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What I've been up to (Update on my departure months ago).

Posted by Proest , 04 February 2013 · 389 views

I am sure most do not actually care that I left activity and my alliance (though was later asked to stay for internal purposes) back in October, however, as I've been around here since August of 2006 and I do know quite a few folks around here, I thought I'd give a general update on my health and what's going on with me.
In October I stated that I would be leaving our world due to external reasons -- having cancer. I am very appreciative of everything I have been granted in life and despite set-backs in my personal life within the last few weeks, I did overcome my cancer after having surgery in January. I am cancer free and it feels superbly awesome. Numerous individuals across the community have expressed concern that I was dying from my illness due to disappearing for extended periods of time -- so to stem those beliefs I figured I'd give this update.
My associates in Umbrella have been absolutely fantastic and have made me felt missed in my times I've been away -- for that, I am sincerely loving of Umbrella. My former long-time alliance mates in Nordreich have been wonderful to me as well, especially Zeppelin (though I am sure he would contest this statement and say he doesn't care. :v)
Right, well, I notified Umbrella of these developments in the middle of January, however due to other events occurring in my life (girlfriend, pregnancy, etc) I still have to step away, but of course I am still around when able to be.
Thank you for the words of support to those that bid me well in October and since then.
I would make a graphic to show my appreciation but I am too tired to reach into PS/Illustrator to make something.

Congrats on beating it Cuba!  And good luck out there.

Good Luck, and congratulations on the multiple good news.

Congrats Cuba!

o/ good luck with the incoming kid and congratulations on defeating Cancer :)

Tidy Bowl Man
Feb 05 2013 12:19 AM

Good onya mate, cancer is a fickle so in so, glad to hear you beat it

Glad to hear you're doing well. Keep on conquering things IRL! :)

Lord Caparo
Feb 05 2013 02:20 AM

Dont know you that well man, but congrats! :)

Adrian LaCroix
Feb 05 2013 03:22 PM


Glad to hear you've beaten cancer.  o/

Feb 07 2013 05:39 AM

glad to hear about this :), you show that tumor whos boss. :D

Thanks guys. The major downside is that now the bills for all of it are going to come in.

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