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War Movies - TOP 5

Posted by King Wally , 02 March 2012 · 617 views

My personal favorite top 5 war movies. So many to pick from but wanted to narrow it down to just the top few. Feel free to reply post with your own, may remind me to check out a few I've totally forgotten about! Wasn't till I finished that I realised I've selected nothing pre WWII, and thats including war movies set in the Middle Ages, Industrial Age etc but I guess none about that era really hooked me in as much. Was pretty hard to leave out Apocalypse Now but I felt it a little narrow minded to list nearly all Vietnam era films. Here goes...

1: Platoon
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2: Full Metal Jacket
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3: The Beast (1988) (also sold in some countries as "The Beast of War")
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4: Saving Private Ryan
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5: Black Hawk Down
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Melancholy Culkin
Mar 03 2012 01:56 AM
Full metal jacket is best or go home.
Full Metal Strangelove as directed by John Ford.
Rubbish, platoon and FMJ dont deserve 1 and 2. Never heard of number 3! Where is A bridge too far, we were soldiers once, the battle of algers, zulu, tora tora tora and the many others that were superior war movies?
Arcturus Jefferson
Mar 03 2012 08:16 AM
Casablanca :smug:

Also missing The Great Escape.
So many missing, as you say. Ignoring historical inaccuracies (in some cases horrifically glaring)<br><br>Henry V (Kenneth Branagh version)<br>A Bridge Too Far<br>All Quiet on the Western Front<br>Schindlers List (well, it's war-era)<br>Kingdom of Heaven (extended cut)<br>Henry of Navarre<br>Arn, Knight Templar<br>Tristan and Isolde<br>The 300 Spartans<br>
Alfred von Tirpitz
Mar 03 2012 11:57 AM
The Longest Day
A bridge too far
Kingdom of Heaven
Das Boot

Casablanca :smug:Also missing The Great Escape.

The Great Escape really is a favorite of mine aswell I must admit. I think you could say I really did personally favor the modern generation of war films here (all here are from the last 30 years). But I have to admit the classics do hold an important place in the genre and a less biased judge would definetly of swung this list more in their favor.

@ Alterego - I think you may actually enjoy watching the Beast if you ever get a chance. I found it compelling as it made me rethink the way I saw the modern war in afganistan by setting a film in soviet era occupied afganistan and filming the fight from a perspective simpethetic to the Afghan freedom fighters. Any film that makes you stop and re-evaluate the way you see the world I think has to take some credit even if its a low budget piece largely unheard of.
Joe Kremlin
Mar 04 2012 12:47 PM
Kingdom of Heaven sucked. What movie were you guys watching? Also Apocalypse Now and Paths of Glory.
what's the name of the film with Charlie sheen. He comes back from Vietnam, and he's just gone nuts. Is that platoon? The review of platoon online seemed to imply it only took place in the field.
Braveheart would be in my top five war movies. I also enjoy the Civil war epic Glory; Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Matthew Broderick did excellent work and the action sequences seethed with a realistic representation of Civil war era battle confusion. Anyone else a fan of Last of the Mohicans? There you go King Wally, three non-modern era war films.
Joe Kremlin
Mar 04 2012 06:32 PM
Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, and Zulu are all good pre-ww2 war movies. Barry Lyndon and Aguirre the Wrath of God are sort of a war movies.
Good picks, KW.

If we want to include also movies that aren't centered around warfare combat, but still have a lot to do with war, Apocalypse Now could certainly go in that list.
Commander shepard
Mar 05 2012 07:27 AM
Hot shots
Starship Troopers
1) Sands of Iwo jima
2) Midway
3) Braveheart
4) Patton
5) Bridge over River Kwai

Honorary mention:
enemy at the gates
Apoc Now
My top 5 would be as follows...

1. Downfall (Der Untergang).
2. 9th Company (Russian movie set during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan)
3. Assembly (Chinese Civil war movie)
4. Saving Private Ryan
5. Das Boot
Charles Stuart
Mar 08 2012 06:25 AM
The lack of Patton is disturbing.
Patton would make my top 10 certainly but not top 5.

Patton would make my top 10 certainly but not top 5.

So in addition to my top 5 here would be the remainder of my top 10...

6: Talvisota (Finnish film set in the Winter War)
7: Zulu (1964)
8: Waterloo (1970)
9: Stalingrad
10: Patton
There was this foreign movie about the korean war that was one of my favs (can't remember the name of it for the life of me though).

Also, Zulu.
Martin II von Luithlen
May 30 2012 10:59 AM
1. Platoon
2. Stalingrad
3. The Thin Red Line
4. Das Boot
5. Letters from Iwo Jima

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