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Stats ITB: 4

Posted by rabonnobar , 11 February 2013 · 1,006 views

First two are from 02/04, last two are as of today with a line indicating changes by tier.
Alchemy (who was accidentally left off) and UE added in the live version: https://docs.google....VmYzTmo0LW42UXc
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Thanks for sharing! These are well-organized and helpful. Kudos!

Melancholy Culkin
Feb 12 2013 11:19 AM

Are the second and fourth tables for tech numbers? That would explain a lot of things!

Feb 12 2013 12:33 PM

The only thing that can be misleading about this, is the amount of PM nation that will never come out to fight, but yet keep getting counted as possible war combatants.

Cuba is correct right there. I've seen it work against people in my old coalitions in years gone by and I can see it again working here for the other side.


There is total in game numbers and then there are battlefield odds (a combination of war mode factors, member participation, preparedness etc). Unfortunetly the above charts only offer a skewed insight into battlefield odds. They give a indication of potential ability but not an evaluation of how it being applied in game.  

Yeah, 1st and 3rd are NS, 2nd and 4th are tech.


How would I track who is staying in peace mode for the long haul and who is going to come out eventually? I don't think it can feasibly be done.


Someone else can attempt PM tracking if they want. :P

i have to agree with loco and wally about the PM on counting at as possible war combatants.


However, based on the table, a rough indication on what is happening by comparing the number of nations per tier.  Equi side lost more nations at the 100-150K NS and the 60K-80K NS in all fronts. While DH side lost more between 80-100K NS.  Although DH side, lost more at the 150K NS and above, we already know Equi conceded that front/tier.


Based on that data, Equi coalition's superiority seems to be revolving around the 80k-100K NS.  While at the 60k-80K NS Equi lost more numbers, but the percentage loss is almost the same.  So the 60k-80K NS can still be considered as a draw.

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