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Brehon's thoughts of a Regent


NPO/DH War Part Two

Posted by Brehon , 02 June 2011 - - - - - - · 98 views

War was hot and heavy and I watched DH and allies from my coalition spout insults and what have you left and right on the OWF.  I wanted to rage and let them know what cowardly !@#$%^&* I found them to be.  Then once again I stepped back and took a good long look.  I heard everything my side was saying about it and I heard everything the other...


NPO/DH War Part One

Posted by Brehon , 31 May 2011 - - - - - - · 145 views

Many look at the pre-empt against the Order the start of the war.  It however started long before that.  It didn't start with the Polar bs either.  Waters were tested when they went Safari Hunting on Red Sphere, testing to see what the NPO and Red Dawn as a whole would do.  The response was nothing, because we weren't in a position to.  We knew it...


Views from a Regent - Intro

Posted by Brehon , 30 May 2011 - - - - - - · 98 views

It has been two months since I was tapped for the position of Regent for the New Pacific Order.  Entering during a time of war brought with it strange conversations and functions I often wonder if I am sometimes better or worse for.  I guess it really depends on the day.  

I think what amazes me the most is how much so many of us hold onto the past.  I am...

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