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The Zigur

Chapter One

"It's a trap," the Zigûr answered mildly.


Of course, it was his trap, and although it wasn't perfect, it was the best he could manage on such short notice. He sighed at the fact he only had five tanks to ambush the enemy column with. The barbarian detachment was returning from the plunder of a small town on the outskirts of his little kingdom, and keen eyes had reported to him it's numbers and composition. One super-heavy escorted by a number of lesser tanks and artillery pieces. Peering through his binoculars, he espied that the report was accurate.


Lieutenant Tengwar swallowed nervously, staring from the commander's hatch of his tank destroyer at the sight of the behemothic super-heavy. Being that they were responding on short notice, the five fast tanks they brought were lightly armored, built solely for mobility and firepower. The fifteen-centimeter howitzer the super-heavy carried would certainly make quick work of them if given the opportunity. While their commander had a mythical reputation amongst the fighting men, Tengwar had been educated at the Imperial War Academy and had no faith in superstition, nor light armor.  


The Zigûr smiled serenely at the novice officer to his left. "As you see lieutenant, we have the element of surprise. In their arrogance they do not expect an ambush during their return northward. Our operation will depend on your timing. As their lead elements advance into the gulch, our three auto-loader tanks to the southwest will unload their rounds into the rear of their column, hemming them in. From our position here in the north, you should have a clear shot at the side of the super-heavy's turret when it turns to engage our auto-loaders."


The lieutenant nodded with what confidence he could muster. On paper, his destroyer's gun should be capable of penetrating the thinner armor of the super-heavy's flank. Of course, their own two tanks were posted at the exit of the gulch, and they would be vulnerable should the survivors charge them.


Tengwar absorbed the details of the column approaching them. Decapitated heads were suspended on crudely welded spikes from the super-heavy, red paint haphazardly splashed across the hull and turret, with the eightfold Mark of Chaos mounted high above the cupola. He noted with disgust that some of the severed heads were fresh. Rape and torture were the passtimes of this War-Boss, and he was glad that they would not go unpunished today for their atrocities.


He supposed he ought to be glad that the likes of these creatures were typically lacking in discipline or tactics, else their little ambush might have been detected. He wondered how the world had fallen to such an extent that such behavior was now perceived as unremarkable, and looking to his right at his commander, he was thankful that he had been born in the Imperium and not more savage lands. Fair the Zigûr was, but also cold and remote like the stars above, more handsome and fey he seemed than any mortal he knew. He reminded Tengwar of the Elves in the stories of his youth.


The Zigûr lightly brushed the thin hair from his face that the chill wind stirred, and then suddenly lifted his radio and spoke the command of death.


A flare shot up into the night sky, revealing the column naked with it's pallid, fiery glow. An instant later, tracers filled the air, as the autoloaders emptied their clips and machine-guns into the column. The enemy was visibly thrown into confusion and disbelief as the autoloaders targeted artillery pieces and the more mobile tanks, and within the first thirty seconds half of the enemy force had been annihilated.


Ponderously the War-Boss angled his super-heavy and rotated his turret to deal with these puny upstarts, these petty Imperials who dared threaten his column, and Tengwar saw his opportunity materialize. With a sniper's talent he fired, aiming perpendicular into the flank of the super-heavies turret, where he knew the ammo-rack to be.


A boom like thunder reverberated as the massive turret was thrown high into the air, uncounted tons of steel crashing down onto an unsuspecting escort. And in the flash of the explosion, the Zigûr grinned a predator's smile as he suddenly threw his light tank into gear and wheeled with delight through the surviving barbarians.


And the lieutenant silently wondered who the real savages were.

The Zigur

Why rogues are bad



Alright, so for the general understanding...


  1. The purpose of a functional alliance sovereign is to lift the AA above the state of nature
  2. Developing civilization increases hard military assets like tech and warchests, but also the promotion of culture, membership count, economics, etc
  3. Civilized alliances go to war to defend and advance their strategic interests (i.e. developing hegemonic standing, protecting allies, the "game of thrones" etc)
  4. Rogue nations and AAs disrupt forward progress, especially during peacetime, by crippling growth, harassing developing new nations, etc, without any rational long term strategic gain


So for the TLDR, alliances used to crack down on rogues alot harder in the old days because conflicts tended to be more controlled in nature, and more directly based on large-scale political interests. Nobody liked rogues because no one wanted their high infra nations getting nuked while trying to build warchests, nor do you want new nations getting harassed while trying to build wonders. Universal cooperation against (and condemnation of) rogues was more of a thing.


These days, there has been an effort among some political powers to use rogues as part of their strategy, or to shelter or aid rogues. For example, AM supported Ericsw123's attacks against us in June because it hurt warchest development. I assume they thought of it as softening us up down the road, or perhaps trying to trigger a losing war for ISX. Others simply turn a blind eye when convenient.


These days, with rogues running around left and right, and AM outright cheering people like Khan, we need to put the foot down on what we consider terrorism (support of rogue attacks for political ends). We did this with Methrage, and now we do it with AM. If we fail in the effort, then we feel too much of a precedent is set, be it for future attacks against ISX, as well as attacks against our allies.


We will not succumb and live under the equivalent of servitude to the whims of rogues. We will fight this threat until it is no longer a threat, or we cease to exist as an alliance.

The Zigur


Note: This essay requires a basic understanding of the principles of civilization laid out in the Meaning of Freedom.


Back in 2016 I briefly suggested what could lead to a revival of moralism here:



"I do think that any rejuvenation of moralism won't be by that name or necessarily looking much like Dajobo's NpO or the Cult of Justicia, but will instead be a result of tired nations choosing for themselves alliances with stable and codified FA approaches."


My comment was ignored, but as the subject came up recently, I thought this would be a chance to discuss my thoughts on the issue. When the concept of Realpolitik comes up, images of immoral Machiavellian plots and shady back-alley scheming no doubt comes to mind. But when we examine the origins of the term...




The term Realpolitik was coined by Ludwig von Rochau, a German writer and politician in the 19th century.[1] His 1853 book Grundsätze der Realpolitik angewendet auf die staatlichen Zustände Deutschlands describes the meaning of the term:[2]

The study of the forces that shape, maintain and alter the state is the basis of all political insight and leads to the understanding that the law of power governs the world of states just as the law of gravity governs the physical world. The older political science was fully aware of this truth but drew a wrong and detrimental conclusion—the right of the more powerful. The modern era has corrected this unethical fallacy, but while breaking with the alleged right of the more powerful one, the modern era was too much inclined to overlook the real might of the more powerful and the inevitability of its political influence.

Historian John Bew suggests that much of what stands for modern realpolitik today deviates from the original meaning of the term. Realpolitik emerged in mid-19th century Europe from the collision of the enlightenment with state formation and power politics. The concept, Bew argues, was an early attempt at answering the conundrum of how to achieve liberal enlightened goals in a world that does not follow liberal enlightened rules.



This essay will primarily address the bolded text above: If we accept that the Imperium represents a form of post-revolutionary enlightenment, then how do we advance our way of playing in a contemporary world that has often rejected morality? What is morality?


The Producerist Renaissance


Producerism represents a renaissance of classical CN materialism as first interpreted by Vladimir, from the viewpoint of the modern liberated tech producer and our upper-tier supporters. At first glance, materialism and morality wouldn't seem to share much in common. The Moralism described during the Cult of Justitia era was often divorced from an analysis of material reality. As a result, it tended to lose value as it became a rhetorical weapon used conveniently against one's more powerful adversaries.


As wryly stated by one critic of Moralism:


Some of the arbitrary positions taken by moralists, such as an anti-raiding stance against non-aligned nations, were based more on feelings than the material reality of the world. In the case of the Imperium, there have been times when raiding ended with the recruitement new members. These new members were then able to achieve a greater potential for economic growth and cultural development than was possible in the dark, dangerous existence of the <5000 NS zone.


So, we are not interested in morality without substance.


The Threat of the Sociopath


However, there were and continue to be cases of nation rulers and even major alliances with a functional understanding of material reality completely divorced from any sort of morality. While the moralists could sometimes be a nuisance, the more sociopathic members of the global community would prove to be a real threat. On a more isolated level, rogues like Khan understand how to leverage their upper-tier warchests to cause maximum destruction to smaller nations. Bands of pillagers ranging from Mushqaeda to Monsters Inc have dominated much of the political discussion over the last few years. Wars like the Plutocratic War waged against the Imperium caused much more lasting damage that took months to repair.


From the perspective of a sociopath, why attempt a productive existence when one can wreak seemingly unlimited destruction?


The answer is the fact that according to most studies, more than 95% of the population is not sociopathic. The majority of nation-rulers are loyal members of their alliances, follow the rules, and otherwise participate constructively. Although many nation-rulers don't necessarily understand advanced concepts like material analysis, they intuitively understand the basics related to it such as the need for mutual stability in order to grow their nations.


National Self Interest


While individuals have different preferences, desires and goals, all nations have the same basic self-interests as outlined by Vladimir:


"The self-interest of every nation is to remove itself from the state of nature: to give up its absolute freedom with the resulting removal of perpetual terror. It is in doing this that the individual nation will naturally come to sign a social contract and band together with other nations in an alliance, which allows them to concern themselves less with the matter of survival and instead concentrate on achieving their potential in other fields."


The sovereign is charged with the necessity of lifting member-nations out of Chaos, the state of nature:


"The sovereign thus becomes the centre that the rest of the alliance revolves around. It is a sovereign and only a sovereign that can have the strength and authority to provide stability in the face of the natural conflict that goes on all around it, both inside and outside of the alliance."


Realpolitik as defined by John Bew is inseparable from morality. Our enlightenment is centered around the idea that progress is based on the "forward march of civilisation against the barbarism of absolute freedom." Our first duty therefore is the protection of our comrades, whether we are an Emperor or a new recruit, this duty remains the same. Even when the use of military force offensively is necessary, it is predicated on self-defense, which is why the Casus Belli is required to explain why an offensive war is necessary to our collective defense.


The Conditional Treaty


A war of aggression should not be unconditionally supported. One of the major problems with the treaty web is that a series of MDoAP links together alliances in a way that can drag an otherwise unobservant alliance into a conflict that isn't in its own self-interest. Alliances should never find themselves baited into joining a conflict, nor should they be unthinkingly chained into a conflict some distant ally of an ally started. The term meatshield came into use because of the tendency of some alliances to support a treaty partner unwaveringly without regards to the context of the operation, thus dissipating resources and weakening the membership.


ODoAPs and MnDoAPs (nonchaining) tend to be wiser. In the case of the Imperium, we will always provide some level of support to allies, whether diplomatic assistance, rebuilding aid, or military action. However, we have no intention of ever being dragged into unwinnable conflicts with unclear political objectives at the cost of our own membership.


There are of course risks inherent with the conditional treaty approach: One can find themselves isolated in the event of a "curbstomp," and it takes a high level of activity to maintain the alliance against an attack. Many alliances choose the "meatshield" path because it is easier, but in doing so they cede a certain degree of their sovereignty, and in effect, sacrifice their own ambitions to become a satellite.


However, with active leadership in place, a reliance on conditional treaties provides increased political flexibility and the opportunity to pursue a morally consistent realpolitik agenda. This means a membership that is less prone to war fatigue and more willing to fight when it really counts.


Increasing Civilization


In an ideal world, all major political actors would act in the same manner the Imperium does. However, as John Bew noted, we find ourselves trying to advance enlightenment goals in an world that is sometimes outright hostile to them. Thus our realpolitik stance is our attempt to navigate the dangerous politics of CN, true to our principles, without being stomped out of existence.


The Imperium was formed from the merger of ancient alliances like MCXA and LoSS. As we defend and advance this tiny surviving faction of civilization, we have found that morality and realpolitik have organically grown intertwined from the success of the stability we imposed in our corner of the world.

The Zigur


Revolution requires Revolutionary Theory and Circumstance


"We are in the trenches. A great battle is raging to which we can all, in some capacity, play a part. Our most recent conflicts have been with us spearheading the assault against those that have wronged us or our allies. In this instance, we are the targets. Not since the July Revolution have we been subject to an existential defensive war. And for that, we must take heart." - Edward Graceford, during the First War on Terror




In the early years of this world, while Ivan Moldavi won the leadership contest in the New Pacific Order (NPO), it was Vladimir who carried with him the ideology of the August Revolution. His essay, the Meaning of Freedom, laid out for the first time a comprehensive material analysis of Cybernations. He postulated that all nations have a fundamental self-interest derived from their existence, and that this self-interest, when fulfilled, would move the nation forward in social, cultural, and economic development.


Perhaps the greatest threat to forward progress has been from nations that do not act according to self-interest. In 2010 as a member of the NPO, I wrote Return of the Lulz, I pondered the return of Lulzists on the global scale and the decaying effect this had on global politics. Vladimir also briefly addressed the decline of political self-interest in two essays titled The Existential Threat.


But wasn't it in the self-interest of Mushroom Kingdom and others to suppress the growth of NPO? It was certainly so for the political leadership, but in the end NPO prevailed because of their focus on material analysis. Pacifica's adversaries simply didn't have the ideological focus to compete long-term, and typically wasted resources on frivolous military expeditions. In essence they became purely reactionary forces, driven by fear of NPO resurgence.


Pacifica's status as number one alliance today is something every alliance leader should be studying, not only from the perspective of ambition but also survival. We cannot merely react to the situation, we must align ourselves with the ongoing march of history.



Battle of Junkagrad, Spring 2016




Around the same time as the Great July Producerist Revolution in Supernova X, the Libertarian Party of Cybernations (LPCN) was founded by Methrage aka Sephiroth as a means of protecting a loose band of rogues from sanctions that occurred on other teams. While in principle much of the LPCN was a good idea, as the Non Aggression Principle is usually conducive to forward development; in practice the movement lacked any focus on material analysis. If we accept Vladimir's premise that all nations have an inherent material self-interest, then we must deduce that rogue activity is antithetical to civilized development.


The destruction caused by Methrage's errant ideology is almost legend today. The Imperium alone fought three wars in defense against his version of the LPCN, and this is not counting other wars involving GATO, Kashmir, and many other alliances. Some of these wars had to do with sanction wars in defense of rogues like Thorgrum, who Sephiroth protected as part of his grudge against Kashmir. Other wars, such as the First War on Terror, began with insane declarations of sovereignty over the Imperium, when he demanded he replace me as leader.


Ironically, in the end, I was chosen to replace Sephiroth as Supreme Triumvir of the LPCN. The Victory of the Imperium against irrationality on the micro-political stage mirrored that of Pacifica in macro-politics, shedding light on the validity of Vladimir's earlier analysis. The Libertarian Party of Cybernations is currently discussing this analysis and reforming in the direction of national self-interest, rejecting roguery and emphasizing deterrence and non-aggression.




Several aspects of the modern LPCN should be appealing to small and mid-sized alliances seeking mutual defense while remaining independent from macro-political wars:


  • ODOAP confederation: The LPCN serves as an ODoAP confederation, in which member alliances are able to support each other against rogues and other threats. LPCN alliances are not expected to fight on behalf of other signatories if they feel unable to meaningfully contribute towards a strategic victory. There is no risk of being dragged unwillingly into complicated macro-political conflicts.
  • Coordinated Brown Team voting: The LPCN triumvirate coordinates on senate voting with the objective of electing multiple brown team senators. These senators then coordinate to implement positive economic proposals, while protecting against aggressive sanction wars.
  • Political Stability: The triumvirate is currently composed of Immortan Junka, Rukunu, and Sigrun Vapneir. New triumvirs are selected either by a 2/3 vote or via nomination by a resigning triumvir. This creates a stable bloc environment without sudden radical political changes.
  • Diplomatic Strategy: The LPCN seeks to have individual military treaties across the entire spectrum of the treaty web. This frustrates and complicates the aggressive intentions of potential attackers. It also allows members of the LPCN to chain into macro-political conflicts if it is seen as being necessary to the security of LPCN signatories. But our main goal is to establish long term stability for growth and prosperity.


The Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle is a fundamental value of the LPCN. Signatories are asked to not engage in aggressive wars against major alliances without a concrete Casus Belli or treaty activation. In the case of a global conflict, we urge signatories to consider the validity of the original Casus Belli that triggered the war. It is suggested that signatories pursue ODoAPs and MnDoAPs to avoid getting chained into bad wars.



The Zigur


Libertarian Socialists and early Producerists meet, circa Spring 2014


The roots of Producerism began in early 2014, following the end of the Disorder War. Having been removed from my position as Hand in House Baratheon, I was free to devote my energy to ideological development. Forming the Revolutionary Order of Cybernations, I managed to pull together about 15 nation leaders ranging from both left and right on the ideological scale. Our discussions regarding Francoism and the state of Cybernations helped shape the early development of Producerism.


After I joined LoSS, some of us managed to resurrect the SHADOWS... an old elite MILCOM unit separate from the chain of command... although at that point in time, we only had a handful of volunteers. We transferred the SHADOWS to the post-merger Supernova X, which grew to about two dozen members. the SHADOWS became both an elite military force as well as state security organization. We struck at rogues who targeted our allies, and developed dossiers on hostile adversaries. Because of our earlier discussions, we also signed with the Libertarian Socialist Federation.



SHADOWS officers in Supernova X, circa Autumn 2014


Unfortunately, the SHADOWS was suppressed by the Triumvirate, and I was sent into exile by the corrupt government. We lost alot of good operatives in the Doom War, but a few loyalists remained during the months that followed.


Producerism was finally implemented in a formal fashion during the July Revolution of Supernova X, during July 2015. As a result of the Revolution, the early beginnings of the modern Imperium established a Transitional State by popular Referendum. Former SHADOWS operatives formed the mid-level backbone of the new Producerist State, while Galerion and Edward Graceford became new recruits and earned a place in senior leadership.



Micro leaders meet at the SNX forums and discuss Producerism, circa Summer 2016


The Post-Revolutionary government took it's current form during the January Referendum, which established an Order-style Imperial Command. In the months that followed, numerous wars took place, however following each war the Imperium fine-tuned it's doctrine and expanded the Interstellar Program to more free Nations. Following the Second War on Terror, which began as a result of yet another war of aggression by Monsters Inc and Methrage, a peace treaty was established between Producerists and Libertarians which finally brought peace and unity to the Brown Team.



Libertarian Party of Cybernations guerrillas, circa December 2016


Libertarians and Producerists agreed on several common ideological traits, such as the importance of alliance sovereignty, the cautious use of Brown Team sanctions, and the need for cooperation between independent alliances. With the increasing prevalence of rogues and destabilizing actors, Libertarians and Producerists work together closely to secure and monitor the Brown Team. The LPCN militias combined with the formidable strength of the Imperium will pose a significant deterrence to future shenanigans.



Miniature statue of NPO's Vladimir left at Demilitarized Zone Checkpoint, circa December 2016


As we march forward from the lessons learned during the last three years, we find ourselves more certain and resolute than ever: Producerism (and Libertarianism) has been proven a success despite the repeated attempts of our enemies to destroy us, both inside and out. We find ourselves in a unique position to study the wisdom of earlier Revolutionary leaders, while our feet remain grounded in the reality of the present.


We each have in our hand a pen, we need only to write the destiny of the future.

The Zigur

The Imperial Truth



"There are two kinds of people: those who contribute towards the Imperial Truth, and those who rebel against it."

Producerism is the Imperial Truth of our Imperium. It is developed from years of experience in this world, and ultimately has it's roots in the 2003 Revolution in which that other realm's feederites overthrew the exploitative foreign userites.

The first accurate analysis of this world was written by Vladimir in 2007, and can be viewed on our forum here: http://cn-snx.co.uk/index.php?/topic/328-the-meaning-of-freedom-a-guide-to-cn-govt/

Vladimir addressed the metaphysics of this world, and the importance of the alliance in protecting the interests of nations who come together as a single body.

Producerism builds upon this analysis by interpreting the specific material conditions of the world today, from July 2015 onwards. While it began as a revolution of our oppressed nations against internal subversion and foreign attack, the importance of our ideology has global ramifications.

We are the first alliance to formally accept that the world is in a state of decline. Inactive alliance governments are prevalent, and the number of nuclear rogues are on the rise, as we see with Emperor Khan.

The solution then?

As Vladimir stated, the strength of the sovereign is a literal matter of life and death for the individual nation. This is all too true today, where we see many alliances under attack from rogues and ad-hoc coalitions who have the sole purpose of destroying the creativity of productive nations.

The rogue, when he attacks one alliance, is at war with all civilization.

As Defenders of Civilization, then, it is our duty to bring active nations into the fold. There are too many active nations dwelling near the state of nature, incapable of achieving their full potential.

We must spread Producerism, the Imperial Truth, to more active nations to ensure the survival of the Imperium and of civilization as a whole. It is our disciplined mindset and accurate material analysis that has enabled us to survive over the years against the odds, and the more active members and confederates we have, the better we are able to defend ourselves.

In the end, the Imperium will only save civilization, and ourselves, by pursuing our militant struggle in both peace and war.

The Zigur





For new nations in today's world, it is sometimes difficult to make heads or tails of being a nation-ruler. Being bombarded by dozens of recruitment messages, it is very easy to make an uninformed decision which can lead to disastrous consequences for your nation. These consequences can range from being dragged into meaningless wars, to going without strong nations to protect you in the <10,000 NS range, to unknowingly being exploited as a tech slave.


Producerism as an ideology is largely concerned with the welfare of new nations that might otherwise be driven from this world in despair, unaware of the rights they should be enjoying. These rights include the following:


  1. The right to be adequately compensated for tech production
  2. The right to peace and security against foreign aggression
  3. The right to be fully educated about the history of societal development in Cybernations
  4. The right to pursue one's full potential as a nation ruler in an alliance


To ensure these rights are protected, Producerism proposes the following responsibilities for alliances that recruit new nations:


  1. That the alliance outlaw the exploitation of tech producers
  2. That the alliance focus on a military-first policy and protect new nations
  3. That the alliance leadership promote classical and contemporary works on CN's societal development
  4. That the alliance raise members above the state of nature to pursue a full range of civilized development


These rights should be pursued by nations of all alliances, regardless of color team, size, or stage of societal development. While the development (and degeneration) of every alliance is a historical process, through education, any active nation may achieve full productive consciousness and promote the societal development of his or her alliance internally. The informed alliance member becomes the vessel for change that pushes the alliance towards the full development of autocratic democracy.


Autocratic democracy is a system of government in which the revolutionary leader channels the collective will of his comrades within the alliance, and propels the now-united membership towards the final stage of societal development. This has historically occurred during times of great upheaval within an alliance, such as under the pressure of a war of extermination by foreign invaders. This final stage of development transcends the internal disunity and chaos which held back the potential of the alliance and its members in the past.


Thus freed from the state of nature, the alliance can now act in the comprehensive interests of all of its membership, not a handful of plutocratic nations and foreigners who have manipulated policy in the past.

The Zigur


Greatest 30 Day Alliance Gain

Supernova X


"Weigh the fist that strikes men down

And salutes the battle won."


Supernova X at 10,000,000 Nation Strength, September 2014

At a time when much of the world languished in barbarism and chaos, the formation of Supernova X provided hope to four dying civilizations who attempted to create a sum greater than its parts. MCXA, LoSS and GDA in particular were very old alliances that contained the fading light of civilization preserved as it once was... possessing an atmosphere of civility and respect.

It was no surprise then that when Supernova X was formed it immediately attracted the attention of barbarian warlords from distant regions on the treaty web. Although some members realized the threat the barbarians would pose, the majority went about their daily lives like ordinary civilians, unaware or uncaring about the invasion being prepared.

It was said that the Imperium would never fall to foreign armies; but unfortunately, it could fall by its own hand. Over the next several months, bureaucratic infighting and bad leadership degraded the SNX military and the government became a circus.


The weakened Imperium military is crushed by enemy forces during the Doom War

During the Doom War, a massive assault was launched against Supernova X after the government failed to resolve a minor military incident involving a Supernova X nation. The war that followed lead to most Imperium worlds coming under siege, with government hiding in peacemode. The few worlds that fought suffered poor morale, lack of logistical support and overwhelming enemy hordes.

Internally, this would trigger a crisis that lead to the formation of an autocracy centered around the same elite that previously controlled through a corrupt democracy. Soon after, a major split occurred after an attempted coup by mid-level officers against this elite, which was suppressed. These officers fled to distant space, forming the Black Knights which later failed.

Over the following several months the Imperium would continue to deteriorate, with more than half of Imperium space lost. The remaining Imperium territory was weakly held, with almost no state presence. Piracy and corruption would plague the majority of the Imperium by July.


July Revolutionaries establish the Strategic Command and Revolutionary Guard

In July the dying Imperium was hit with some bad news: New Polar Order, the last treaty partner of Supernova X, was cancelling. Barbarian forces immediately began preparing for raids into Imperium territory. But having learned the lesson of the Doom War, the membership of Supernova X was not just going to submit to another rolling.

Across many Imperium worlds, both the masses and military forces rose up against the corrupt former government. In desperation, Masterchief777 attempted to establish a provisional government to suppress this revolution, but to no avail... the newly formed Unified Command expelled him from the alliance.

As news of the revolution spread, the attackers panicked and immediately organized a genocidal effort against Supernova X, demanding that the Imperium be destroyed. However, the new Military Command (MILCOM) centered government quickly fell into place, organizing the conventional military under Strategic Command, and the paramilitary militias under the Revolutionary Guard. By the end of "Shark Week" the Imperium had survived and finally ratified a workable system based on the value of the producer.


The New Imperium fortifies its members against further barbarian incursions

On November 3rd, Supernova X would defeat Masterchief777 and rescue numerous nations that were lead by the traitor down the wrong road. It would prove itself capable offensively on short order in regional conflicts. The redesigned Unified Command along with strict classification guidelines were critical in ensuring Operational Security (OPSEC) was preserved during the planning of the offensive.

The fact that the Imperium thrives today... let alone is still standing... is a testament to the courage and sacrifice of average members of Supernova X finally given the opportunity to achieve freedom of potential. Today we are only a fragment of our former glory, but we are hardened by the experiences of the past and expanding at an unprecedented rate. The key to this is our superior culture and civilization, where values like honor, respect and chivalry still live.

The Zigur


(Disclaimer: this speech was made after consuming a few beers, and if an alliance leader doesn't occasionally drink beer while playing CN, they are failing at life)

((This speech is dedicated to Dajobo, who I found to be an inspiring leader and a great friend ever since I returned to CN in 2013. He is currently in the hospital and I ask that all others share my prayers for his swift healing. He has a warriors heart and I have no doubt that he will defeat his ailments in short order.))

As the Imperium enters the first month of revolution, the signs of our rejuvenation are clear to all Nations. In less than a month our aid slot usage has surpassed the goals of our 5 month plan, and, being purged of parasites, SNX is experiencing an economic miracle. Although I made some speeches and cool looking pictures, this miracle is not due to myself but to the countless nations in SNX and abroad followed the Way and contributed to our final victory.

This struggle began back in 2014 with the foundation of the Revolutionary Order Party. At the time I had been cast out of the Hand of the King position in House Baratheon; destitute and homeless, I created the Party to advance the ideals I believed in: the rising of the producer class and the return of Order to cybernations. Eventually, LoSS accepted me as a member, and my ideals became incorporated into the reconstituted SHADOWS unit.

As commander of the SHADOWS unit in LoSS, I pushed for raid-recruitment and the concentration of the most valuable alliance members into a military meritocracy. I rewrote the constitution of LoSS to reflect the principles I had condensed in the Revolutionary Order Party, and we prepared for our transition into the new Supernova X alliance.

Unfortunately, as a non-government member of LoSS I had no part in the writing of the Supernova X charter... however, due to my services in LoSS I was appointed a founding Senator of the post-merger alliance. My appointment came under immediate fire of reactionaries across the world who feared my vision for the alliance. I suspect many, in mocking me, in reality feared my vision for Supernova X, and were not willing to sacrifice their "ideals" of democracy and divided government to advance the Imperium.

As SNX Senator, I became close to Polar, especially Emperor Dajobo, and found myself appreciating his rare sense of honor and kindness in a cold and exploitative world. It shouldn't be a surprise therefore that I was in almost-daily communication with him, seeking to align SNX with the New Polar Order. When I was later expelled unjustly by the corrupt court of SNX, he vouched for me and brought me into Polar at great personal political expense.

Now, previously in CN I had learned from individuals like Ivan Moldavi and Vladimir regarding leadership ideals... Ivan stressed things like discipline, while Vladimir had stressed ideology. Dajobo stressed caring for ones members, and it impressed me how far Dajobo went in ensuring all his members were care for and heard from. He later confided in me that he picked this up from Emperor Electron Sponge, but I do think it was a character quality, and it is one I try to emulate to this day... not just looking at the organization as a unit, but helping every member to achieve this potential. I was lucky to have these leaders "show me the way" in discipline, ideology and caring over the years before returning to SNX in July.

In any case, over the months as I predicted it would, SNX degenerated until I finally returned in July at the prompting of several senior members, and I arrived in a disorganized Imperium robbed by many months of corruption and manipulation on the part of the close circle of corrupt officials. Several members, including Edward Graceford who would eventually become my second in command, opposed my return, stirred up by the malice of Masterchief777.

However, when I moved out the duplicitous acts of the former government, including secret charter changes, to the full view of the membership, popular opinion swiftly changed to support my revolution. It was at this point that many members who had opposed me now fully supported this revolution. It was also at this point that the "raids" began against SNX, in my opinion, primarily to preserve the status quo, that SNX should die a death of inactivity and ineptitude. Our members received mass-PMs declaring the illegitimacy of my return, declaring that they should desert from SNX to join a traitor.

Many of you cannot imagine the emotion I have writing this part of the post. Many times throughout the past I have been scorned and spurned, spit on and lied against. I was told that my return to SNX was futile and would be mocked in the end. Yet these members who had so little to give, so small in stature, were giving their all, standing beside me and nuking the raiders, refusing to capitulate in the face of almost-certain defeat. I had earned nothing from these members, and yet in support of my vision, they were standing to the end, in a way no one else ever did. At this point I must recount the names of these Heroes of the Revolution, because when I thought I would stand alone against the world, they stood with me:

Edward Graceford







Uncle Don

Strider Yoshi


Blind Cyclops


These members stood next to me, willing to fight to the last breath, and to them I will have eternal gratitude. It was their courage in the face of mountains of propaganda and military might that made SNX's success today possible. There is only one word that can express this incredible loyalty: love.

The Zigur



During the First Imperium as a Founding Senator of Supernova X, it was my pleasure to write the first 5 month plan. This plan called for concrete goals of production that would hold the old ministries accountable for progress. These goals of production included increasing our nuclear deterrence, general military preparedness, membership recruitment, low-tier industrialization and aid slot usage improvement.

Unfortunately, although the plan met wide-spread approval, as a Senator I lacked the means to make enforcement mandatory. In a cynical manner the Triumvirate claimed that my plan interfered with their executive powers over the ministries and refused to implement it. This jealousy culminated in political actions taken by the Triumvirate and Court against myself and my supporters in the SHADOWS; and the ministers, pleased to be left unaccountable, allowed the Imperium to stagnate.

This lead to the tragedy of the last great war, our apathetic military performance, the attempted coup by Flubb and his cohorts, and a series of events that lead directly to increased corruption and the raids that triggered the July Revolution.

Our alliance has experienced unbearable humiliation abroad and the massive decline in our military and political strength, a decline of more than 75% of our membership count and 80% of our nationstrength since our conception. Therefore with defiance and iron resolution, we commit ourselves to the implementation of the new Imperium of Supernova X, expressed by the democratic mandate of the July Referendum; and the execution of the Second 5 Month Plan.

Guided by the principles of Self Reliance, Democratic Autocracy and Membership Obligation, we will guide the New Imperium to rejuvenation and unparalled glory.


The principle of self-reliance is at the core of the rejuvenation of Supernova X. As expressed by IR 300-2:

Production must take a disciplined form; growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Therefore officer ranks will be established to provide discipline and guidance within the Producerist masses, promote Self Reliance, and promote industrialization and militarization of the alliance.

Also expressed by IR 300-2:

Producerism holds that the productive alliance member is the primary measure of value and that producers should enjoy the most influence in an alliance. Production is defined as any activity which advances the interests of the Imperium. Every alliance member is capable of becoming an active producer and, furthermore, expected to do so.

Therefore, in establishing Self Reliance we must enforce discipline in activity and growth. According to IR 320-1:

Members of Supernova X are expected to be active and adhere to producerist guidelines of National industrialization and militarization. The necessity of these guidelines are apparent upon reviewing our history of prior military inadequacy and weak wartime leadership.

Therefore, in accordance with the mandate of the July Revolution, the Second 5 Month Plan will enforce the principle of Self Reliance among member nations.

Self Reliance begins as a National concept, but extends also into alliance military strategy, and finally into the producerist ideology of the Imperium.

On the individual level, the Self Reliant Nation is economically and militarily robust, with high aid slot usage, a robust warchest at the higher tiers, and the capacity to produce for the alliance in a variety of ways. The Self Reliant nation is capable of fighting foreign adversaries independently, establishing active nuclear deterrence, and boasting a full complement of spies and military wonders.

On the collective level, Self Reliance is represented by a strong social organism, a healthy and well-regulated community within the alliance. An alliance divided is like a collection of arms and legs left to their own devices. Instead, the Self Reliant alliance is united by three levels: The common membership, which represents the arms and legs; the bureaucracy, which represents the nervous system; and the Imperium Command, which is the guiding mind of the alliance. Only when these three elements are in complete accord can an alliance be called Self Reliant.

On the ideological level, Self Reliance is represented by producerism itself. Through the idea that every member must contribute to the alliance, and that every one of us is subordinate to the needs of the whole, the alliance will reject the exploitation and degeneration of the past. Through the idea of collective service we will become efficient in the future. As producerism comes to represent the culture of the alliance, it must follow that the alliance will become stronger and more dynamic.

Through these means will the following ends be accomplished.


By December of 2015 we will have accomplished or exceeded the following goals:

  • Consistent 50% aid slot usage
  • 1000 reliable nuclear weapons
  • Universal upper tier EMP and WRC wonders
  • Universal low tier industrialization and militarization
  • Maintaining a tech producer surplus
  • Maintaining a 40+ member balance while accomplishing the above



The upper tier remains the most vulnerable wing of Supernova X. This is due to our limited number of nations in the 60,000+ Nation Strength range. Multiple other alliances have much stronger and more numerous upper tiers, therefore our upper tier will serve primarily as a logistics (banking reserves) for the alliance. The primary objective of our upper tier nations should NOT be increasing nationstrength, infrastructure or technology levels (besides improving tech/infra ratio), which tends to bump nations into the range of powerful top tier combatants. Instead, the goal should be the accumulation of EMP and WRC wonders and large warchests in the multi-billion dollar range. Recruitment of upper tier nations will be LOW priority.


The recruitment emphasis of SNX should be in the low-tier. Tech producers are in high demand throughout the world, and thus the more tech producers SNX has, the more appealing we will be seen as treaty partners. Low-tier members are strongly discouraged from leaving tech-seller status, and are instead encourage to continue profitable tech selling and the building of economic and military wonders. Low tier nations are strongly discouraged from building beyond 3999 infra (the level necessary to build a Manhattan Project).

The ideal Self Reliant tech producing Nation rests below 4000 infra, and pursues the development of a full complement of spies (550) along with the development of the following wonders: Foreign Aid Commission, Stock Market. By the time the low tier nation reaches 1999 infrastructure these wonders should be developed, as they provide rapid economic growth. Upon reaching 2999 infrastructure, nations should have a satisfactory collection of economic wonders, depending on individual situations. At this level 550 spies should be purchased.

Reaching 3999 infrastructure is the top priority of low tier nations, along with basic economic wonders. The Manhattan Project should be immediately pursued, followed by CIA and further spies, Strategic Defense Initiative, and the Pentagon. Further military and economic wonders along with a robust warchest can be further developed.


Following the raids which established the July Revolution, a 50 Nation membership balance remained after numerous members deserted when all hope was lost. This actually came to serve the minimalist structure that replaced the old ministries, as 50 members is an easily managed number. Therefore, as recruitment occurs, rather than pursuing explosive membership growth, new members should displace inactive nations and those which are guilty of excessive disciplinary infractions. According to IR 320-1:

By consensus the CO, XO and CRG may decide to expel members guilty of excessive disciplinary infractions without the need to post a membership vote.

Thus, records should be maintained of member infractions, and those that do not comply with orders or producerist guidelines should be expelled to make room for active new members who comply. In this way, during the following 5 months, new blood will rejuvenate the Imperium and promote the tendency of Self Reliance and producerism among the current members. Only when discipline and activity is established among the vast majority of Imperium nations, and there are enough officers serving to support disciplined membership expansion, should dramatic expansion beyond the current 50 member balance take place.

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