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Bring Back Viceroyalties

Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 14 November 2014 - * * * - - · 880 views

Why did people end viceroyalty after Karma? That's how war is supposed to be, defeating and conquering enemies is how the game should be. Instead of the crap we have now, where enemies are defeated and allowed to escape with their lives, why not bring back viceroyalties?


The Rebirth of Loki Laufeyson

Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 04 October 2014 - - - - - - · 479 views

I was killed and I will rise again, a different man than I was before. Get ready for the inevitable return.


Great Song I Just Found

Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 12 September 2014 - * - - - - · 361 views

Any Hip-Hop fans out there will appreciate this. Last night, I found a song by 2Pac called Runnin' From the Police. It features the Outlawz, Biggie, Stretch, and Buju Banton. It was recorded in 1994. It's significant, and almost scary/creepy/weird to listen to, because it is the only known collaboration b...


Why I've Come to Hate Debates and Arguments

Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 03 June 2014 - - - - - - · 968 views

Because it just stirs up ill will and resentment. Both sides walk away with their opinions intact and it doesn't change anything. Everytime I get into an argument with someone about something, they don't see things from my point of view nor can I see things from theirs (even though I try). It's a literal waste of time, which is why I've learned to just st...


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 22 April 2014 - - - - - - · 664 views

It is, by far, the best of the individual MCU films. I didn't even expect it to be as good as it was, considering how average the first one was. The plot, action, and everything about the film was perfectly done. I also liked how they really showed off Cap's abilities. They made him look more badass as well. He wasn't as useless as he was in Avengers, nor...


This Needs to be Said (Last Blog on this issue)

Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 18 March 2014 - * * - - - · 775 views

Rey is a coward, and Tywin is a fraud. That is all.


Justin Bieber is a G

Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 10 March 2014 - * * - - - · 774 views

Watch how the Biebs handles his business like a G, and puts his interrogator in his place.


I Have Been a Fool

Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 25 February 2014 - - - - - - · 1,384 views

I have made many mistakes in my CN career, the biggest mistakes I have made have stemmed from naivete. At the expense of my own reputation, I aligned myself with a certain someone who at one point I admired. Because in that someone: I saw someone who was destined for greatness, someone who defied the reactionaries and the upper-crust in word and deed, and...


From: Anyone Want to Start an Alliance?

Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 21 February 2014 - * - - - - · 363 views

Source: Anyone Want to Start an Alliance?



Posted by Loki Laufeyson , 18 February 2014 - * * - - - · 631 views
GOONS-KE War, Proposal for Peace
The Imperial Flag: Standard of the Emperor
Your footsoldiers grow weary of war, to quote one of them:
This was after I told him my story, and he sympathized with me and began complaining of similar treatment.
You have no means of oppos...

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