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CAPABLE tech seller, 50 or 100

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I am selling tech, you can have 50 tech for 3 mil or 100 tech for 4.5 million. 


I have the federal aid commission wonder and you must have the FAC wonder too in order to send 4.5 million at once. 





Priority is given to: 


Those who send aid first, the most aid sent - i prefer 4.5 deals over 3


edit: in-game nation name is Swazz

Edited by SwazzTE

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at low, low prices 




Why spend 3 million for 50 tech when you can spend 4.5 million for 100 tech? That's a 50% discount that competitors just can't match. Normally, it would take you 4 slots to get 100 tech but only 3 slots this way. Furthermore, as the premium tech seller in all of cybernations I am committed to providing your people with long term tech thus maximizing the benefits of our Federal Aid Commision wonders. 


Stop losing money to these novice 3m/50tech sellers and start winning!


Send aid now and let's start raking in the the benefits! 




Only one slot left - act now 




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