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I bought a hat

Posted by Ernsters , 06 March 2012 · 137 views

I did, but besides that, I also wrote a blog post, it went a little something like this..

As I sit here, drinking my coffee, I think to myself about this alliance I helped create, helped build. I think about our members, my allies, my friends in this game.
I think about our last war, about how many nations burned for the defense of our allies, then I think about Lanna and TUR :wub:

I hope that MHA felt the same when App stepped into the war as App did when TUR stepped in.

I mean, here was this little alliance, not extremely powerful at all, everyone knew they wouldn't end the war, but they stepped in anyway, why? Why would someone get into a war they knew they would lose?
For me the answer is simple, no ally should ever burn alone. That's how I felt when MHA got attacked, here were my friends, a group of people I'd spent countless late nights with, being blown to smithereens for whatever reason.
Even though they had others to help defend them, I wanted to be there with them, I wantedthem to know that we cared.

So we went to war.

The Apparatus, a newly founded alliance, with our test Government still getting itself together, was at war.
We held our own for a while, until we were overwhelmed just by sheer numbers. our top tier was getting ZI'd, some might say it was a pretty sorry sight.
I wouldn't, though, that was one of the best times in my CN history. I had my friends beside me, sure, our nations were rubble, but hell, at least they were rubble together. On top of that, there was Lanna and her little group of nations :wub: Because Lanna sees things the way I see them: Friends burn beside friends.

That's why Lanna gets ops from me in #Apparatus


Mar 06 2012 10:26 PM
Troll. Well done, Mr. Director.
I support this. :wub:
Haven for Peace
Mar 06 2012 11:22 PM
You are a good friend! I will always stand with Apparatus, treaty or no treaty. :D
Baron Flynt
Mar 08 2012 05:57 AM
I came here for pictures of your new hat. I am disappointed.

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