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The Kingdom of Iceland - A Declaration of Existence

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Posted 06 January 2014 - 11:07 PM



"Emanuel, Remind me how again this... "Mars Graves" character acquired an entire island? No one even tried to stop him?" Waves rocked the boat Alyssa was sitting in along with her partner Emanuel. A bright beam of light exploded through the early-morning clouds and flew over there heads. It reached across the sky and raced around in a circular path as it was emitted from a grand lighthouse which was just as impressive. "He came here on his own and basically squatted here until the military noticed him and evicted him from the island. Guess what the guy did? He raised a militia, went back to the island and when the military came back he actually fought them off! The government could have sent in the troops but instead they negotiated a deal with him - he could own and legally stay on Surtsey island as long as a lighthouse was constructed and he maintained it. Well, he agreed and apparently liked the idea so much that he refused to let the government pay for it. He's been here ever sense and he only goes to Vestmannaey Jar once a month for supplies and food. I wouldn't call him a hermit since he knows some people there but he sure does like seclusion." 


Alyssa took in the story and kept her arms close to her chest as she shivered. "Does he take visitors kindly? You didn't tell me I was walking into some.. psycho's haven." they were very close to the island now. beaches surrounded it on all sides but a small, sandy peninsula would be an ideal landing place for their boat. "He's mentally stable Alyssa. I don't think we'd be wading shark-infested waters to go talk to this guy if he was nuts," Emanuel said matter-of-factly, "I just think we may need to explain ourselves when he notices us. Think you'll let me do the talking?" Alyssa nodded as her teeth began to chatter. She could go without explaining to a man who had raised his own private army why there were trespassing on the island which he had commandeered from the government itself. 


"Gosh it's so dang cold, you don't have a blanket or something in here?" The boat they were in was small and only had one motor. There wasn't much room in the boat for storage so the answer to that question was an annoyed, "No." They both kept quiet for a while until the boat smoothly ran aground onto the beach. "Well that is that," Emanuel looked up at the towering lighthouse and gazed up as the powerful beam illuminated the sky in its path, "Let's go see if anyone is home."


Emanuel and Alyssa walked through the rocky soil which was covered in a layer of snow. By the time they had made it up to the door of the lighthouse was starting to look a little more ominous then before. Emanuel knocked on the door but they heard no reply, "maybe the guy went-" both of them winced after the heard the click of a gun from behind. "I sure hope you are Jehovah Witness's because then I wont have the heart to shoot you two because I've been known to take care of trespassers in the past." Emanuel slowly turned around with his hands up and faced Mars who was wielding a pistol. "We have come from Reykjavik, Mister Graves... President Hammerstorm of the Island's Council fears that trouble is brewing and if a government isn't soon formed... There may be splinter governments across the island and that will only lead to civil war. He tasked the both of us to come find you and for us to request that you come back with us to the capital - if you are wiling. He is aware of your past in politics and the military... Bishop Write believes you could be a good leader as well. Will you come with us, sir?"


Mars lowered his gun and pushed the two of them aside so he could unlock the lighthouse's door. "Come in," he grunted reluctantly. The inside was impressive. The structure was obviously a few stories tall which made Emanuel and Alyssa wonder what was above them. The room they were in was essentially a living-room. It was much more modern than either of them thought it would be. A flat-screen TV was above a large fire-place. Emanuel wondered how Mars had managed to construct a fireplace into the tube-like design of a lighthouse tower. Other modern accommodations were inside such as electricity, a radio, and modern furniture. 


"You both can take a seat, I'll go get us some coffee." mars left his two guests alone and scaled up a tight staircase to the next story of his home. "What do you think he is going to say?" Alyssa said curiously. Her long brown hair had done little to shield her from the cold outside but now small bits of snow were melting in her wavy hair. Her peer Emanuel was skeptical, "Outlook is bleak, but maybe we'll be able to convince him. Who would not want to be a leader?" Alyssa took off her gloves because she was starting to get hot in the toasty lighthouse, "The best leaders whose peoples love and respect them the most sometimes did not even want power but just wanted what was right for their countries -William Wallace comes to mind the most. There is something inherently wrong with a human being if they just want to be a politician for the glory of the job; and I think President Hammerstorm knows that. Plus, Mister Graves almost has everything he wants it looks like. I don't think he would take bribes or embezzle money. He has no need to." 


Before Emanuel could reply, they could hear Mars coming down the stairs with a wooden tray in his hands. "Have either of you ever had shark stew? I had some on the pot in the kitchen, I figured you both might be hungry." There was a small table where Mars set down the tray. Emanuel and Alyssa observed the brown soup. It smelled delicious, "Go ahead and eat, I've enjoyed breakfast already," said Mars. The two didn't argue and chowed down. They discussed some additional top-secret information whilst they ate. Afterwords they all sat together and enjoyed their coffee.


"I'll come back with you today. This doesn't mean I'll tell your president 'yes' to anything, but I'll come with you." Emanuel's face lit up and he thanked Mars for accepting. "Before we go I have to ask," said Alyssa as she still remembered the rich flavor of the soup, "What kind of shark was that? It tasted so.. invigorating almost." Mars stood up with a cynical grin across his face, "Greenland Shark, it only tasted good because I seasoned it well." Emanuel and Alyssa both froze, "Isn't that poisonous?" they said together. Mars took the dishes and began to walk upstairs to his kitchen, "It is poisonous when raw. It is only edible if cooked correctly... I guess you both will have to trust me." 




"Welcome to the capital Mister Graves. What do you think?" Emanuel was in the driver's seat and Mars was sitting in the passanger's side. Alyssa enjoyed the room in the back of the vehicle. They had only been in the car a few hours but that was more than enough time for Mars to complain about Iceland's poor political standing. "And the infrastructure! My God what is this madness? I bet we don't even have a SOSUS system around the island. I've been gone two years and our situation has only worsened." Mars went on and on about how they country's military structure was far-behind what it should have been by now. He knew a lot more about technology than Emanuel or Alyssa, "that was something the two were sure of. They soon made it to the capital building where Mars was even less impressed. "No wonder people aren't impressed with this government - we need some monuments, something to give people to look up to." They escorted Mars inside where the President of the Island Council was waiting. The Island Council was a transitional government that had outlasted its usefulness and President Hammerstorm knew they needed to "transition" soon because people were losing faith that he and the council could get anything done.


"Mister Graves! It is very nice to see you. I hope everything on Surtsey island is going well?" President Hammerstorm was in a meeting with the council when Mars decided to barge in. He knew Mars could be pushy at times so he didn't act surprised. "It was going great until your two goons showed up and I nearly shot them." Mars made himself at home and took a seat at the roundtable, "So, what do you have to propose to me?" They had a lot to propose to him and took their time explaining it. The President did most of the talking. He explained the island's situation to Mars who wasn't surprised at all. "We need someone to be a public figure and a leader," said the President, "we think that person is you." Bishop Write, who was Bishop of Iceland, was sitting among the councilmembers and was quiet for the most of the meeting, "I think we need you too... I think you'd make a good King." 


No one was really prepared for the "K" word but everyone looked to Mars to see what he'd say, "I wont be a puppet?" The President shook his head, "we need you Mister Graves; Iceland doesn't need us but it needs you." Mars kept quiet and sighed, "We'll do it at Hallgrimur Cathedral in Reykjavik in a few days." Silent agreement filled the room.






The cathedral was filled with people. Iceland had hit hard times but there was still wealthy and influential people left on the island. A crown sat upon Mars's head as Bishop Write said, "By the Power Vested in me by God, I anoint you, Mars Anthony Graves, King of Iceland and all her peoples... Long Live The King." Hundreds of people in the cathedral echoed the Bishop's words, "Long Live The King!"




A message would be sent to Heads of State around the world declaring the existence of the Kingdom of Iceland. 

"With the hard work of the Island Council, a transitional government which was tasked with forming a new government for Iceland, I King Graves have taken control of Iceland with the blessing of the council which I dissolved earlier this morning. I thank the Athenian Federation for their prolonged and generous protection of the island of Iceland while the people of this island have formed a new and functioning government to protect their interests. I look forward to working with all of you in the future."


-His Majesty King Mars of The Kingdom of Iceland


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Posted 07 January 2014 - 08:05 AM

The Republic of Labrador recognizes the kingdom of Iceland and wishes it the best on the world stage.

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 07:01 PM

"The Fourth Republic of Poland offers its recognition to this new government in Iceland, and wishes its new European neighbor prosperity and stability in this time of transition."

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 07:57 PM

"The government of the Republic of Ireland formally recognizes the sovereignty and independence of this newly formed nation. We look forward to establishing formal diplomatic relations and working together in areas of common interest."

- Foreign Minister Mary Baron

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 08:49 PM

"Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear formally recognizes the Kingdom of Iceland.

We're honored to welcome your Icelandic nation into the international community."


Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear Transitional Authority

Bear Island City, Bear Island, Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear

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