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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Posted by Captain Marin , 25 June 2013 · 442 views

Lyrics YouTube Channel
Hello every and all homo sapiens throughout Planet Bob,
As you all know, I have not posted any entries that either exposes that some "artists" does not compose musical and flabbergasting art, reviews about albums, and a display of the awesome lyricism that is tattooed against my notebook. I would post more if the internet connection was not too shabby, but ultimately, it is, and it makes those webpages I desire to log into really slow.
Fortunately, Windows Movie Maker does not need a fast internet connection to at least reach quality that of decency or satisfactory.
Since I am bored, I decided to upload videos that contain lyrics to those underrated songs I love. The songs I mainly create a lyric video is to a song that is unheard of and that there are no, or few, lyric videos about it; so I show my appreciation and take a good 30 minutes to type up and carefuly hear for every word to display.
These lyric videos do not contain any annoying background, exaggerated fonts, poor-quality audio, nor late slide swipes (maybe minor typos and mistranslated words), but overall, they are great So far, I have done two videos ("Gridiron" and "Lewis and Clark"), but I plan to do more once my laptop is fixed. I hope you guys check it out, and if you like them, then please subscribe and drop a comment.
If you guys got a request for me to make, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you!
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.c...SB_rj32o4xOxAqQ

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