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        Cyber Nations Forum Rules  
      In the process of registering on this forum, all players--including you--agreed to accept these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of Invision Power Board. In doing so you essentially signed an electronic contract pledging to have read the rules and TOS and agreeing to follow the rules and TOS as written. It is your continued responsibility to read, follow, and keep up-to-date with the CN rules.
      The following are basic guidelines for use of the Cyber Nations community forum. Anyone caught disobeying these guidelines will be issued a warning. The forum staff works on a five warn limit policy unless the situation calls for more appropriate action ranging from a verbal warning to a double warn and suspension to an immediate ban, etc.   Just because something is not listed specifically here as illegal does not mean it's allowed. All players are expected to use common sense and are personally responsible for reading the pinned threads found in the Moderation forum. Questions regarding appropriateness or other concerns can be sent via PM to an appropriate moderator.   A permanent ban on the forums results in a game ban, and vice versa. Please note that the in-game warn system works on a "three strikes you're out" policy and that in-game actions (including warnings and deletions) may not be appealed. For more information regarding in-game rules please read the Cyber Nations Game Rules.   1.) First Warning
      2.) Second Warning
      3.) Third Warning (48 hour suspension at the forum)
      4.) Fourth Warning (120 hour suspension at the forum)
      5.) Permanent Ban   Game Bans and Forum Bans
      If you receive a 100% warn level on the forums, you will be subject to removal from the forums AND have your nation deleted and banned from the game at moderator(s) discretion.   If you are banned in the game, then you will be banned from the forums.   Process of Appeals
      Players may not appeal any in-game actions. This includes cheat flags, canceled trades, content removals, warn level increases, nation deletion, and bans from the game.   Players may appeal individual forum warnings. You may only appeal a warning if you can show with evidence that it was unwarranted or unduly harsh. If a reasonable amount of time has passed (no less than one month and preferably longer) in which you have demonstrated reformed behavior than you may request a warning level reduction. Wasting staff time with inappropriately filed reports and/or unfounded appeals will result in a warn level raise. Repeat incidences will result in a ban from the forum.   Bans are permanent. Banned players may appeal to the Senior Staff if they believe grounds exist (very, very rare) in which they state their case with evidence and why explain why they believe they deserve to be allowed back into Cyber Nations. This process is not quick and the investigation into cases may last three minutes or three weeks or more depending on the individual situation.   The only place where discussion of moderator action is acceptable is in the appropriate Moderation forum. Posting commentary on or disagreement with moderator action elsewhere will result in a warn level raise.   Posting
      All posts must be in English. Common phrases in other languages will be allowed so long as they are translated upon request. Foreign languages are permitted in signatures and avatars, however.   Certain areas of the forum require you to have a nation in either standard CN or CN:TE. If you have...   A SE and a TE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your SE nation or ruler name. You are allowed to post in either SE or TE areas of the forum. You must have your CN:TE nation name listed in your profile to post in the CN:TE section of the forum.
      Just an SE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your SE nation or ruler name. You are not allowed to post in any TE areas of the forum.
      Just a TE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your TE nation name or ruler name. Your must have your CN:TE nation name listed correctly in your profile. You are not allowed to post in any of the SE areas. You are allowed to post in the water cooler, question center and the moderation forums. Other than that, all your posts need to stay in the TE area.   Flame/Flamebait/Trolling
      Flaming is expressing anger or lobbing insults at a person/player rather than a character, post, idea, etc. Flamebait are posts that are made with the aim of targeting/harassing/provoking another user into rule-breaking. Trolling is submitting posts with the aim of targeting/harassing/provoking a specific group into rule-breaking. Forum users should not be participating in any of these, and doing so will result in a warning.   Topic Hijacking
      Hijacking is forcing the current thread discussion off of the original topic and usually results in spam or flame from either side. Forum users found hijacking threads will be given a warning.   Repeat Topics
      One topic is enough. Repeat topics will be locked, removed, and the author given a warning. Users found creating repeat topics after others were locked by staff will receive a warn raise.   Joke Topics
      Topics created as a joke are prohibited. Joke topics will be locked and the author warned. This includes topics in which the author is making an announcement “for” another in-game alliance. Humorous threads are permitted; it is up to the discretion of the moderation staff to determine what is merely satire and what is actually a joke topic.   Spam
      Spam is defined as creating posts or topics containing only contentless material of any kind. Users found spamming will receive a warning. Examples include (but are in no way limited to) posts containing nothing but smilies, "+1", "QFT", "this" any other one/few-word contentless combination, joke threads, or posts containing quotes and anything that counts as spam by itself. Adding words to a post with the express intent of avoiding a spam warn will result in a warning. These posts and other similar contributions have no substance and hence are considered spam. Posts of "Ave", "Hail" or any other one word congratulatory type are acceptable as one word posts. Emoticon type posts such as "o/" without accompanying text is still not allowed. Posts containing only images are considered spam, unless the image is being used in the Alliance Politics sub-forum and then the actual text of the image be placed into spoiler tags.   Posting in All Caps
      Posting large amounts of text in capital letters is not permitted. Use discretion when using your caps lock key.   No Discussion Forums
      There are forums that are not for discussion and are used strictly for game and forum staff to address certain issues, bugs, etc. The following forums are not open to discussion: Report Game Abuse, Report Forum Abuse, and Warn/Ban Appeals. Only moderators and the original poster may post in a thread, period, with absolutely no exceptions. Users found disobeying this guideline will receive an automatic warning for each offense.   Moderation Forums
      All Moderation forums also maintain pinned threads clearly marked as required reading before posting. Failure to read and follow required reading and procedure in a Moderation forum will result in a warning. Examples include posting requests in the wrong forum, failure to include all required information in posts, etc. The standard of conduct and enforcement of rules in Moderation forums is strictly enforced and the repercussions for disregarding rules or disrespecting staff are harsh. Read the pinned threads before posting and you will be fine.   Namecalling
      Excessive or unqualified namecalling is not allowed in IC forums; namecalling should also never make up the bulk of a post. Namecalling is prohibited entirely in all OOC forums.   Filtered Words
      Any attempts to evade the word filter will result in a warning. The terms we have filtered are filtered for a reason and no excuse for evasion will be accepted. Filter evasion includes censoring or deliberately misspelling part of a filtered word.   If you link to a website, image, video, etc., containing profanity, please post a disclaimer before the link. The moderation staff may still remove links if the content is deemed too obscene.   Harassment
      Forum users should not be stalking/harassing others on the forums. Anyone found stalking players from topic to topic, etc., will be subject to a warning.   Gravedigging
      Gravedigging is not allowed anywhere on the forums. Gravedigging is "bumping" old topics which haven't been active for quite some time (four to seven days is standard depending on the nature of the thread and how many pages back it had been pushed before bump). Your warn level will be raised if you are caught doing this.   The Suggestion Box and Black Market forums are partial exceptions to this rule. Suggestions/ideas in that forum may be posted in regardless of age PROVIDING that the reviving post contains constructive, on-topic input to the original topic or discussion. Black Market threads may be bumped by the author if there is new information about the offered exchange (i.e open aid slots). In the Player Created Alliances forum it will not be considered gravedigging to bump a topic up to a year old, so long as the alliance in question still exists and it is not a duplicate thread.   Signatures
      Those who fail to read and abide by these rules will have their signatures removed and receive a warning.   You may have only one image per signature which may not exceed the maximum size of 450 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. You may have no more than 8 lines of text and text size cannot exceed size 4. Each quote-tag, image and empty line count as a line.   Inappropriate Images and Other Disallowed Images
      Images that are sexual in nature or have sexual overtones are prohibited. It is up to the discretion of the moderation staff to determine what constitutes sexual overtones. Depictions of kissing are permissible provided there are no sexual implications. Images depicting female nipples are prohibited outright.   Making “ASCII art” is prohibited regardless of the image depicted.   Using photos or likenesses of another Cyber Nations player is also prohibited.   Drug References
      Images and posts promoting illegal drug use are prohibited. References to drugs are acceptable only if the moderation staff deems that it is not promoting the use thereof.   Obscene Content and/or "Account Suicide"
      Anyone caught posting vulgar material (including but in no way limited to pornography, "gross," "tubgirl," "lemonparty," photos depicting RL illegal acts such as violence towards humans or animals, child pornography, death photos, and any other obscene or offensive material in either text form or picture form) will have their account(s) permanently banned, and their ISP contacted along with any other applicable internet and RL authorities.   OOC Threats / Revealing Personal Information
      An OOC threat of any nature will equate to an automatic ban from the game and forums. Likewise, the publishing of personal information of any other player without their explicit permission is grounds for warning and/or a ban from the game depending on the severity of the offense.   Death Threats / Death Wishes
      A death threat or a death wish of any nature (including but not limited to telling another player to commit suicide) will result in at very least a 40% warn level increase and 2 day suspension from the forums, with harsher punishments, including a complete ban from the forums and game, up to the discretion of the moderation staff.   Quoting Rulebreaking Posts
      Do not quote any post with obscene content or any other content that has to be removed by the moderation staff. Doing so makes it more difficult for the moderation staff to find and remove all such content and will result in a warn level increase. Putting rulebreaking posts of any kind in your signature is prohibited.   Forum Names
      With the exception of moderator accounts, all forum accounts must match up exactly with the ruler name or nation name of your in-game country. Those found not matching up will be warned and banned immediately. Forum account names may not be profane or offensive.   Multiple Forum Accounts
      With the exception of moderators, if you are caught with multiple forum accounts, the multiple account(s) will be banned, warn level raised, and your identity will be announced by a moderator to the CN community so rule-abiding players can take IC action against you. Multiple forum account offenders will receive a varying percentage warn level raise and/or a permanent ban on a case-by-case basis.   Posting For Other Players
      Posting for banned or suspended players is prohibited, as is posting for any person without a nation. This includes making warn and ban appeals on their behalf.   Imitation &. Impersonation
      Imitation in terms of this forum is mimicking the posting, avatar, or signature styles of another user in an attempt to be satirical or generally humorous. Impersonation in terms of this forum is copying the posting, avatar, or signature styles of another user in order to present the illusion that the person is in fact that user. Imitation is fine and can be quite funny. Impersonation is disruptive and is warnable. Please pay attention to the subtle difference between these two concepts.   A player may not impersonate another player by emulating the characteristics of someone else's past or present account in an attempt to harass, stalk, or flamebait. Creating a new forum account in an attempt to impersonate a standing account will result in deletion and banning without notice.   Any attempt at imitation and/or impersonation of moderators and game staff is strictly prohibited and will be met with harsh repercussions.   Avatars
      Size for avatars is limited by the forum mechanics, therefore there is no size issue for a user to worry about. Avatars must be in good taste, and any avatar containing a picture that is too violent, disgusting, sexually explicit, insulting to another player or staff member, etc. will be removed. Avatars that are potentially seizure inducing will not be permitted. Players may not "borrow" the avatars of any moderator past or present without permission.   Swastikas and Nazi Imagery
      The swastika may not be used in signatures or avatars. Pictures of swastika's are acceptable for use in the In Character (IC) sections of the roleplay forums, so long as its context is In Character, and not Out Of Character. Pictures of Hitler, mentioning of the Holocaust, etc... have no place in the roleplay forums, since these people and events existed in real life, and have no bearing or place in the Cyberverse. Other Nazi or SS imagery is forbidden in all forums.   Moderation Staff
      The revealing of the private identities of any Cyber Nations staffers past or present is strictly prohibited, and thus no speculation/accusation of identity is allowed. Doing so is grounds for moderator action against your account appropriate to the offense, including a full forum/game ban.   Claims of moderator bias should be directed to the highest level of authority--the Head Game & Forum Mod/Admin, Keelah. Claims of moderator bias without supporting evidence is grounds for a warning.   Blatant disrespect of the moderator staff is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to spoofing moderator accounts in any way, sig/avatar references, baiting, flaming, rude demands, mocking, attitude, and unsubstantiated claims of bias. They are volunteers hired to enforce the rules. If you have a problem with the way a moderator is enforcing the rules or the rules themselves please contact Keelah.   Attempting to use the moderation staff as a weapon by abusing the report system in an attempt to get another player warned or banned is strictly prohibited.   Do not ask about becoming or campaign to become a moderator. The moderators are drawn from CN membership but moderation positions are by invitation only. Asking to become one will substantially decrease your chances of ever being asked.   Aiding Rule Violators
      Any user found to know of a serious rule violation without reporting it to a game moderator (eg. knowledge of a user with multiple nations) will be given a warning or, in more serious cases, have their nation deleted.   Aiding Banned Players
      Any user found to be harboring, aiding or otherwise knowingly helping a banned user will be deleted. This includes knowing of their existence within the game without reporting it to the game-moderation staff.   Questionable Actions and Content
      The forum rules are not designed to cover every scenario. Any action that is seen to be counter-productive or harmful to the forum community may be met with moderator action against your account. The Cyber Nations Moderation Staff reserves the right to take action against your account without warning for any reason at any time.   Private Transactions
      Nation selling and other private transactions via such auction sites like eBay is against the Cyber Nations terms and conditions. While our moderators cannot control what people do outside of the game you are not allowed to promote such private exchanges on our forums without expressed permission from admin only. Anyone found to be engaging in such activity without permission will be banned from the game.   Advertising
      Advertising other browser games and forums is prohibited. Soliciting donations towards commercial causes is also prohibited. If you wish to ask for donations towards a charitable cause, please contact a moderator before doing so.   Extorting Donations
      Donations are excluded from any kind of IC payment. Anyone found extorting others for OOC payments will be warned in-game and/or banned.   Third Party Software
      Third party software is not allowed to be advertised on these forums by any means (post, signature, PM, etc). These programs can easily be used to put malware on the user's computer, and as such can cause huge security issues. Anybody who is caught spreading links to these will at the very least have their warning level increased.   Other Forum Terms & Rules   Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them and wish to proceed with the registration, simply click the "Register" button below. To cancel this registration, simply hit the 'back' button on your browser.   Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. USE THE WEB SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will not be liable for any damages for any reason. THIS WEB SITE IS PROVIDED TO YOU "AS IS," WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.   The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this bulletin board. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.   You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this bulletin board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.   You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.


Our community blogs

  1. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Cyber Nations. I always like to look back on history and it seems appropriate to do so today, so here we go.

    I registered the Cyber Nations domain name in 2003 with the hopes of creating a web based nation simulation game but I was unable to come up with a working model and I quickly abandoned the project. I let the domain name sit idle for a year and decided to let it go in 2004 since I couldn't find a use for it. In 2005 my interest was sparked again and so I re-registered the domain name on May 22, 2005 in the hopes to get a game up and running but once again I was unable to lay down any real code structure. Finally on December 24, 2005, during my Christmas break from work, I sat down and really began developing the game. I spent the majority of my Christmas break glued to the computer in hopes to get a working game rolled out by the first of the year before I lost interest in the project for a third time.

    The game was launched on January 6, 2006 with little fan fare and with very few features. The early game was quite buggy with major issues plaguing the entire economic system that originally did not include tax collection or bill payment systems. Other features like the resource and trade agreement system, foreign aid system, national events, nation rankings, government position, improvements, wonders, technology, aircraft, tanks, nuclear weapons, and cruise missiles were added months after the initial release date as the game continued to be a work in progress. The few players who originally discovered the game did so by way of Google AdWords but word quickly got around to other gaming communities and the system began to become overrun as it was originally had only a Microsoft Access database backend and hosted via a shared hosting provider. At that time the community forums also ran on a Microsoft Access database version of Snitz Forums 2000 and it existed as a subfolder on the same shared hosting server as the game.

    During the first couple of weeks the server began returning “Service Unavailable” errors in which numerous attempts were made to resolve. Such attempts included converting the game database to a MS-SQL database (I had just completed an SQL Server course in college during that same month) and moving the community forums to Invision Free, an offsite forum hosting provider. Still the “Service Unavailable” problems persisted and the game was moved to another shared hosting provider but the problem was not finally resolved until the game was moved to its own dedicated server. The game still has it's traffic bottlenecks, that's unavoidable due to the way the game was designed and played, but throughout the years a myriad of dedicated servers have kept the game alive.

    So much has transpired over the years, so many players have come and gone, so many fascinating geopolitics and world wars, so many friends made. I'm amazed that there are nations still in the game that were created the very same month that the Cyber Nations was born, with their tiny 3 digit nation ID's, they've seen it all. Those ancient alliances that were all created during that same month, Global Alliance And Treaty Organization, Orange Defense Network, New Pacific Order, World Task Force, Green Protection Agency, alive and still strong (some stronger than others). As I said before, I never would have imagined that the game would still be around after all these years (heck I always figured it would sputter out after a few months which was evident at the initial lack of planning and hosting infrastructure) and while the game has seen much larger player base populations in the past (at times it was too large imo) I'm happy to see that the game continues to have such a loyal following after so many years. Thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey.

    I leave you with some old relics of the past. This first one is kind of embarrassing given my horrible handwriting (I generally write much better than this, unless I'm in frantic note taking mode). Here I scratched out some thoughts on 3/15/2003. I still chuckle at the question that I posed at the bottom, as I don't believe that one has yet been answered:

    The first logo for the game:

    This is the very first image of the game as I was coding it in December 2005 on the old Compaq monitor that I was so glued to. I'm glad that High Contrast theme did not survive very long.

  2. Over the past few months the moderation staff has been monitoring a large ring of multiple/shared/gifted accounts. We wish to inform you that we have "corrected" the actions of those involved and removed the tech sent by the illicit nations.


    As a reminder each individual person playing the game is allowed to have one nation. You may not use proxies, virtual private networks, or other tools to evade this rule. You are also not allowed to transfer your account to another player upon departing the game or share your account with other players.


    Thank you.


    Edit: Since humor is lost on some people, the Reynes were an arrogant and overconfident house in A Song of Ice and Fire who rose up in defiance of the law and were subsequently punished for their actions. The situation (or situations if you want to consider our cleanup last night too) here is similar given what those in question have done with their desire to run multiple accounts in defiance of the game's rules.

  3. DiamondHeadSunsetLoRes.jpg

    "Starboard, ten degrees!"

    The King breathed in the fresh air of the blessed islands as the trade winds whipped up the banners of his flagship into a frenzy. It spiritually rejuvenated him to return to these islands, his sovereign kingdom, his mighty people. He felt as if the mighty rock of Diamond Head was slowly approaching his ship, and its beauty and majesty was a humbling reminder that God, and not himself, was the true Father of his people. He frowned. The True People would only hold dominion over these islands so long as they could hold them.

    As his flagship docked, and he descended the steps surrounded by his elite royal knights, two entire royal regiments on either side of his walk came to attention. Their wide-brimmed white helms sparkled in the morning sunlight, each topped by a steel spear-point matching the shining bayonets they held upright, and their crisp blue uniforms formed a vast sea of discipline and order, holding back the forces of chaos and decay. They were the finest of his people, the clean-cut Soldiers of God and Nation.

    Beyond the ranks of the Nation's Finest, mingling with the sounds of the sea and the shouts of sergeants, his precious people awaited him, joyous to see their King returning in health and victory from the latest negotiations with the foreigners. At the end of the vast lines of soldiers, their commander saluted the King and offered him and his knights their horses which they would ride directly to Iolani Palace. As the King and his knights rode he thought about the challenges the Kingdom was facing abroad.

    Though these islands might already be besieged by foreign degeneration and the ravages of capitalism, the King thought to himself, within this Kingdom remains the old chivalry and honor... for a little while longer.

  4. Author's note: this is entirely a parody and is not something we would ever implement, even if we were in a position to so. It is designed to be a thought experiment as to how "evil" one can make terms.


    The undersigned alliances, having engaged each other in combat, one of them having fought valiantly against the another, agree to end their respective hostilities according to the terms now set forth.

    Article 1: Overview

    A. Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism (GOONS), Mushroom Kingdom, and Umbrella (collectively "Doomhouse");

    The International, Orange Defense Network, Athens, League of Shadows Treaty, and Greenland Republic (collectively "Complaints and Grievances Union"); Viridian Entente, FOK, Federation of Armed Nations, Open Source Alliance, The Order of the Paradox, Alchemy, and Nordreich

    are victorious over the "alliances" of:

    New Pacific Order (NPO), The Phoenix Federation, 64Digits, SNAFU, Regnum Invictorum, Sanitarium, The Legion, Kerberos Nexus, Cult of Justitia, Molon Labe, The Sasori Initiative, and North Atlantic Defense Coalition.

    B. NPO admits total and complete defeat. NPO nations who spend the entirety of the conflict Peace Mode shall become slaves to the victorious alliances, as outlined below.

    C. The remaining alliances surrender. These alliances receive immediate peace, provided conditions are met.

    D. The defeated alliances will have a portion of their memberships enslaved, in addition to reparations, according to the terms of Article 2.

    E. Specific obligations to be fulfilled by Schattenmann of Schloss Eggenberg are detailed in Article 3.

    E. NPO agrees to cede control of all alliance functions to Doomhouse, NPO will be a vassal state of the victorious alliances of Doomhouse, If DH requires it, NPO must follow them into combat. If NPO is attacked, DH may decide to intervene, if it suits them. See Article 4.

    Article 2: Enslavement and Reparations

    A. The defeated alliances shall forfeit 30% of their respective memberships. These members shall join the AA "Doomhouse Slave Camp". These members will exist only to serve Doomhouse interests, for a period of no less than 6 months. It is expected that all members of the AA will have all outgoing slots full for the duration of their stay, of either tech or money tributed to Doomhouse members. Failure to have all outgoing slots full will warrant a "whipping", wherein a slave management associate will conduct an update blitz and then peace out, to provide motivation for compliance. All members of the slave AA are expected to fight for Doomhouse during the duration of their stay in the camp.

    B. 600,000 technology is to be paid to Umbrella by the defeated alliances, 300,000 technology and 3 billion cash reparations will be paid to MK, GOONS will receive 10 billion cash. All terms must be completed by two years from this agreement.

    C. The governments of the defeated alliances will be required to attend a virtual seminar on the proper use of peace mode as a tactic.

    Article 3: Schattenmann

    A. Schattenmann of Schloss Eggenberg agrees to shut the hell up about GOONS and VE for the next two years. Any violation of this term will result in an immediate attack.

    B. Schattenmann of Schloss Eggenberg agrees to issue a formal apology to ODN for his spying, and a formal apology to VE and GOONS for his terrible posting.

    C. Schattenmann is only allowed to post in Shakespearean prose for the duration of this agreement.

    Article 4: NPO-DoomHouse vassal agreement

    A. MK, GOONS, and Umbrella agree to take on NPO as a vassal.

    B. NPO will fight for the above alliances when asked, and the above alliances will provide NPO with useful advice.

    C. There is no period of expiration on this treaty. It may only be canceled by the mutual consent of all parties. Should any alliance named above dissolve or merge with another alliance, the remaining alliances are still under the obligations of this treaty.

    Article 5: Unaddressed Violations of Terms

    If an undersigned alliance violates any provision of this Agreement for which a penalty or penalties have not been defined, the undersigned alliances directly involved in the violation shall carefully determine an "appropriate" remedy.

    Article 6: Completion of Terms

    A. Unless otherwise specified, all provisions of this Agreement are effective immediately upon execution of the Agreement.

    B. This Agreement shall be deemed satisfied by all undersigned alliances upon completion of all of above specified conditions.

    C. The undersigned alliances shall make, at an appropriate time, a joint public announcement that the terms have been completed. The announcement shall include sufficient evidence to show that each of the conditions enumerated has been completed.

    Article 7: Signatures

    The undersigned alliances hereby commit themselves to these presents by the signatures of their duly designated emissaries, to wit:

    For Mushroom Kingdom:

    For the Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism:

    For Umbrella:

    For the New Pacific Order:

    For XX

  5. Ljh0JzW.jpg?1

    This article is best read while listening to this


    La Vangardia Pacifica would like to thank regular readers for their patience during its prolonged hiatus, and can now confirm that production will resume in the near future. By way of apology for the unexpected interruption we we would like to offer readers a free copy of the December 2008 publication Letters of Pacifica.

    Within its cover readers will find the foundation of many of the intellectual and historical ideas that informed the Order during the early years of its existence. Some of these may be outdated while others may not be, but it will undoubtedly provide a wealth of information and a unique perspective to younger and older scholars alike.

    In line with this we are pleased to observe that the models developed through the Francoist method in previous issues of this paper have more than survived the test of time. What were once much maligned predictions -- the inevitability of the treaty web, of the bipolarity of international politics, of the existential crisis, etc -- have become, to contemporary society, a matter of historical fact.

    And finally, we would like to pay tribute to Emperors Cortath, Mary, Brehon, Farrin and Letum for the extraordinary job they have done over the past few years. Not only have they maintained the Order in the face of extraordinary odds, but they've reorganised, rebuilt and reinvented it into the powerful, efficient machine that it is today. They have proven that Pacifica Prevails was not only a popular saying of old, but a statement of fact.

  6. So, I have been asked several times, by several folks to do this again, it has been... 18 months, or so? since my last edition. With war breaking out all across Planet Bob, now is as good a time as any. So... here goes...(neutrals will be excluded.)

    IRON - When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. IRON made plenty of lemonade between last war and this war. They were, for all intents and purposes, intentionally set up to fail post-war. But, the best laid plans of our would be masters(the winners of the last war), were as abject and abysmal a failure as their (the winners of the last war) post-war FA efforts. IRON did not get bailed on by everyone. They worked hard and received a 1-UP from all of their allies, promising to make the changes that were needed to prevent them from being used to create their own demise again. When mere survival seemed to be the best IRON could hope for, they received support from their allies and thrived. The coming months will determine whether the gamble taken by allies and allies of allies was the right move, but to IRONs credit... they were supposed to be the ones getting rolled now, and , here they are NOT getting rolled. So right now its IRON: 1... Those who set up IRON: 0

    NPO - Nothing but absolute love for these guys. With the target forever on their backs, they show an organizational ability like no other to thrive under pressure, and to ALWAYS rise back to the top. The results of the last war SHOULD have broken NPO, but failings by those who won the war, let the sharper, brighter, more active minds in NPO turn the gambit totally around, and now stand on the precipice of the title of "Most Powerful Alliance" (at least IMO.) Kudos to you my friends.

    New Polar Order - For the umpteenth time in Planet Bob history, the world was theirs for the taking. There is not one person who can objectively look at the last year in CN history, and give NpO any grade other than an F. They made no FA Moves to secure their alliance, they made no FA moves to secure their allies positions, they made no internal moves to put someone in charge of some aspect of FA , who might even give off the slightest indication that they care. Congratulations NpO, you have been held back again, by your own selves.

    SNX - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. When you combine poop with poop, you get poop. The end.

    RnR - Not just me, but nearly EVERYONE in the world wondered when you would break out of the shadows of SF. Seriously, long after SF abandoned, people still viewed RnR as the silent member of SF who really make no moves of their own. Not anymore though. A few subtle moves by R&R were important to forging the path to this current war, whether they realize it or not (I think they probably know though), it is, literally, the 1st time I can recall in RnR history where they actually forged their own path. Kudos to you. You have some great great FA guys, you could conceivably take on a much broader role in world politics, I hope you decide to give it a try, because everyone should try at least once when they are in the position. Do your members and yourselves a favor, try not to spend the next few months (when the current war ends) trying to soak up honor by simply being well-liked. You can be well-liked AND a player. Try being a player, I think it would be fun to watch. Good luck.

    ODN - If ODN has one weakness, it is that they try too hard to explore EVERY possible FA Move. They play the game far more real-politik than ANYONE else. It serves them well, it just seems to me like it might be more fun to once in a while dive blindly into something. CN is a gaming experience, I think the current ODN tries way too hard to be way too careful. All of that being said, some of my most favorite people in CN are in ODN. I have a long-standing love affair with them, and that will not end any time soon. If you(the reader) or your alliance do not have a relationship built with these wonderful folks, you are missing out on some of the greatest social interaction, and useful in-game insights that are available to the world. Did I mention I love ODN?

    Sparta - Over and over you try. And you fail. But you get an A for trying between these last 2 wars. While so many of your allies and tertiary allies stood pat and did nothing, you guys saw the need to expand your reach, and you did try. Sadly, you also were faced with the realization that proximity to some of your current allies really do limit your options, as very few alliances really seriously considered even touching you. Whether it be due to your past branding as whiney to an extreme, or incompetent, or just plain apathetic, who knows. At least, for the 1st time since I have know Sparta, they showed a spark of life and effort. Do yourself a favor and build on it. The game is more fun when you can move freely about.

    Umbrella - Let me be clear, I HATE the last minute side change(and lets be blunt, that is what it was), but this is a Roquentin-led Umbrella, and the move made total sense. It is not a move I would have made, but I can objectively look at it and see WHY they made it. There is a common ground among the Platysphere allies towards one group in particular, yet the core will not extricate itself from that group. Umbrella extricated itself. There is a lesson for all of those in Platysphere leadership to learn there. Will they learn? Who knows. As for Umb themselves, I have no love lost for them, my allies iN NPO have asked me to show faith, and so I shall. I withhold my judgement on them, and will address them when I have had more time to observe.

    TOP - If NpO got an F, TOP gets an F-. Why? Because TOP has far more proven FA-enabled minds than Polar has, and those minds have (or had) deep sentimental connections all over the map of Planet Bob. So how is it that they completely failed to land even ONE significant tie between the last war and now? Oh yeah, it would be because they essentially stabbed their entire tertiary sphere from the 2 years prior, square in the back. The quote "C&G is expendable" was used often by me as a rallying cry to warn anyone remotely in C&Gs tendrils as to how disposable certain tertiary ties are to the mental giants in TOP. And those sentimental ties? All of those MK people? They chose to stay in an alliance that viewed their most historically loyal allies as expendable, as they were CALLING us expendable, then had the nerve to actually act surprised that we did not embrace the King Brandon's of the world when they came calling based on longstanding sentimental friendships. Sorry former MK-ers in TOP, I love all of you, but you CHOSE this, and you CHOSE for us as well. Time for some big boy panties if you want to fix anything going forward. But as of this moment, your entire alliance has earned the pox on you that prevented anyone from wanting to touch you.

    VE - Everything I said about Polar applies to you as well. While you didnt exit the last war with the political clout that Polar did, you spent the entire year seeing the way the winds were blowing, knowing standing pat, and basically doing nothing. Its just easier not to dislike your inaction, when the inaction of much stronger alliances politically so far outweigh your own, and if you are content staying where you are, that is fine as well, I am content seeing you there.

    DT- The sleeping giant. I look down the roster, I see so many folks that I worked with in old-school C&G and GR specifically, yet I feel no real kinship, and that makes me sad. That being said, you guys certainly did not stand pat and make nothing happen. Despite perceptually being a passive alliance, you made meaningful moves that cemented not only YOUR security, but the security of your bloc. It was very reminiscent of old-school C&G, and tugs at my heartstrings. You MAY come out of this war as one of the top 3 strongest alliances politically, so the NEXT year, for those like me who are watching you, will be FAR more interesting than this past year.

    Fark - Only you know the truth. But you have a reputation on the Doomsphere side of the web of being the member of XX who wishes they were not a member of XX, not because of anything that you find particularly distasteful about the XX members, but their tertiary connections, you loathe them. Like I said, only you know if that is true, but it is a prevailing opinion on this side. You are active, capable fighters, and you send out some good recipes(2 wars back I made an all Fark meal for my family from hand picked recipes sent to me). As for how I will judge you, right now your hands are tied, I will judge you, and the validity of the rest of the worlds opinion , in the months following this war. Make no mistake though, this is no slight on your alliance, you guys are capital, and well-organized, and should be proud of that, regardless of future FA.

    NATO - You remind me alot of Athens. Loyal almost to a fault. Be wary though, that same loyalty can break down an alliance, and it is a slow and painful breakdown. Like many other alliances on Planet Bob, you appear to be an alliance that is content to stand pat and soak up honor. It would be fun to see you throw some honor aside, alas, I do not think you have it in you. This is not a knock on you, most alliances do not have that in them. It is more of a symptom of what we sow by throwing words like honor around for 8 years.

    I will edit in DBDC and the rest of the top 30 tomorrow.

    Edit Addition:

    DBDC : Lots of familiar faces there, few familiar personalities. Listen, the reality is, these guys are playing a different game (tier-wise) than the rest of us. They are basically untouchable, but they have found unique ways to make their presence felt on the global stage. Like it or not, they should receive kudos for that. They also do not come without an upside. Their presence alone, in a coalition can cut down on a significant portion of down-declares at the top tier of a coalition. Cuba seems to have an "end-game" goal in mind. People who dismiss this alliance as niche, are fools, and in many cases, are the same fools who celebrated them as a splinter group in another day and age (funny how that works, is it not?) Like it or not, these guys change the game with their presence, and in war-time they change both coalitions(the one they are in and the one they are fighting.) These guys 100% completely and totally out-played the powers-that-would-be between last war and now. They are not going away any time soon, get used to them.

    MHA - Literally, you are MHA. I cannot even troll you guys anymore, because when I got to you on the list my only though was, "wow, they are still this high up? I hear literally nothing from or of them anymore." The consummate "soak up honor" alliance.

    Valhalla - An alliance with no direction. Content to meander between the lines of both sides even as they get more clearly drawn. I get the feeling that nobody there really cares. Much like my alliance, it appears that Valhalla is a retirement community. I honestly expected them to play the game much more after their reformation, instead, they went the easy route (get in position to roll NPO, then stand pat.) In some ways though, they earned the right to their own apathy, because they DID make things happen once, and perhaps they believe, as I and so many others do, that it is time for others to make things happen.

    NEW - Seriously, as long as they have been around, I really know next to nothing of them. I heard on 467354 different occasions that they were going to rogue out, or disband, or both, and yet there they sit. Kudos to them on survival, it cannot be easy, as anyone who has dealt with them knows, the language gap can be maddening.

    GOONS - My how times have changed. So many people there that I love, but they have changed. Sardonic has become mostly detached, Ken, while one of the nicest guys in all of CN, really is naive on the political landscape. They went from an entertaining collection of top-notch guys to an alliance whos most vocal public face and voice the last 18 months, has been Marx. Marx and his "NPO MUST ALWAYS BE THE ENEMY" rhetoric. A part of me feels bad for the position GOONS is in, and a part of me realizes they chose this route. Either way, they are right where they WANT to be, so good for them I guess. I WANT to be angry with GOONS, but I have too much history and sentimentality with them to be truly angry. That being said, I would never trust them again.

    Non Grata - Just a fun bunch of folks. Loyal almost to a fault, but they are developing a little bit of what ODN has (over-analysis of ALOT of things.) They are politically astute though, much moreso than most people give them credit for. They are still my favorite alliance in this game. They have almost as perpetual a target on their back as NPO does in this day and age, yet they thrive in the environment. If you have not taken the time to get to know this fine bunch, and just base your opinion on OWF rhetoric, shame on you.

    GLOF - If DT is the sleeping giant, GLOF is the awakening mammoth. Personally, I find it embarrassing that I know as little about these guys as I do, and before I do another of these blogs , I will try to take some steps to rectify this. I really cannot comment at all on GLOF, I know nobody there. You know, when I looked and saw MHA, I was like..."wow MHA is still pretty high up statistically, lol, but still MHA".. when I saw GLOF I was like "wow, where did THEY come from." I will do my homework on GLOF, and have a better picture of them next time.

    FAN - They do their own thing, which inherently makes them better than most of us (seriously). I think , though, in regards to the game itself, they are detached and irrelevant, AND, they are satisfied with that. They did the work long ago, and earned their respite.

    Legion - I know nothing of the current Legion, but they are still Legion.Historically they have not had one saving grace, and I feel like that is probably still true today.

    Nordreich - Damn but that kingzog is one handsome guy. In all seriousness, the last nail was in the coffin of this alliance like 2 years ago, wasnt it? The one AA splintered from them, massive internal strife, the whole world hedging on NoR disbanding. Whoever stepped up and held them together should get some sort of a medal. Not only did they survive, they thrived. Much to the chagrin of many folks (and I dont like the chagrinned folks, so I salute NoR for surviving.) In regards to the current game, NoR is trying to forge lines and paths that put them and their allies in better positions, not bad for an alliance that was written off.

    Mi6 - Goals Chim told me he had for MI6.... 1) Hyperactive alliance with bustling membership (success). 2) Play the game differently (miserable failure)... 3) Be kings and not kingmakers. (failed even more miserably.) Look, congrats on the activity levels, that is not easy to sustain. But lets be honest about the GAME of Cybernations. YOU are the toxin. YOU are the reason NOBODY will even entertain TOP and Polar overtures. Proximity to your alliance is an UNDESIRED position by 70% of the planet. There is a REASON for that. Alliances are often accepted for being smug pricks, but in EVERY instance, the smug prick alliances have at least freaking accomplished something worthy of the smug prickness. You guys waltzed in, assumed the mantle of smug prickness, then were all SHOCKED when nobody would touch you. You are not kings, you are not kingmakers, but you are INDEED, thronebreakers, only you broke the throne of those alliances whom you purport to be friends with, simply by showing not one modicum of respect publicly or privately to ANYONE outside of Platysphere. Lesson to be learned: Do something to EARN your rep before you flaunt your rep.

    NADC - I really know little of NADC, but they are still NADC... so PFFT.

    FTW- I know a decent amount of FEAR, although I n ever really was close to them. I knew next to nothing about Wolfpack (I think was who merged with them.) So it would be grossly unfair for me to comment on these guys right now. Much like with GLOF, I will do some homework and get back to the world on these folks.

    TPF - Like TLR, mostly a retirement home now, not really much to say.

    GATO - The leaner GATO is something I like to see. I think they will see it this war as well, the bloated numbers of being too large makes it really hard to manage. Still though, these are the most loyal guys in all of CN, bar none. They dont really cause trouble for anyone (except for electing max to gov) and they are always their when their allies need them.The one thing I would like to see is for a GATO AC to step outside the box and try to stir the pot a little. Like I said a thousand times in this blog, EVERY alliance should try this at least once, GATO are no exception. Make magicninja AC for 2 terms and see what happens.

    Knight of Ni! - I raided you guys once.

    STA - Solid, loyal allies. Mostly extremely nice folks, but, moreso than ANY alliance on Planet Bob, they are the most content to be "honor soakers." Please never ever fight on both sides of a war again, it is dumb, and you are NOT dumb, so do not do dumb things(I know it was long ago, but I dont have a relationship with you to draw on to write this so I needed more words to fill to look like I made some effort here :P )

    More to come: TTK on down through where I decide to stop. Maybe tomorrow.

    And let us continue....

    TTK- I am actually ashamed that I do not know these guys better as my allies have steadily become more enamored with them. I blame it mostly on my laziness. That being said, I have a few friends there. Historically, a very quiet alliance, almost too quiet. Same advice I have given so many others... try really stirring the post, I promise it will be fun. Also, you have been warned, expect me to stop by your forums for a short visit.

    NSO- I am almost ashamed to type this. I look down the NSO roster, and I see tons of people that I am quite fond of. Then I look down the gov, and I am like .... I really do not know all of these folks. Look, NSO play this game for all the right reasons. Their members and the enjoyment of their members for playing the game, is their top priority. They are big on politics, but not on real-politik, and I mean this to be a compliment in the highest order, more people should forego the notion that they must always perfect politics. I have gone from hating these guys to being very proud to be allied to these guys... and THEY have not changed much... and I have not changed much... if I were to ever leave my alliance.. NSO is so high on my short list of destinations. (I imagine they are praying at this point I never leave my alliance.) NSO learned what so many of us so quickly forget... CN IS A GAME. Learn from them the rest of you.

    Invicta - Puppets with delusions of grandeur. Nothing more. Never once making their own path, never once standing up to an ally, they simply lay down before the enemeis of their allies.

    The Seven Kingdoms - These guys make me laugh. Not because they are funny, because they are inept. They were inept as HB, they are inept today. They have meandered through the treaty web in search of a successful combination of allies (read this as "always looking for the next winning side") and as soon as they find it... their allies crumble. Protip guys: Do not count on your allies for your FA.

    RIA - Like R&R, they are still widely viewed with the SF tag. Unlike R&R though, they are having trouble finding their way out of that type-casting. That is not to say that they do not have some capable leaders. Despite my clashes and interactions with their leadership over the years, I have found them to be able politically and militarily, the only issue is they seem to be afraid to lose "honor" (God the concept of honor really does ruin this whole game.) People think that losing honor means acting with dishonor, when it really does not. Honor is fleeting. Major props to RIA for their war stats program. Seriously, I would hug each and every one of you (even Ogaden!) for that. I literally begged for something like that for YEARS. It created whole new levels of propaganda possibilities. I see RIA as an alliance ready to shed the honor-soaking, but unsure of how to actually proceed. Here is my advice guys : Talk to your allies in NSO. You dont have to be like NSO, but aside from the "we are good friends and allies" with NSO... REALLY talk to NSO. I promise you you will have more fun in CN if you dont put the fake "honor" within a GAME above everything else.

    CCC- I really do not know anything about them, except that they willingly throw themselves to the wolves as Polar meatshield every single war. CCC is probably the 1 alliance in all of CN whos FA has made zero movement in 6 years. I mean not one iota. You know what that says? They soak up honor. Sigh.

    TLR- Home sweet home. Look, we are a retirement community. We enjoyed our prominence, we have no desire to re-attain that prominence. We are perfectly content to let others take the lead. Like the TPFs and Valhallas of the world, we have earned our respite. Maybe , some day, I will get interested enough, or Kestral will, Or Elly will, or heaven-forbid, AirMe will... and we may get involved, but here is a protip... Do not hold your breath. Troll away at us, the truth is we have accomplished more that 95% of you could have ever dreamed of.

    Atlas - The world is starting to take notice of you. This is both good and bad.You are that make or break moment for your alliance in terms of legacy. Watching where you go with it will be fun. Something else for you guys to fear, you are ALSO on my short list of destinations if I ever leave TLR. Fear that and pray. Seriously though guys, enjoy the moment at hand, and do not fear directional decisions going forward. Mistakes do not wreck an alliance's legacy nearly as much as doing nothing wrecks it. Survey the world, look for your spot in it, then go take your spot. I wish you all the best, sincerely.

    AI- Retirement home. They cannot beat us in Shuffleboard though. Most because we cheat. The way I see it... AI formed with 1 purpose. They may not even know that they had that purpose when they formed. They fulfilled the purpose, and pretty much just stopped. History will decide if their respite was earned, I wish there could have been more though.

    Sengoku - For all intents and purposes, Sengoku are weird to me. Their FA seems haphazard at times. They also have a brief history of thinking they are more important than they are on the FA stage... and then... suddenly they make you question if maybe they are not smarter than we all think they are. I am admittedly curious now, and I think the next year will bring many many answers as far as Sengoku is concerned. It may just be that I have been wrong about these guys all along. Remember that next time I make this blog... because it will be addressed with much more knowledge.

    INT- I still adore these guys. They still are the source of my largest CN headache ever. Yet chock full of people I count as friends. I think INT is largely intentionally keeping a low-profile. I think they know their FA is like a meandering fish in a strong current. 2 years ago I could have wrote an entire diatribe on INT, now I am just studying, looking for what their intentions are. Little do they know though... they make my short list as well (My short list is really 7 alliances.)

    DoD - Went from fighting them 9 months ago, to fighting alongside them now (Thank you TOP-Polar incompetence). I was largely neutral on them back then, largely neutral on them now. What they are is competent fighters. What they are not is political movers and shakers. Think NEW minus the language barrier 4-5 years ago.My opinion on DoD will be created over the post-war era, because they (and their allies) will have difficult choices. So make a mental note of this for next time I do this. I will be paying much more attention to DoD.

    Argent - Janax is back.. Omni is out... they can ONLY get an A+ from me. They would get that A+ even if they were squarely on the other side of me this war. Seriously, Janax is somewhat a CN legend, and among the people in this game that I respect the most. Much like TLR, the whole world though a y ear ago, that Argent would not exist today. Suck it world. Can Argent's future be as bright as its pre-Omni past? Who knows, but I would not bet against them. They have some smart players. If they can maintain their interest (which requires others to help to create interest), they can do much pretty much anything they put their minds to.

    Doom Squad- Widely regarded as MK 2.0, you would all be wise to stop thinking of them in that regard. Lots of MK faces? Sure. But this group plays the political game a little different. Subtle and effective, not the "in your face" style of the old MK. However, they have the same level of effectiveness. It is like their kinship with DBDC makes up everything that made Doomhouse right, while shedding all the political albatrosses that Doomhouse had. Keep an eye on this alliance, because their stock is rising.

  7. With the new rules, how long do you think it'll take for someone to get to the "Same network nations, shared information with each other" CB?

    Does this change anything about how your alliance will vet people, or how they allow people into their AA?

  8. Tires squeeled and screeched as a white pick-up truck pulled up to the police line surrounding Strip Squad. The roaring fire by now was put out, and left were only the soggy remains of the gentlemen's club.

    The driver's door opened, and out stepped a thin, scruffy-haired man. He wore a loose-fitting brown overcoat down to his knees. A close inspection would reveal many patches of coffee-stains - battle scars of the press-room. As he violently opened and closed the driver's door, a coffee mug shattered on the asphalt below. It was barely noticed, as this reporter was transfixed on his notepad.

    He muttered to himself. "This is the big one. This is the biggest story from this town in years. This one's going to put me on the map." His hands slightly shook as he scrawled down anything he could think of.

    "Burning Building."

    "A sea of police and fire trucks."

    "Burn Victims."


    "This is going to be great! Great! Great!" He kept scrawling notes, but his hand stopped at the sight of a tall, uniformed officer with blond hair and blue eyes. In a sea of chaos and charcoal, this officer was managing an organized search, directing his subordinates through burnt, wooden remains. The reporter's instincts quickly took over.

    "Officer! Officer!" He approached the building as close as he could, and waved his hand through some caution tape. "Officer!"

    Lt. Starfox looked out of the corner of his eye, seeing a frantic hand waving back and forth. He sighed, and slowly walked towards him.

    "Excuse me sir, we're in the middle of an important investigation." Began Starfox, "I'd like to ask you to step bac-"

    "This is GeniusInc from the Apathy Report. Can you answer some questions for the paper? What happened here? What is being investigated? How did the New Polar Order screw up this time?"

    Starfox was unfazed, and replied back in a firm voice. "Please step back. We will have a press-conference in a couple of hours."

    Genius barked back across the line. "Are you admitting fault for the fire? Is the New Polar Order adopting a policy of burning down civilian homes? Is the -"

    Starfox let out a deep sigh. He closed his eyes and prepared to repeat his words, but was interrupted by an excited voice over his shoulder.

    "Lieutenant! Lieutenant!" An officer ran out from the burnt-out building. "I think we found something! There's something below... boxes! Yeah, lots of boxes!"

    Genius watched the Lieutenant's eyes quickly widen. The once calm and collected Lieutenant was startled and stiffly began moving to the building. His steps paced faster and faster as he broke into a full sprint. While running, he called out behind him.

    "Great work! Now get that press-guy out of here!" The last of these words grew fainter as Starfox disappeared into the wreckage.

    Genius began at once, "What did you find?!"

    He was immediately grabbed by the arm.

    "Do you want to leave here by yourself or in a stretcher?" The officer growled.

    "What did you find?! Are you threatening the press?!" Genius quickly pulled his arm back into his possession. "Is this what Polar has come to!? You will hear from my lawyer!"

    Both men glared at each other before Genius turned back from the police line. The upper right arm of his coat had a black, charcoal-ed handprint. Genius stormed back to his white pick-up truck. The door slammed open and shut. He buried his forehead on the wheel in thought.

    "Something isn't right here." He mumbled to himself. "That Lieutenant wasn't acting normal."


    "This is Sheriff Dajobo speaking. Come in. Lieutenant, Come in."

    "This is Lieutenant Starfox reporting in. The fire is out. Some of the officers are burned, but there are no casualties. We haven't been able to find Sergeant Tywin though."

    "Tywin will be fine. Anyway those !@#$%^&* got away. They pulled away from us on the highway. How are things over there?"

    "The hell? What do you mean fine? One doesn't go missing in a fire and come out fine."

    "Look, just don't worry about it... uh... him. Anyway, did you find anything?"

    "Yessir! Boxes and boxes. They were running quite the operation here. There's enough tech here to buy a top-tier wonder."

    "Attaboy Lieutenant! Now get some rest, I'll call over some transport from HQ. Just sit tight and they'll be over to pick it up in 15 minutes."

    "Don't worry, I'll load it up and drive it to HQ."

    "Nahhhh. You did well, don't push yourself. Get some rest and let someone else do the work."

    "I'm fine Sheriff. Let me take care of it."

    "Get some rest Starfox. It's an order."


    "Starfox, hello? Starfox?"

    "I can't let you do that Sheriff."

    "Wait what?"

    "I apologize my dear, but I'll be transporting that tech.."

    "Starfox, is everything ok? Why are you talking in a British accent? Just go home and get some -"

    "Sorry chap. God save the queen."

    [Radio Silence]


    "GODDAMNIT!" Dajabo screamed in his squad-car.

    His thick hands gripped the wheel tighter and tighter. He let go with his right arm and slammed his arm rest, before fumbling for his radio receiver once more.

    "Come in HQ. This is Sheriff Dajobo."

    "Call received. Whats wrong Sheriff?"

    "There's no time. Enact imperial order 47. Immediately."

    "But sir! You can't do that! They aren't ready! It's dangerous! There was only one prototype and it was barely stable - "

    "I don't care. Get the Tywin-bots ready. We have to hunt ourselves a rat."


    Witnesses would remember a peculiar site from that night on Main street . A giant black van raced down the road. The windows were shut, but inside could be heard a blaring anthem:

    God save our gracious Queen

    Long live our noble Queen

    God save the Queen

    Send her victorious

    Happy and glorious

    Long to reign over us

    God save the Queen

    Following it was a white pick-up truck.

  9. It begins. I'm only doing alliances I think about until the moment this escapes my attention (so five seconds)

    NPO: Vader. I've never been a big Vader fan....well, wait. Nobody's a huge Vader fan. But most can acknowledge his accomplishments and the fact that one time he popped his eye back into socket mid-match. Yeah, that happened. The main reason I picked Vader for NPO, though, is I thought "who is deceptively quick for their size" and immediately thought "the guy who was really similar to a bowling ball"

    NpO: Kane. Very few times has Kane been "the guy," and his new gimmick really sucks (which is actually the opposite for Polar I think, they've grown on me) but he's always been hovering around the upper midcard scene. A big guy who did the flying clothesline more often than you'd think. Resigned to a lot of punch matches with bad wrestlers.

    IRON: Eugene. I'm not gonna get into it.

    C&G (as a whole): John Cena. Very kid friendly. Needs a heel turn to stay fresh. Will not do so because more merch is sold this way. Still does solid in-ring work and is one of the stronger wrestlers, but the "superman" thing is not very convincing.

    NG: Jack Swagger. Standout wrestler, but never let him talk if it's avoidable. That is not a reference to his lisp, but to the fact that he just doesn't do good promo work. When given a good manager, a solid midcarder.

    TOP: Bray Wyatt. Playing mind games with all of you mongoloids. Kind of an !@#$%^&, but hilariously so.

    MI6: Roman Reigns. While the "wow he hits people hard" thing is overdone and he's going to have a lot of stupid punch matches, still a great talent. The four actual wrestling moves he does are very athletic.

    Kaskus: Chris Benoit. But without the "good wrestler" part.

    DBDC: Brock Lesnar, but on roids. Rarely seen, but it hurts when he's in action. Was not booked nearly as strongly until the other "top guy" started to falter in his first run.

    Umbrella; Kurt Angle. First Olympic gold medalist. Gave way to Brock Lesnar at first, but then Lesnar left for the NFL. Kurt hasn't been the same since joining TNA, probably because TNA sucks and only hipster like it now. $%&@ TNA for what they did to Angle.

    Los Pollos Hermanos: CM Punk. Undersized. BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD

    Lavender Town: Shelton Benjamin. Fun Fact: Shelton Benjamin was actually Brock Lesnar's roommate at University of Minnesota and they were the Minnesota Wrecking Crew in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Shelton Benjamin was a freakish athlete and standout in-ring performer, but because he didn't have great promo work he was never a top guy.

    Sparta: Ric Flair. There are long periods of time where I wonder why Ric Flair exists; then he'll do something hilariously amazing and I remember! Also, "Sparta acts like it is eternally drunk" means they're either Ric Flair or Scott Hall. Scott Hall went to rehab and is apparently okay now, so that means it has to be Flair.

    RIA: Randy Savage. While Hulk Hogan was without question the #1 guy, it was mostly because of his appeal to a wider audience. As an adult, Randy Savage is far better, similar to Punk/Cena. So SF kinda worked like that when RIA wasn't seen as the head of the snake.

  10. First off, to those of you amongst the peanut gallery that are tired of micro drama or that are ROFLing about this one in particular, please accept my sincerest apologies. I realize how terribly engrossing your lives are, what with your treaty announcements, milestones, and infra-hugging in preparation for your once-a-year war. If only we ALL embraced the status quo perhaps this world would be at a mere 6000 nations. Think of how fun it would be then!

    Alas, our unwillingness to simply exist means we find ourselves at war from time to time. And what an interesting little war we've found if for no other reason than neither side is budging. Uninvolved parties are rife with misconceptions, from the mild ("Both sides are saying they're winning!") to the wild ("They want wonder decommissioning!"). That's to be expected. What's surprising is when the other combatants themselves, either due to lack of communication or willful misrepresentation, seem to be equally clueless. Apparently an education is in order.

    To understand why Kashmir is unrelenting one must first understand why we went to war in the first place.

    Kashmir, you see, believes in the value of punitive actions. We generally go to war because we feel wronged and because we feel someone must pay for their misgivings. We do not go to war seeking empty apologies, reparations, or anything equally trivial or meaningless. In this case we went to war with Monsters Inc because of the sum of hostile, reckless actions that weathered the patience of members and friends alike and culminated in them hitting our close allies in SRA. Elsewhere, I eventually gave the greenlight on Limitless Nexus because Methrage was spreading screenshots from our private forums. That comes with the territory to an extent - we're an open, transparent alliance after all - but if you're going to actively work against us more likely than not you're going to get more than you bargained for.

    Ultimately, how does one judge when a punitive action has been successfully carried out?

    Sure, MInc and LN are a fraction of their former sizes (the former is 16.4% the size they were a month ago and the latter 38.4%), and sure, all but a single member in their ranks - Jonesing - is broke and/or relying entirely on aid to subsist (the number of financially capable nations triples if you include CA, who Kashmir is not presently at war with). The enemy seems to think that their out-of-context damage ratio - a whopping 1.08:1 in their favor (which amounts to 7% more damage inflicted) - trumpets winning conditions. Clearly, as subjective of a concept as winning is in this game, the Limitless Coalition is anything but.

    Truth be told, I'm perhaps a bigger white peace proponent than most. If the enemy admitted it's defeated then perhaps we would be more amenable. If the enemy though won't make such an admission then our work clearly isn't done. That these bruised and battered micros are promising perma-war is ultimately inconsequential.

    It is what it is. This is why we fight.

  11. OsWorld_zpsed6368fa.jpg

    Good afternoon, I'm Schattenmann, your humble fact-checker for this mini-presentation of Os's World, your number one source for news from that land beyond the clouds, that happy land somewhere over the rainbow where the sky is green, the sun is purple, and trees grow down.

    Today, we visit that wonderful land again, beckoned by the claims of His Backwardness that:

    I oppose certain things in bob. Reparations. Eternal wars. A few others. I oppose them whether my allies do them or whether enemies do them. Ive certainly shown over the years ill take unpopular stances because its what I agree with. So yeah.

    To do homage to the man, I say : :::::::chortle:::::: :

    Opposition is Action
    Let us first channel that biggest jerkwad of philosophy, the man who gave us pedantry, Socrates, and ask first: what is it to "oppose"? This is a word which implies action, oppose is a verb, it is not a passive state, but affirmative. We understand that to oppose something means to stand in its way. If a man opposes something, he acts to stop it. If a man is opposed to something, he moves to separate himself from it.
    We can greater understand this concept of opposition by considering its opposite, support. Support, too, is an action. Support enables things. A treaty is support, war is support, diplomatic pressure is support.
    Opposition is powerful. If rulers and alliances took stock of their ideals, and stood upon them, the world would shudder.

    Truth is Found in Action
    Now, let us examine OsRavan's record of opposition to reparations, eternal wars, etc. For it is in a man's action that we find the truth.
    • In his perverted part in a perverted play, he directed the forces of ODN in enforcement of peace terms in the DH-NPO War which included $2.427 Billion in reparations ($1B from Legion alone), and a month long extended war against the top tier of Pacifica.
    • In the Dave War, ODN itself demanded an extended war of top-tier MCXA nations.
    • In the TOP-C&G War, ODN stood shoulder-to-shoulder with its allies and coalition in demands for reps totaling over $1 Billion and tens-of-thousands of tech (most of it blood money to GOONS), and 40,000 tech from Legion.

    It is most often the case that when we discuss the historical sins of an alliance, we must be careful to remember that their sins have been across multiple administrations, and that distance makes for penance.
    Not so with ODN and OsRavan.
    OsRavan himself led the Network in each of these wars and always unfalteringly waved the banner of his bloodthirsty allies.

    OsRavan Found False
    Os's World is a weird place, indeed. It is a world where a man finds it perfectly sane to decry every kind of injustice who has himself committed his personal influence, and the military might of his alliance to the extraction of outrageous reps; who has himself accepted reps; who has put the weight of his alliance behind the acts he himself decries over and over again, enthusiastically.

    Why must we continue to examine OsRavan?



    I think your obsession with Os is bordering on alarming.
    With that I'm going to recuse myself from the impending NpO circlejerk itt.


    How many of these nine illustrious years have been spent nursing your unhealthy obsession with OsRavan? I wanna say six but that number seems kinda low...

    OsRavan breathes rarefied air as one of very few men whose person came to define an AA and in many ways an era. His person is political, to discuss the person of OsRavan is to discuss ODN. Where OsRavan lies, the truth must be brought forth.
    This is no petty personal squabble, but a question of the state of things. As long as twisted manipulators such as OsRavan are allowed to spew their backwards histories, alliances will continue to emulate them.

    History is the sum of actions of men, OsRavan's opposition could have meant an entirely different world, but despite his repetitive cries that his principles give no regard to politics, we see that he has no principles, and he perpetuated a world without principle.

    So, my dear reader, on this, the 1,752nd day since OsRavan forced reparations from Cult of Justitia, and the 1,751st day since he began denying it, I'm your host Schattenmann bidding you good day from all of us in Os's World.

    Os's World 1
    Os's World 2

    Source: A Valentine from TPF
  12. Much like the Tortoise and the Hare this story can teach CN players some good lessons.

    A scorpion, being a very poor swimmer, asked a turtle to carry him on his back across a river. "Are you mad?" exclaimed the turtle. "You'll sting me while I'm swimming and I'll drown."

    "My dear turtle," laughed the scorpion, "if I were to sting you, you would drown and I would go down with you. Now where is the logic in that?"

    "You're right!" cried the turtle. "Hop on!" The scorpion climbed aboard and halfway across the river gave the turtle a mighty sting. As they both sank to the bottom, the turtle resignedly said:

    "Do you mind if I ask you something? You said there'd be no logic in your stinging me. Why did you do it?"

    "It has nothing to do with logic," the drowning scorpion sadly replied. "It's just my character."

  13. Hello and Goodbye!

    Unfortunately my ISP has currently massive problems after they "repaired" some of their server facilities. So, everytime I get a connection and access a website, I get disconnected and then for 5-10 minutes "locked out". Browsing is almost impossible and the only way to be around is during lunchbreak from work.

    So, I hope to get these problems fixed asap, but can't tell how long it might take.

    Please, someone win me a new internetz and send it to me via mail -_-


  14. I feel the need to comment on this issue due to this possibly being the most egregious case of treaty chess I have seen in some time.

    Treaty chess is the cynical exploitation of treaties built around trust, common interest and friendship between two or more alliances in order to negate the ability of an alliance to receive assistance from their allies. This can take two forms:

    1) Chain-baiting.

    Chain-baiting is the result of an alliance having a treaty or treaties that make it extremely inconvenient to directly attack, thus triggering all manner of defensive treaties. The treaty-chess player instructs an alliance or alliances to attack the desired targets less well connected allies in order to compel the target alliance to "take the bait" and attack the bait alliance. Due to agreements made prior to the war, this relieves obligations of defense due to non-chaining clauses, opposing coalitions, or whatnot.

    2) Treaty Conflicts.

    The second and more commonly used exploitation of treaties in treaty chess is to get alliances to counter or attack a target alliance where the attacking alliance has treaties which are also held by the target alliance, therefore making it impossible for the target alliance's allies to defend them without violating their treaty with the attacking alliance.

    The first instance I find more acceptable than the second, as the target in the first instance, their allies should recognize what is going on and defend their ally regardless. The second instance I have long considered to be an abuse, and alliances should not agree to be used in that way.

    The rationale for treaty chess and the arguments as to why treaty chess is ok that I have heard largely involve the treaty web, and how offensive action is inherently more difficult than defensive action (due to there being a hell of a lot more mutual defense clauses than optional aggression clauses) but ultimately treaty chess involves exploiting the ties that bind alliances together for cynical ends. This goes both ways. Not defending an ally because they are obvious bait does not diminish the fact that they are still your ally, and they signed their treaty in good faith with you.

    Treaty chess is the ultimate dehumanizing element of coalition warfare, it reduces your alliance down to a NS value and a treaty list. Alliances that do not contest being exploited or sacrificed for treaty chess abandon their sovereignty in exchange for better odds for "the coalition", but where will the coalition be when the war is over? Your coalition partner today ordering you to hit your ally's ally instead of defending your own ally is your enemy tomorrow, who rejoices at your diminished state, fewer allies, and damaged credibility.

  15. And today we see another attempt by hostiles to invade the sovereign territory of the New Pacific Order, and what a lame attempt it is too. Federation of Imperial Red Empires? Absurd grammar aside, it seems that the founder just wanted a cool name and mashed together four words that would form the acronym FIRE. Is this the grand humanitarian effort coming to save the Red Sphere? A Red Cross with one member and FIRE, the totally amazing and super cool alliance with that unique name and that special "Fire Lord" as their leader.

    I've really got to wonder what's more important to the unaligned nations in the Red Sphere - more lunatics with potentially more trades (cause they won't have their trades set up already, right?), or guaranteed protection from tech raiders that's been effectively going on since we implemented the Revenge Doctrine.

    Dang, tough choice.

  16. spoiler: they are, by far.

    Just a couple songs that are up there in popularity but not the most known:

    Art of Storytellin', p4:



    There's not a way to make these two bad together. At all.

    Some other good songs highlighting individual efforts.

    Play the Guitar (B.o.B. feat. Andre 3000) - A theme with Andre's songs more so than Big Boi's is the hyper, quick stringy beats. He loves rhyming in a disjointed, choppy flow. :

    All Together Now (Andre 3000) - This song is pretty weird, but in the best way. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcxkJxRfr2g

    Benz Friends (Future feat. Andre 3000) - Andre goes straight up verbal abuse. :

    The Real Her (Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000) - I don't care much for the song, Andre's verse is last. :

    Throw Some D's Remix (Rich Boy feat. Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee, & The Game) - This song isn't the most bearable, but the positioning of Andre at the start means you don't have to skip around : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtoknEAKoc4

    She Hates Me (Big Boi feat. Kid Cudi) - A pretty good song on behalf of both artists. I'm biased though due to it being two of my favorites coming together. :

    In the A (Big Boi feat. Ludacris & T.I.) - Eh, standard song for these guys tbh. It just highlights Big Boi's difference in style from Andre. :

    You Ain't No DJ (Big Boi feat. Yelawolf) - Big Boi is almost as unorthodox as Andre when it comes to beats. :

    Shutterbugg (Big Boi feat. Cutty) - This is probably the most similar song he has to Andre without actually being in the same song. :

    Shoes For Running (Big Boi feat. B.o.B. & Wavves) - just to show what each artist comes up with for a B.o.B. collab; I think Big Boi wins. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjgrc9zPxFs

  17. After many talks in the Leauge of Micros, there seems to be enough interest in pursuing Planet Bob’s first ever ‘Micro World War’. 


    The suggested rules of engagement are as follows:


    1) All interested alliances are divided based on stats into two equal teams.


    2) The Micro World War will have an official start date (hopefully in march) and a duration of NMT 14 days- both parties will know the start date well ahead of time.


    3) There will be a ‘no ghosting’ policy after the teams are equally divided until the conclusion of the world war.


    4) Participates of the world war waive their treaties until the completeion of the war.


    5) After the world war concludes, the chips resist and if it’s a success, we aim for another one in 6 months (with new teams picked) and we’re hoping to do this twice a year. So please help make this a success!


    It is encouraged for the alliances participating to bring their pride and their flags waiving, enjoy the propaganda and the comradely. The only ‘losers’ are the ones sitting on the sidelines. 


    Please in-game PM me if you think it would be fun for your own alliance. Not sure if you’re a micro? If you’re pondering that question, then I bet you’re qualified.


  18. Lets say you were convicted of a crime - Regardless of your guilt or innocence, the jury has convicted you, and now you must be sentenced.

    If given a choice between 10 years and 10 lashes, which would you choose?

  19. The upcoming elections have reminded me of something, something that is evident to most people in the world, except, for whatever reason, Americans: The American culture and ethos, for the past 40 years, has been based on selfishness (or its PC-term, "individualism") and neo-liberalism, the misguided belief that rich and powerful people can somehow solve all of our problems, and therefore we must protect and defend them at all costs, with Trump being the clear example. Trump's appeal is that he is a rich man who owns his own company, so that automatically means that he knows how to run a country, despite the fact that he has not given an intelligent and outlined plan, and really is nothing more than a buffoon. This Gallup poll outlines the frustration, alienation, and disapproval with American politics: http://www.gallup.com/opinion/polling-matters/179477/americans-frustration-congress-elections.aspx 


    American political discourse is dominated by neo-liberalism, in every considerable way. So much, that any policy advocated that will help the disadvantaged, and limit the privilege of the rich, is considered to be "class warfare", even though class warfare is conducted, every single day, by the privileged against those who are privileged, through law, the structure of our education system (another subject in its entirety), and other means. This is not limited to politics, it is us, our society, that have been influenced by this neo-liberal philosophy. If our politicians represent us, then they do a very good job at it. It's why I choose not to vote, simply because I have no illusions that a politician can improve these conditions. A government is only as good as the society it represents. What's the solution? I honestly don't know if there is any solution outside of a revolution, not a violent revolution, but a spiritual one, one that is based on truth and radical love, and also a cultural and philosophical one, a new renaissance of sorts, considering the fact that stupidity and ignorance greatly contribute to these conditions.


    But I don't see that happening... and it's worth noting that I, by expressing this opinion, am not being self-righteous, nor am I speaking from a position of intellectual superiority. I am saying this because I believe it to be true, not because I'm not guilty of being an acolyte of this philosophy as well. The truth is that I, quite honestly, no longer care because I, as an individual, am powerless to do anything about it on the macro-level. We, as a nation can, but do we want to? Do I want to? Do you want to? The only thing I can do is be the change that I want to see in my everyday life, opposing unfair hierarchies, materialism, and individualism, and trying to be as altruistic as possible. It's hard, and it is why I use the term "we" instead of "you" or "y'all", because I am as influenced by this Age of Selfishness as the next man, and I am as guilty in perpetuating it. That does not mean, however, that we can't try. But we don't, we just continue to perpetuate it.


    I don't follow the "human nature" argument, and that is not the argument I'm making, it's complete BS, and it's also a cop-out. Human beings have the capacity to do good, however, we live in a society that rewards greed and selfishness more than it rewards justice, which is what makes it much more difficult to do good because "what's the point?" right?

  20. Recently, I've been thinking about the subject of this article. What implicit authority do ambassadors and representatives of alliances have when speaking to foreign alliances? This may seem at first trivial, but it's actually quite important. It matters when it comes to alliances' responsibility for what their representatives say. Here we will delve into this question and attempt to work out an answer.

    All authority is either explicit or implicit. Explicit authority is that which is granted directly by someone with the legitimate ability to do so. But explicit authority is easily revoked and in any event, it isn't the kind of authority that usually gets anyone into trouble because it is so clearly defined by its very nature. There isn't much room for error.

    Implicit authority on the other hand is much murkier. It isn't based on the decrees of another (organization or individual) but rather on the context of both the position a person holds and other factors such as a given situation. While it can vary depending on situation, what will be discussed here is the minimum level of implicit authority representatives can be assumed to have because without it their jobs would effectively be impossible or at least unreasonably difficult.

    So what is this minimum amount of implicit authority representatives are vested with? Well it is reasonable to figure all representatives are plenipotentiaries. A plenipotentiary is an individual who has the authority to speak on behalf of the sovereign (i.e., the State or, in the case of CN, the Alliance). Of course, this is not entirely true. For example, we rarely think of alliance members who serve as representatives as implicitly holding the power to negotiate or sign treaties, declare war, make peace, or do any of the more high level actions alliances are capable of performing. That said, while representatives may not ordinarily have the authority to do these things, they can certainly speak (but not act) on behalf of their alliances. Their alliance has sent them to represent it to another, and if the receiving alliance cannot take what this person says as representative of the alliance, why would it even bother to talk with said person in any official capacity. The sending alliance then may as well have not sent this person at all because without the authority to speak on behalf of their alliance, which is the whole point of sending representatives, the person cannot do her job.

    So onto why this matters. Because representatives are speaking for their alliances, their alliances can be held responsible for anything that they say to a foreign alliance. Of course, an alliance can revoke its representatives' authority to speak for it, but it is responsible for anything said before that point. Responsibility is a measure of how much praise or blame a person deserves for words or actions, and if alliances are not responsible for what their representatives say, then what their representatives say is trivial and pointless. They may be nominally speaking on behalf of their alliance but it isn't substantive speech. If representatives cannot engage in substantive speech, they cannot do their jobs as substantive speech is the only kind that matters to the receiving alliance. Niceties and basic polite conversation are fine, but in order to engage with an alliance through its representatives (which is the whole point of receiving and talking to representatives), representatives must be capable of saying things that genuinely mean something, and how can anything they say mean anything for relations between alliances if one alliance is wholly removed from anything that is said? The answer is that it can't.

    Representatives must be capable of speaking on behalf of their alliances to do their job, and speaking on an alliance's behalf necessarily entails that the alliance can be held responsible for what is said in its name, for good or for bad, for praise or for blame.

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    An 82-year-old man in the U.S has been arrested for slashing an 88-year-old woman's tyres on her birthday because she took his favourite seat at bingo.

  21. Repost from way back, but still a important subject.

    Greetings from the Pathology Samples Jar.

    I may be gone, but I am not forgotten. Three years ago today, I was a relatively happy testicle. I lived in a warm and comforting place, and was treated quite well. The problem was, that I would occasionally ache and cause my host a tremendous amount of discomfort. It turns out that I was being invaded. I never knew. I was a happy and warm testicle, and poof! I was being kicked out of my own home. It seems this cancerous leech had attached itself to me, and was slowly and surely kicking me out of my own house. It was devastating, to say the least.

    So, on this day 3 yrs ago, my host, the esteemed OBM, was put under the knife and I, along with some inguinal lymph nodes, were rudely removed and sent to the pathology lab. Turns out that I was really mostly a tumor. I'd been moved in on and was in danger of wrecking the whole works.

    Check your nuts. Here's a fun video that will explain the facts and how to check the lads.

    So, lads, check your nuts. Srsly, it is easy, and as the video shows, you can even have someone near and dear to you help out.


    Oh! And for you ladies, and you know we love you, do your monthly self-exams. It is easy and can save your life.

  22. So as to not continue cluttering up the discussion of political/social factors past/present/future in the other entry I'm opening this one up strictly to core game mechanics.

    The two main things that have been identified as needing change are:

    1. Foreign Aid System
    2. Nation Strength Calculation

    Suggestions So Far

    - Change how much tech/land contributes to NS after a certain NS point

    - Remove the ability to send tech at all, and institute tech degradation where the more tech you have, the more it degrades per day (if I'm understanding Seerow's proposal correctly). Unresolved is how tech costs would scale - normally? This would certainly hurt warchests but it would also curb inflation. Also unresolved would be what to do about the nations already stacked with tech - although presumably they will lose it in time from wars and degradation [rapidly].

    - Add a 'game tax' to every foreign aid transaction [some percent of the money sent - like 50%] and uncap foreign aid slots. Change DRA and FM to lower the tax by 5% for marginal gain. Allows new nations to be 'caught up' quickly but at the expense of warchests.