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What I love about cybernations (So far)

Posted by Darkstorm777 , 07 April 2013 · 677 views

As you can see from the title, this will be about cybernations (obviously)
Particularly what I love about cybernations.
This will be in primarily list format, with a few paragraphs in between.
1. The game doesn't change.
OK, I should probably explain this one.
Now obviously cybernations changes, such as the smiley face pop. happiness changing to a good ol' number pop. happiness, but it stays the same at its core.
Let me give an example of a game that DOESN'T stay true to its core.
Afterwind, or as it is called now, at-war. This game was amazing when I first started playing it. The gameplay, the community, and its where I first got interested in forums.
But then, near the end of 2012, the creators decided to screw the game over after adding a ton of awesome stuff.
You see, the game added several "veteran" stuff that you could purchase to make the game more fun, but still not give you an unfair advantage over everyone else. They said they weren't going to end up as a game  like farmville. They immediately proceeded to do just that, and added several ways for buying players to have advantages over other players.
2.The community.
Some would beg to differ. but this community is great, just look at the comments on my first blog. 
The players really bond in the alliances, and the older players are willing the help the new guys.
It also has Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy fans which is always good.
3. The gameplay.
Now the main reason I love the cybernations gameplay, is the fact that you have to take care of your nation.
You don't want to go to war, because unlike some other games, you nations will be torn limb from limb and really has no good effects on your nation except land/technology etc.
The game makes you actually think about what your doing, and where to spend your limited resources.
Should, I buy this infrastructure, or should I buy more technology?
Should I take this tech deal or try to find a better deal?
Should I change my resources so I can trade with this person, or should I find someone else?
Anyway, feel free  to post reasons why you all like cybernations down in the comments, and thank you for reading.

Minion Rouse
Apr 07 2013 08:34 PM

This certainly reminds me of why I love cybernations, thanks.  

What a post. Incredible.

King Brandon
Apr 08 2013 03:36 PM

Is this satire?

It's very nice and refreshing to hear about a (relatively) new player's opinion on CyberNations: thanks for sharing it.


I don't really care about CN that much anymore (this might change: I just have other stuff to do), but I concur that the community is one of its best traits. You just have to learn to not always take seriously all those people that drip wit in every word they type, and you'll go well!


According to my experience, intra-alliance "life" is probably the best part of CN. But doing something FA-wise and getting to visit other people's forums is also something everyone should do some time.

This to shall pass! 

Read the topic and thought "This guy is a mongoloid"

Heh, well, this blog surely hasn't seen its last cynical comment, but there are reasons that those of us still here keep coming back to login everyday (or once every 10 or 20 days).


I'm sure it's the intra-alliance interaction for most of us or perhaps old friendships forged through diplomatic relations with other alliances. Then there are some that stick around to see a some wrong avenged, score evened, or grudge match won. Oh, yeah, and all the FA-types are here to inflate their egos... and the old super-tier high-tech nations cannot forsake their e-peens... Then there are those who login out of habit or perhaps some sleepwalkers who unwittingly sleep-play CN. And finally, the neutrals are here to defy logic.

Apr 09 2013 12:27 PM

Read the topic and thought "This guy is a mongoloid"

So I'm Asian?

Read the topic and thought "This guy is a mongoloid"

Good satire you made here.

Apr 10 2013 12:17 PM

Good satire you made here.

How is this a satire? What exactly did I say that was stupid?


Anyway, its not the most quality entry, but I have to post something.

I liked the smiley happiness.

How is this a satire? What exactly did I say that was stupid?


Anyway, its not the most quality entry, but I have to post something.

I said it was a satire but I didn't say it was a satire of you. :)

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