From the blog "Why are you reading this?"

1) Identify yourself with a moral code. Don't worry too much about its tenets, as long as they're clearly delineated, and it's easy to identify infractions. 2) Scan the active threads in Alliance Announcements for a few days. Identify an alliance, individual, or policy that transgresses your newly acquired modal code. Note that this is not the same as transgressing the alliance or individual's own moral code. 3) Post in the relevant thread something along these lines: "Your bullying and tyrannical behaviour will not be tolerated forever. You may think you're on top now, but you have already sewn the seeds of your own destruction. You are tragic villains, who will be brought low by your own hubris and the ire of those you have trampled underfoot. A reckoning is on its way." 4) Under no circumstances should you actually take any actions against this alliance, individual or policy. You have already taken enough action. 5) repeat steps 2 to 4 around 5 times in total over the course of several months or years. Take all the time you need. 6) Keep one eye on the alliances, individuals, and policies you have spoken doom against. Do nothing to them except observe. If the alliance flourishes and continues to transgress your moral code, feel free to repeat your prophecy of doom. Remember not to give any specifics. 7) should any of your targets suffer adverse consequences of any kind at any point, be the first to remind them of your words. You will seem like a visionary and the Voice Of The People. That's all there is to it. Broadcast the hits, forget the misses. Your position in CN's most pious choruses is all but guaranteed. edit for the thinking impaired: It was fairly obvious that I wasn't talking about those moralists within this game who actually do take action or effect change. The parts that make it fairly obvious are the "without really trying" part and the "under no circumstances should you actually take any actions". I'm fully aware of moralists in the game who effect change. Much as I dislike Schattenmann for more reasons that I could comfortably list here, he takes an active role in changing things when he sees things that he thinks should be changed. I'm not talking about Schatt here. Roquentin has and does effected change. I'm not talking about Roquentin here either. Repeat this simple caveat with the name of every other CN moralist you think I might be talking about. If they have attempted, in whatever means, to combat the things they consider to be immoral (and I use combat in a general rather than a militaristic sense) then I'm not talking about them. I'm instead talking about the many armchair moralists whose reaction to something they don't like in CN is to make the fairly short odds bet that those currently enjoying good fortune will not always enjoy good fortune, and who then proceed to do nothing at all apart from prophesy doom. My problem is that it's the safest bet in existence, especially if you stay vague about it. Every alliance that exists, has existed, or will exist will have points in the game where they are brought low. If an alliance has not experienced such a point, then you might more correctly say that they haven't experienced it yet. Hence on a long enough timeline any suggestion that an alliance will reap what it has sown will come true, for broad enough values of "true". if you want to play the game according to your system of morals, great. Do so, live according to your code, try and change the world to your code. Have a great time and I wish you all the luck in the world. You have skin in the game and I hope you play it to the best of our abilities. I probably don't like you that much but I'm blown away by your ability to show up (to quote Keanu Reeves). It's the people who aren't investing anything in their worldview who get my goat. Armchair quarterbacks with nothing but prophecies. Glad to have cleared that up, and apologies for quoting Keanu Reeves.