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  1. Maelstrom went to the bridge after the communique. He looked down at what appeared to be a thriving world. But yet through another pair of eyes that saw the world's soul, he saw that it was emptying, dieing, decaying. It was hollow, empty, a shell full of people who just were, but did not live. With a long lamenting sigh of days of glory. He now pondered his return to his home-world as echoes of the past haunted his mind. He returned to his solemn, singular bunk in the crew quarters.
  2. *yawns lazily* Heya old geezer. LIfe has changed a lot for me in these past few months. New job.. new city. More time, which is always good.
  3. Hey Ivan, Where are you going now with NSO disbanding?
  4. Maelstrom was called in before Tharg, "You were right, humanity has advanced. They aren't hostile to us or each other near as much as they once were. I'm sending the bulk of the fleet home. You will resume your place on the surface in retirement with your family. Send for your in-laws. We have a non-aggression agreement we need to discuss. We're going to consider the Earth an autonomous friend of the Dragon Empire and initiate trade. Thank you for your services." He nodded to Maelstrom who returned the nod. "It's been an interesting life, a pleasure to serve." Maelstrom went forth and summoned Jake, Jonathan, Adria, and his Son by via internet phone services. "It is time, Tharg has seen enough. He is convinced the Earth is not an enemy. Well done."
  5. Meanwhile on the ground... Dragonisians walked in human form, now also walking around the Empire once named after them. They quietly inserted themselves into the lives of other professionals, mostly doctors. They would arrive in the night, beaming down to the surface with quantum teleportation and duplicating technology direct into the homes of said professionals and quietly put their families to sleep so they would not realize the day had passed or what was happening and beam them up to their ships. Then they would quietly slip into the lives of those individuals. The purpose? Genetic sampling. They were gravely concerned with the alarming rate that dragons had appeared on this world's surface in the past several years and they were very concerned someone was tampering with its natural gene pool. They were also growing to be concerned that humanity may be starting a trend towards extinction. What Jesse did not realize, is not only was Tharg concerned for his own kind, he was concerned for the humans and the species was showing signs of potentially being in distress due to another reason, xeno-evolutionary dominance of a foreign predator. In summary, an alien species was starting to dominate a world of origin of a domestic species. The Dragonisian doctors went about their stolen identities, unknowingly to the patients of these practitioners, quietly sampling the dna of every entity they came into contact with to perform a census summary study of the earth. Each major city on the earth would be represented in the census.
  6. Would have loved to have been there for you to beat up on, but I think you were out of range.
  7. *Sits by the Campfire at the end of the World with Franz roasting marsh-mellows and select enemy nations of the NPO.* Time to sing Kumbayas?
  8. Aw man, I thought I'd never see you go. Sad to hear you've already deleted and no one had a chance to talk you out of it.
  9. Peace in our time! Congrats all.
  10. Maelstrom smiled to Jesse, "You see, my being here was not treachery. I was simply a scout. I replied a long time ago that I successfully landed here and that this planet was habitable and had a higher form of life that may soon see space travel. They would have instantly dispatched the Armada upon receiving that communique because a species threatening to leave its system could disrupt the very carefully set up order that exists in the rest of the galaxy and disrupt trade.. purely by accidental mis-steps of first contact. This is the contact fleet. They will determine if humanity has come far enough to be entrusted to travel the stars." "Beyond that, when they began closing with this system they likely encountered your voyager craft sent so many years ago and have been picking up on the sights and sounds that Earth has been broadcasting carelessly for just over half a century now. They have seen humanity develop very quickly and as an old species that lets them know humanity is capable of maturing quickly and catching up. Lot of potential, but also a lot of danger in that. The worst part is, this has been perhaps your most violent century. You are going to have a lot to answer for. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Ze Dong. Just remember to keep pointing out that the good guys for the most part were victorious and that pluralism for the most part prevailed over hatred." "As for the last communique. Let us just say that had I not replied.. the earth would already be basked in molten lava from an out-of-system in origin, hyper velocity spinal mount rail gun shot that would have struck the earth at speeds approaching a third of that of light. They were asking if I were alive, or had been slain. That woke me from my meditation, because.. well, I have a chip in my brain that forces the reply so I don't inadvertently get a species killed. They were also using that chip to check and see if my biological functions had in any way been impaired or if I was in distress. Fortunately, that all checked out okay so they verified the report as... accurate. I told them to hold the shot, to investigate, that it wasn't as bad as it looked and that is all I told them. I gave humanity a chance. Good luck."
  11. Insertion Phase 1: Establishing orbit. Two large vessels the size of small moons gated in from outside the solar system into an orbital position roughly between Earth and Venus using what humans might one day would call a Higgs-Boson Field Distortion Drive or Intermediate Distance Wormhole Generator, massive emitters would power an electrical field that would literally peel apart space in front of the ship, the ship and normal matter/space around it would flow in to fill the void at the same rate the universe was expanding against the outer void, meaning close to the uninhibited maximum speed of light. Because the space/time fabric was being peeled apart and the ships were passing through the created envelope, the ships themselves passed undetected, but their wake left a moderate radiation trail. They came in at a tangent to the orbital path so that their inertia would slip them in right where they needed to be. The point of entry of the orbit was right at a spot between the core of the earth and the core of the sun on the ecliptic plain, a very important spot in the solar system. These super size vessels weren't warships. Technically, they were large scale terraforming facilities with multiple uses. The narrow end of the vessels pointed towards the earth, the larger ends toward the sun.Their shape gave the vague impression of a pine cone and whatever substance coated them appeared to absorb most light. They otherwise seemed relatively featureless. On the solar laboratories of earth that were pointed at the sun and sun-gazing satellites, they looked like a set of fairly sizable sunspots. All around the core ships were several smaller vessels ranging from dreadnaught to frigate, destroyers, and fighters with some smaller patrol and recon craft that were escorting the larger vessels. This ships were shaped very similarly to the terraform vessels and colored much the same, absorbing much of the em spectrum they were very hard to detect other than as part of the sunspots on the observatories. They waited to see who would greet them. Phase 2: Communication Aboard the Diamond, which was one of the terraform vessels, Tharg began a communication with the people of earth. He spoke into a microphone which translated his voice. They would hear, creepily, the voice of Ronald Regan. This was a pattern the Dragonisians had synthesized from radio and television broadcasts that had been propagating through space. "People of Earth. I am Admiral Tharg of the Dragon Empire. As a new species that rapidly is approaching the age of Inter-stellar Space Exploration, the pan-galactic council has appointed us as your overseer and temporary guardians. You are not alone.. in fact.. woefully opposite. The Universe is full of life. We have been evaluating your species and its worthiness to travel the stars and we have some serious concerns, that your morality and your wisdom have not kept pace with your technology based on our observations of your interactions and communications. We would seek to speak with your people, to determine if you are ready to join our community.. or to determine if you are a threat to civilized life. Please prepare your ambassadors. We will collect them from your capitols one standard earth rotation hence from this time mark. Our vessels will appear as meteors but will land gently on your streets leaving no damage or marks at their arrival. They will have two armed security and a cabin for your ambassadors for their return trip to our ships for the meeting and then after, to their homes again. We guarantee their safety so long as they cause no harm, and attempt no espionage. We await your reply. Nations failing to identify themselves and their capitols will risk a lack of representation at a time of key importance to the evolution and adaptation of your species to a new epoch of its being."
  12. "Betray you?" Maelstrom shook his head. "They have technology unlike you have dreamed. They could bring advancements to this world that it would take millennia for it to get to on its own." He let out a sigh, "And I have left you and the Imperium to negotiate it all. How they react to you.. will partly be up to you. The question is, who will fire first. Don't judge so quickly. Their intent only seems obvious." "You have no idea what their intent is yet. I only.. well, having been with humanity for so long, I have learned to expect the worst." He chortled. Meanwhile.. aboard a ship whose name might be interpreted ISS Diamond, the Admiral of the Imperial Siege fleet was going over sensor readings of structures detected in the Sol system and its defense forces and the studies of its planets. "Number three there, seems the hotbed of activity." Admiral Darlok intoned to Captain Tharg in their gutteral tongue. "That appears to be the home world our agent has spoken off. The hydrogen content of this system is excellent, the star is young, and while the rest of the mass is still heavier elements it does have a lot to process. The system has an unbelievably common 8 major planetoids and an untold sum of smaller bodies including the debris field outside the 9th. Heliopause is as expected, negligible for such a small star. Most of the planets except the two gas giants should prove to be lighter than anticipated for the bulk of our service workers and civilian personnel, it truly is a gem of a system." "And the life here?" Darlok asked. "The science officer reports seem to indicate early fusion technologies, fairly primitive, but growing quickly as they just obtained their first AI. Thier communication technologies have far surpassed their others, including their medical sciences based on the open air radio broadcasts we have found in their system. They are a very warlike race, ascended from apex predators. Call themselves Humans. Pick at each other over the most trivial differences. First contact will likely be difficult for them." Darlok nodded, "Take point on this encounter. Assume a position of strength and leverage. We need them to work with us but we need them to know the consequences if they do not." Tharg nodded, "Yes, sir." He sent out a fleet wide command and contact operations began in earnest.
  13. Maelstrom was coiled around the summit of everest, deep in meditation as Jesse arrived. "I have submitted my report to the homeland. My ancestors are coming here. The children of your ancestors, are coming here. Because I told them that now is a time the earth and its indigenous life is weak, disorganized, and in need of... a guiding hand." Maelstrom's eyes slowly opened as he gazed upon Jesse, lighting was arcing across his pupils between the sides of his iris. The old storm dragon was undoubtedly now fully awake. "Winter is coming. You must prepare the earth for great darkness and cold if it desires to resist it. A winter unlike none other. A winter that may never end. That all depends on the outcome of, well, third contact. Your ancestors came, because they were looking for worlds like this. When they didn't respond to my ancestors, they sent me to find out what happened. When I discovered this world was ready and what we were looking for, I created turmoil upon it and sent a report home. Now, the Armada arrives. The Empire, is coming." "If they encounter resistance, this world will be under siege. The solar system it lies in will be blockaded. It will occur in ways humanity cannot even fathom that exploit the tactical and strategic elements of this system in ways never before conceived by man."
  14. Sol's various sensor systems from a multitude of its remaining sovereigns would pick up sweeps on various high frequency bands. It would take some triangulation from the different systems, but their origin was from beyond the Kuiper belt.. and if calculations were right, possibly even outside the heliopause. It was similar to a cartographic scan that might be performed by deep space probes. It was followed by a highly encrypted message for one specific recipient. It went on a repeating loop.. and then halted after about an hour indicating that someone had responded. A second message was received by Jesse, "Move quickly, Winter is coming.. and I am not sure how long I can forestall it."
  15. Jesse has had custodianship of this, just updating that I am returning to the RP, though in what status has yet to be determined.