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Mind == Blown

Posted by HeroofTime55 , 12 November 2012 · 648 views

I just figured out that the in-game icon for lead is a bullet.

Nov 12 2012 03:15 PM
Doesn't take that much to blow you mind.
It's not surprising that a lead bullet would blow someone's mind, though perhaps not quite in this way.

Lead is used for bullets because it is so dense, meaning a small projectile is still relatively heavy and thus can causes more damage when flying through the air at high speeds.
Nov 12 2012 05:24 PM
Question how long have you been playing this game?
Kyriakos Raanb Dorou
Nov 12 2012 05:45 PM
... you mean it wasn't a licorice stick?
Nov 12 2012 06:07 PM
It's better than the dildos that it used to be.
A lot of programming in your life.

It's better than the dildos that it used to be.

No wonder people say that the game is going downhill. Although dildos made of lead cant be too healthy, but in a nuke rich environment, maybe they do have a certain benefit.
I troll you. Sorry, very lazy these days.

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