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An Analysis of the Current Situation

Posted by Derantol , 09 August 2010 · 79 views

Based on the following threads found in the Alliance Announcements section:

Ragnarok Declaration of War
R&R Declares War on New Sith Order
Viridian Entente Declaration of War
GOD Declaration of War
Decree of the Sith
TENE Declaration of WAr

I have gathered the following information. It is to be believed that RoK is, in fact, at war with the NSO. Not only that, R&R, VE, and GOD are also at war with NSO. I know, this information seems all too "backroom" for me to be posting it here on a public blog, but it's true, that's what's going on.

Better yet, I can tell you even more about this - prepare to be amazed! Based on the 5th link I provided, I believe that NSO doesn't agree with the reasons for war that were given. In addition - and this I can't be sure about - but I believe that if you read between the lines, the NSO sends a secret message to its allies that says "I have no plans to request help." You'll have to read carefully to find that part, and I might be a little off on the specifics, but there you have it.

Now that you have this information that you otherwise might have never known, I believe it is time for discussion. Discuss.

Aug 09 2010 02:20 PM
For a second I thought this was serious. Then I looked again.
You cut right to the heart of the matter. One side is right and the other side is wrong and No! U!
How much are your free newsletters?
I will not miss an entry.
Oh wow, because we have no idea how to click on the OWF--AA forum.
Aug 09 2010 03:16 PM
Honestly, I believe this is a sarcastic joke.
Yup. I saw a post somewhere about how many people had posted their own analysis. I figured I'd play that up.

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