounts to get their numbers up.
Jeez, Blacky. 393!
lol the counter-prank thing was actually funny.
A Soviet Attack
Apr 01 2009 09:12 AM
el oh el

Awesome job, admin. I was well and truly fooled, but at least Philothoes got had worse than me. :)
I want to know which nations used the mod button and who they used it to spy on.

I spied on Admin Nation :)
"Sword of Estel looks and sounds like when she eats popcorn in front of her computer".

Will that vid be for sale anytime soon?
LOL. that sucks, I got on and posted on my alliance forum what I should do. Nice joke though. :D
I, too, would like to see that 800 word e-mail. Great joke, admin, I figured it out before too long, but for several minutes I debated adding to your inbox.
Well played. For about 5 minutes there, I thought I was special :wacko:
Tiberius C Nero
Apr 01 2009 09:39 AM
Doitzel isn't deleted? :(

Awesome prank man :)
Hahaha! Shame I missed all the action, due to the timezone, but that was a hilarious read! Nice one!

Trouble is, I'm now scared that this Admin might drop us a rick roll at some point...
Apr 01 2009 10:08 AM
I feel the need to write an email now.

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