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The True Story of Emperor Marx

Posted by Margrave , 05 October 2013 · 1,166 views

Marx Lies
I have it in mind this glorious October afternoon to recall some particulars of history; particularly concerning the rise and rapid fall of \m/ 2.0's leader, Emperor Marx. I will recall only a brief section, mainly to do with his departure. I invite those with the required knowledge of history, who were involved in the occasion, or who had intimate knowledge of these events, please, share what you will.
You will recall there was a time a year or so back when the NPO was en-masse declared on. I and Marx, one evening, made the hilarious decision to join the fight against Pacifica without the rest of the governments consent (I don't even remember if we needed their consent or not, the charter was never really a strong document). I supported the decision, mainly out of a desire for vengeance.
All was going swimmingly until Marx, caving under forum pressure and various would-be allies mocking us for joining the conflict, admitted the following on our public IRC:
He'd never been a \m/ember. This is important to note because he'd rebuilt the AA based on the notion that he had been a \m/ember in our alliance before our defeat. In saying that he had been, he led under false premises and elaborated on his lies as convenient. During this, he had an emotional breakdown, which was an embarrassment, especially because of the public nature of the channel.
Furthermore, he fled the AA and ran to GOONS, where he resides to this day.  He remains unrepentant about the whole affair and had the gall to dismiss it when I brought it up to him recently in IRC.
So there you go, Cyberverse; do with this information what you will. Someone please go ask Marx for his version of the story and repost it here; I could certainly use the laughs!

this was DH-NPO, which is coming up on 3 years. Just a small note
Malik Shabazz
Oct 05 2013 04:39 PM

He's a candy ass so I find it hard not to believe you.

How very dare you, Marx? You are a stain on the barely average name of \m/!
Ernesto Che Guevara
Oct 05 2013 05:02 PM

What are you trying to accomplish with this? 

Emperor Marx
Oct 05 2013 05:14 PM

You really need to get over yourself and the past. For reasons that are none of anybody's business, I had been inactive for the last few months that I was in \m/. I barely had any role in shaping policy or anything else related to CN. You morons wanted to attack NPO in a desperate ploy to join Doom House and went so far as to try to use what few friendly relationships I had maintained between us and DH alliances to facilitate it. If you're still unable to understand what would drive me to leave that garbage alliance in spite of nearly a year of the unrivaled effort I put in to try to make it work, then you're a miserable sack of !@#$ and if I were capable of it, I would pity you.

And not a single damn was given.

Seriously Margrave this happened an age ago, and was only barley a talking point back then. Some !@#$ happened, people moved on. Marx did a lot of good for \m/ as well, which as an ally at the time was duly noted.


One such example was earlier in the same war when \m/ put aside its old grudge with Polar to assist RoK against SLCB. For many reasons they could have chosen to leave us to our own devices in that war but they threw themselves in for us on a front that wouldn't have been popular or rosey odds wise and they saw it through to its conclusion at the peace deal with SLCB before later on venturing into the NPO side. As an ally at the time it was much appreciated and remembered.

As the person helping Marx make target lists and overseeing coordination after ddog made our war forums public, our war performance was fairly abysmal. We took maybe 7 slots on our initial blitz.
Comrade Craig
Oct 06 2013 10:04 AM
SO wait, Emperor Marx sucks? !@#$, why didn't you tell me this earlier?

Ernesto Che Guevara
Oct 06 2013 12:48 PM

It's funny because this blog entry backfired and made you look even worse than you already did. 

Marx did far too much to help the second \m/ while he was there to make this relevant or worthy of criticism. Try again next time.

Oct 06 2013 04:20 PM

Marx must be the only person to ever have lied about membership in \m/ to the effect of having been in it rather than not.  Either way, he's a turd.

Oct 06 2013 05:14 PM



Joe Kremlin
Oct 06 2013 09:15 PM


Comrade Craig
Oct 07 2013 12:35 AM
¡Yo quiero taco bell!

I don't forgive a coward who freaks out and runs away from a fight. Not in my nature. As to the rest of you who are pretending that I've somehow damaged my reputation, allow me to respond: When have I ever been worried about a reputation? My fame, when I had it, was being a firebrand. The people who know me, the people who I've worked with and been good friends with, know my worth. Everyone else can pack sand.



Meanwhile, you're here talking to me as if I'm irrelevant. So of course the thing to do is come and comment here?


Who looks silly now?

Also, why is always the socialists who come to attempt to rain on my parade? I'm all about that workers paradise, comrade.

Comrade Craig
Oct 07 2013 10:54 AM
Me, I'm not raining on your parade. I just like to play favorites, and EM is one of my favorites.
Emperor Marx
Oct 07 2013 12:55 PM

Who looks silly now?

Still you.

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