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      The following are basic guidelines for use of the Cyber Nations community forum. Anyone caught disobeying these guidelines will be issued a warning. The forum staff works on a five warn limit policy unless the situation calls for more appropriate action ranging from a verbal warning to a double warn and suspension to an immediate ban, etc.   Just because something is not listed specifically here as illegal does not mean it's allowed. All players are expected to use common sense and are personally responsible for reading the pinned threads found in the Moderation forum. Questions regarding appropriateness or other concerns can be sent via PM to an appropriate moderator.   A permanent ban on the forums results in a game ban, and vice versa. Please note that the in-game warn system works on a "three strikes you're out" policy and that in-game actions (including warnings and deletions) may not be appealed. For more information regarding in-game rules please read the Cyber Nations Game Rules.   1.) First Warning
      2.) Second Warning
      3.) Third Warning (48 hour suspension at the forum)
      4.) Fourth Warning (120 hour suspension at the forum)
      5.) Permanent Ban   Game Bans and Forum Bans
      If you receive a 100% warn level on the forums, you will be subject to removal from the forums AND have your nation deleted and banned from the game at moderator(s) discretion.   If you are banned in the game, then you will be banned from the forums.   Process of Appeals
      Players may not appeal any in-game actions. This includes cheat flags, canceled trades, content removals, warn level increases, nation deletion, and bans from the game.   Players may appeal individual forum warnings. You may only appeal a warning if you can show with evidence that it was unwarranted or unduly harsh. If a reasonable amount of time has passed (no less than one month and preferably longer) in which you have demonstrated reformed behavior than you may request a warning level reduction. Wasting staff time with inappropriately filed reports and/or unfounded appeals will result in a warn level raise. Repeat incidences will result in a ban from the forum.   Bans are permanent. Banned players may appeal to the Senior Staff if they believe grounds exist (very, very rare) in which they state their case with evidence and why explain why they believe they deserve to be allowed back into Cyber Nations. This process is not quick and the investigation into cases may last three minutes or three weeks or more depending on the individual situation.   The only place where discussion of moderator action is acceptable is in the appropriate Moderation forum. Posting commentary on or disagreement with moderator action elsewhere will result in a warn level raise.   Posting
      All posts must be in English. Common phrases in other languages will be allowed so long as they are translated upon request. Foreign languages are permitted in signatures and avatars, however.   Certain areas of the forum require you to have a nation in either standard CN or CN:TE. If you have...   A SE and a TE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your SE nation or ruler name. You are allowed to post in either SE or TE areas of the forum. You must have your CN:TE nation name listed in your profile to post in the CN:TE section of the forum.
      Just an SE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your SE nation or ruler name. You are not allowed to post in any TE areas of the forum.
      Just a TE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your TE nation name or ruler name. Your must have your CN:TE nation name listed correctly in your profile. You are not allowed to post in any of the SE areas. You are allowed to post in the water cooler, question center and the moderation forums. Other than that, all your posts need to stay in the TE area.   Flame/Flamebait/Trolling
      Flaming is expressing anger or lobbing insults at a person/player rather than a character, post, idea, etc. Flamebait are posts that are made with the aim of targeting/harassing/provoking another user into rule-breaking. Trolling is submitting posts with the aim of targeting/harassing/provoking a specific group into rule-breaking. Forum users should not be participating in any of these, and doing so will result in a warning.   Topic Hijacking
      Hijacking is forcing the current thread discussion off of the original topic and usually results in spam or flame from either side. Forum users found hijacking threads will be given a warning.   Repeat Topics
      One topic is enough. Repeat topics will be locked, removed, and the author given a warning. Users found creating repeat topics after others were locked by staff will receive a warn raise.   Joke Topics
      Topics created as a joke are prohibited. Joke topics will be locked and the author warned. This includes topics in which the author is making an announcement “for” another in-game alliance. Humorous threads are permitted; it is up to the discretion of the moderation staff to determine what is merely satire and what is actually a joke topic.   Spam
      Spam is defined as creating posts or topics containing only contentless material of any kind. Users found spamming will receive a warning. Examples include (but are in no way limited to) posts containing nothing but smilies, "+1", "QFT", "this" any other one/few-word contentless combination, joke threads, or posts containing quotes and anything that counts as spam by itself. Adding words to a post with the express intent of avoiding a spam warn will result in a warning. These posts and other similar contributions have no substance and hence are considered spam. Posts of "Ave", "Hail" or any other one word congratulatory type are acceptable as one word posts. Emoticon type posts such as "o/" without accompanying text is still not allowed. Posts containing only images are considered spam, unless the image is being used in the Alliance Politics sub-forum and then the actual text of the image be placed into spoiler tags.   Posting in All Caps
      Posting large amounts of text in capital letters is not permitted. Use discretion when using your caps lock key.   No Discussion Forums
      There are forums that are not for discussion and are used strictly for game and forum staff to address certain issues, bugs, etc. The following forums are not open to discussion: Report Game Abuse, Report Forum Abuse, and Warn/Ban Appeals. Only moderators and the original poster may post in a thread, period, with absolutely no exceptions. Users found disobeying this guideline will receive an automatic warning for each offense.   Moderation Forums
      All Moderation forums also maintain pinned threads clearly marked as required reading before posting. Failure to read and follow required reading and procedure in a Moderation forum will result in a warning. Examples include posting requests in the wrong forum, failure to include all required information in posts, etc. The standard of conduct and enforcement of rules in Moderation forums is strictly enforced and the repercussions for disregarding rules or disrespecting staff are harsh. Read the pinned threads before posting and you will be fine.   Namecalling
      Excessive or unqualified namecalling is not allowed in IC forums; namecalling should also never make up the bulk of a post. Namecalling is prohibited entirely in all OOC forums.   Filtered Words
      Any attempts to evade the word filter will result in a warning. The terms we have filtered are filtered for a reason and no excuse for evasion will be accepted. Filter evasion includes censoring or deliberately misspelling part of a filtered word.   If you link to a website, image, video, etc., containing profanity, please post a disclaimer before the link. The moderation staff may still remove links if the content is deemed too obscene.   Harassment
      Forum users should not be stalking/harassing others on the forums. Anyone found stalking players from topic to topic, etc., will be subject to a warning.   Gravedigging
      Gravedigging is not allowed anywhere on the forums. Gravedigging is "bumping" old topics which haven't been active for quite some time (four to seven days is standard depending on the nature of the thread and how many pages back it had been pushed before bump). Your warn level will be raised if you are caught doing this.   The Suggestion Box and Black Market forums are partial exceptions to this rule. Suggestions/ideas in that forum may be posted in regardless of age PROVIDING that the reviving post contains constructive, on-topic input to the original topic or discussion. Black Market threads may be bumped by the author if there is new information about the offered exchange (i.e open aid slots). In the Player Created Alliances forum it will not be considered gravedigging to bump a topic up to a year old, so long as the alliance in question still exists and it is not a duplicate thread.   Signatures
      Those who fail to read and abide by these rules will have their signatures removed and receive a warning.   You may have only one image per signature which may not exceed the maximum size of 450 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. You may have no more than 8 lines of text and text size cannot exceed size 4. Each quote-tag, image and empty line count as a line.   Inappropriate Images and Other Disallowed Images
      Images that are sexual in nature or have sexual overtones are prohibited. It is up to the discretion of the moderation staff to determine what constitutes sexual overtones. Depictions of kissing are permissible provided there are no sexual implications. Images depicting female nipples are prohibited outright.   Making “ASCII art” is prohibited regardless of the image depicted.   Using photos or likenesses of another Cyber Nations player is also prohibited.   Drug References
      Images and posts promoting illegal drug use are prohibited. References to drugs are acceptable only if the moderation staff deems that it is not promoting the use thereof.   Obscene Content and/or "Account Suicide"
      Anyone caught posting vulgar material (including but in no way limited to pornography, "gross," "tubgirl," "lemonparty," photos depicting RL illegal acts such as violence towards humans or animals, child pornography, death photos, and any other obscene or offensive material in either text form or picture form) will have their account(s) permanently banned, and their ISP contacted along with any other applicable internet and RL authorities.   OOC Threats / Revealing Personal Information
      An OOC threat of any nature will equate to an automatic ban from the game and forums. Likewise, the publishing of personal information of any other player without their explicit permission is grounds for warning and/or a ban from the game depending on the severity of the offense.   Death Threats / Death Wishes
      A death threat or a death wish of any nature (including but not limited to telling another player to commit suicide) will result in at very least a 40% warn level increase and 2 day suspension from the forums, with harsher punishments, including a complete ban from the forums and game, up to the discretion of the moderation staff.   Quoting Rulebreaking Posts
      Do not quote any post with obscene content or any other content that has to be removed by the moderation staff. Doing so makes it more difficult for the moderation staff to find and remove all such content and will result in a warn level increase. Putting rulebreaking posts of any kind in your signature is prohibited.   Forum Names
      With the exception of moderator accounts, all forum accounts must match up exactly with the ruler name or nation name of your in-game country. Those found not matching up will be warned and banned immediately. Forum account names may not be profane or offensive.   Multiple Forum Accounts
      With the exception of moderators, if you are caught with multiple forum accounts, the multiple account(s) will be banned, warn level raised, and your identity will be announced by a moderator to the CN community so rule-abiding players can take IC action against you. Multiple forum account offenders will receive a varying percentage warn level raise and/or a permanent ban on a case-by-case basis.   Posting For Other Players
      Posting for banned or suspended players is prohibited, as is posting for any person without a nation. This includes making warn and ban appeals on their behalf.   Imitation &. Impersonation
      Imitation in terms of this forum is mimicking the posting, avatar, or signature styles of another user in an attempt to be satirical or generally humorous. Impersonation in terms of this forum is copying the posting, avatar, or signature styles of another user in order to present the illusion that the person is in fact that user. Imitation is fine and can be quite funny. Impersonation is disruptive and is warnable. Please pay attention to the subtle difference between these two concepts.   A player may not impersonate another player by emulating the characteristics of someone else's past or present account in an attempt to harass, stalk, or flamebait. Creating a new forum account in an attempt to impersonate a standing account will result in deletion and banning without notice.   Any attempt at imitation and/or impersonation of moderators and game staff is strictly prohibited and will be met with harsh repercussions.   Avatars
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      The swastika may not be used in signatures or avatars. Pictures of swastika's are acceptable for use in the In Character (IC) sections of the roleplay forums, so long as its context is In Character, and not Out Of Character. Pictures of Hitler, mentioning of the Holocaust, etc... have no place in the roleplay forums, since these people and events existed in real life, and have no bearing or place in the Cyberverse. Other Nazi or SS imagery is forbidden in all forums.   Moderation Staff
      The revealing of the private identities of any Cyber Nations staffers past or present is strictly prohibited, and thus no speculation/accusation of identity is allowed. Doing so is grounds for moderator action against your account appropriate to the offense, including a full forum/game ban.   Claims of moderator bias should be directed to the highest level of authority--the Head Game & Forum Mod/Admin, Keelah. Claims of moderator bias without supporting evidence is grounds for a warning.   Blatant disrespect of the moderator staff is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to spoofing moderator accounts in any way, sig/avatar references, baiting, flaming, rude demands, mocking, attitude, and unsubstantiated claims of bias. They are volunteers hired to enforce the rules. If you have a problem with the way a moderator is enforcing the rules or the rules themselves please contact Keelah.   Attempting to use the moderation staff as a weapon by abusing the report system in an attempt to get another player warned or banned is strictly prohibited.   Do not ask about becoming or campaign to become a moderator. The moderators are drawn from CN membership but moderation positions are by invitation only. Asking to become one will substantially decrease your chances of ever being asked.   Aiding Rule Violators
      Any user found to know of a serious rule violation without reporting it to a game moderator (eg. knowledge of a user with multiple nations) will be given a warning or, in more serious cases, have their nation deleted.   Aiding Banned Players
      Any user found to be harboring, aiding or otherwise knowingly helping a banned user will be deleted. This includes knowing of their existence within the game without reporting it to the game-moderation staff.   Questionable Actions and Content
      The forum rules are not designed to cover every scenario. Any action that is seen to be counter-productive or harmful to the forum community may be met with moderator action against your account. The Cyber Nations Moderation Staff reserves the right to take action against your account without warning for any reason at any time.   Private Transactions
      Nation selling and other private transactions via such auction sites like eBay is against the Cyber Nations terms and conditions. While our moderators cannot control what people do outside of the game you are not allowed to promote such private exchanges on our forums without expressed permission from admin only. Anyone found to be engaging in such activity without permission will be banned from the game.   Advertising
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Our community blogs

  1. I look in the forums and all i see is fantasy RPing, alliance drama and the rise of team drama. But we need to think about the fact that in CN, you play as a NATION. It has grown to the point where the alliances seem to be the real nations and your nation is just like a

    So really, if you are in, lets just say the New Sith Order, the NSO is really your nation, not the actual nations. If we could get more people to focus on RPing nations and getting in an alliance with other nations, getting blocs that have just individual nations, then not only will there be less "alliances", but there will be a more realistic sense to the game. The Game-Related RP section will be filled with RPers. This will make alliances grow to be huge, and will have less people like me forming 3 alliances in 6 months. Personally, i think that would be awesome if this could happen.

    Also, this would allow smaller alliances to get more members quicker.

    The reason that alliances will have more members is that people will be doing whatever they want, so they really don't care what alliance they are in, just one that they agree with the views. Alliances will also have a different meaning. They will be a group of nations trying to bring greater good to cyber nations, not a bunch of people that want to rule over everyone. Alliances will be nations that sign a treaty to protect each other(Like a fictional version of the EU or UN), not filling out an application and going to academy. People will RP their leaders, they will RP their people.

  2. Our brave comrades defended the motherland till their last breath even when Moscow and Staint Petersbrug became targets of Nuclear attacks , The enemy at the beginning of the war failed to realize the fully fighting force of the brave Imperial Army , but sadly these poor souls will never again see the motherland for they gave their lives for the security and defense of saint Petersbrug.

  3. With the new rules, how long do you think it'll take for someone to get to the "Same network nations, shared information with each other" CB?

    Does this change anything about how your alliance will vet people, or how they allow people into their AA?

  4. Recently I have been noticing that a great many of my acquaintances seem to spend a lot of time being angry. Angry at politics. Angry at bad drivers. Angry at their jobs. Angry with themselves. In the more extreme versions I know some people who seem to just never stop being angry to the point that it sucks the joy out of their life. People who quite literally hate their jobs (understandably so generally) and then spend hours and hours telling everyone so.

    And I will admit there was a point in my life a while ago when I spent a great deal of time being angry. And eventually I stopped-mostly because my life got better but also because I was able to remove many of the anger causing influences from it.

    But around me a great many people seem to spend a lot of time being very angry. Angry at politicians. Anger at drivers who nearly knock them off their bike. Anger at customers that treat them badly. Anger at the fact they are unemployed, anger at the great overriding system that leaves them unemployed. Anger at the Governments welfare reforms etc.

    I am sure we have all seen a great many of us have felt this anger and watched friends fall victim to it.

    Not only am I glad that I have managed to avoid these feelings, I have realised something else about this. This anger is incredibly self-centred and arrogant. Whilst at the same time being pointless and destructive.

    Take a person who works in a dead end service job with awful customers. They may well spend a great deal of time being angry about their job. They may feel a sense of righteousness and express that through their anger. They may well feel that the world is unfair.

    However, what actually does it achieve and change? If a customer !@#$%*ed them out for putting insufficient pickles on a sandwich, there are two possibilities. Either that customer is a bad person and genuinely doesn't care how you feel, in which case your anger won't hurt them, or they snapped at a bad moment and now feel bad, in which case your anger doesn't make them feel any better or worse. Your boss treats you badly...do they care you are angry? Do they care you hate your job? Will their treatment change because you are angry?

    The arrogance is that you believe how you feel changes the world. t doesn't. The world does not care how a person feels. It changes nothing. The self-destructiveness is that you make yourself hurt, and more importantly, the few that do care about you will also hurt as you project that anger onto those around you. The boss that screws you over doesn't care you are angry. The friends and family around you do are and they are the ones that you hurt.

    Harsh as it is, how you feel and think does not change the world one iota. How you act does. And acting angry generally does not change the world for the better. If you hate your job, bringing the hate home won't make it better. Hanging it by the door and finding something to find joy in, and doing something positive will. Hate how society treats the unfortunate? Rather than ranting at home all night (as I have witnessed people do) go out and make their lives better!

    I guess what I really want to say is that you cannot will the world into a better place. So stop making yourself miserable trying, and do something to make it better.

  5. spoiler: they are, by far.

    Just a couple songs that are up there in popularity but not the most known:

    Art of Storytellin', p4:



    There's not a way to make these two bad together. At all.

    Some other good songs highlighting individual efforts.

    Play the Guitar (B.o.B. feat. Andre 3000) - A theme with Andre's songs more so than Big Boi's is the hyper, quick stringy beats. He loves rhyming in a disjointed, choppy flow. :

    All Together Now (Andre 3000) - This song is pretty weird, but in the best way. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcxkJxRfr2g

    Benz Friends (Future feat. Andre 3000) - Andre goes straight up verbal abuse. :

    The Real Her (Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000) - I don't care much for the song, Andre's verse is last. :

    Throw Some D's Remix (Rich Boy feat. Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee, & The Game) - This song isn't the most bearable, but the positioning of Andre at the start means you don't have to skip around : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtoknEAKoc4

    She Hates Me (Big Boi feat. Kid Cudi) - A pretty good song on behalf of both artists. I'm biased though due to it being two of my favorites coming together. :

    In the A (Big Boi feat. Ludacris & T.I.) - Eh, standard song for these guys tbh. It just highlights Big Boi's difference in style from Andre. :

    You Ain't No DJ (Big Boi feat. Yelawolf) - Big Boi is almost as unorthodox as Andre when it comes to beats. :

    Shutterbugg (Big Boi feat. Cutty) - This is probably the most similar song he has to Andre without actually being in the same song. :

    Shoes For Running (Big Boi feat. B.o.B. & Wavves) - just to show what each artist comes up with for a B.o.B. collab; I think Big Boi wins. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjgrc9zPxFs


    Hear-ye Hear-ye King Wally of the Republic of Queensland here-by personally challenges the filthy New South Wales supporter Dajobo to a duel to the death in the NUKAPALOOZA Fight Club.

    /me King Wally throws 100 tech or 6 mill on the table

    3 day spam-troll-a-thon

    Winner by popular vote (open to all diplomats and members), Winner also claims the loot!

    Dajobo..... this may well be the first time in 9 years you've got a shot to see a Queenslander loose at something ... I'll await your reply


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    *I wrote this back in late April in my notepad in-game and thought i would share it with the public.*

    I fear this day would come. Today may be the day of my surrender. For the last 3 days we have been engaged in a cold war, and although there have been no casualties, i feel like i have dies 8 times, only with one remaining. Is this a ruthless prank being held by the corrupt Sparta? I haven't a clue what to think. My alliance has no more than 10 loyal men, but may i trust them? I feel the eyes of The German Empire, staring at my nation, and i fear once i release this Peace Boundary, the Antarctican Empire will forever be lost.

    On April 22, i reformed The German Empire. Later, my own people betrayed me, called me a traitor myself, and then claimed me an outlaw. Now i sit here, looking at death right in the face as he kills me in my final breaths. But i cannot give up.

    Yesterday i formed the Brotherhood Of Kings, an alliance created to promote equality and strength. I got constant pressure to surrender the alliance to TGE, but i refused. Now we stand, approximately 7 members, only 3 official, fighting to stand up for what is right.

    But now i ask myself: I am fighting for the position of Kaiser of TGE, but am i actually the true Kaiser? Is it my right? I am lost and haven't a clue what to think. Antarctica is fighting alongside me and the Brotherhood willingly, and we are bringing in hundreds of new soldiers a day for deployment, and hopefully we will be counting thousands soon. But i fear for the ones that trust me. I fear i am a coward.

    In the last 2 days, this topic has spread to 3 different threads on the forums. All threads reaching the top in there respective categories. I fear that those who turn against me will remember the name, knights111. I am afraid. But me and my brothers are United as Brothers, and we will Stand Until Death.

    Looking back, I am pretty sure that was really dramatized to the point where it was just stupid.

  7. Basically i joined this newb alliance that doesnt no nothing for the !@#$% and giggles. They are super active, but need help. they have 86 alliance announcments and dozens of comments on each one. I suggested DT cause i figured theyd take anyone :P. They just need some guiding

    [18:38:25] <Damaged> napoleon:

    [18:38:27] <Damaged> Hey man

    [18:38:38] <Damaged> Stay on here

    [18:38:42] <Damaged> its confiusing at first

    [18:38:42] <napoleon> Ok I'm in now join the alliance ASAP

    [18:38:52] <Damaged> Why asap?

    [18:39:07] <napoleon> As soon as possible join the alliance

    [18:39:16] <Damaged> Why asap?

    [18:39:17] <napoleon> Join the alliance!

    [18:39:24] <Damaged> I will

    [18:39:26] <Damaged> dont worry

    [18:39:27] <napoleon> Now or I'm leaving! Join it!

    [18:39:31] <Damaged> dude

    [18:39:35] <Damaged> please slow down

    [18:39:35] <napoleon> Join

    [18:39:38] <napoleon> Join

    [18:39:39] <Damaged> I WILL


    [18:39:40] <napoleon> Join

    [18:39:43] <napoleon> Join

    [18:39:46] <napoleon> Join

    [18:39:47] <Damaged> this game takes months

    [18:39:49] <napoleon> Join

    [18:39:50] <Damaged> we have time

    [18:39:52] <napoleon> Join

    [18:39:54] <napoleon> Join

    [18:39:56] <Damaged> napoleon:

    [18:39:57] <napoleon> Join

    [18:40:00] <Damaged> Please shut the $%&@ up

    [18:40:01] <napoleon> Join

    [18:40:04] <napoleon> Join

    [18:40:06] <napoleon> Join

    [18:40:09] <napoleon> Join

    [18:40:12] <napoleon> Then join

    [18:40:14] <napoleon> Join

    [18:40:14] <Damaged> i wont join if you keep saying join

    [18:40:16] <napoleon> Join

    [18:40:21] <napoleon> Then join

    [18:40:26] <napoleon> Then I'm out

    [18:40:28] <Damaged> Look, I want to talk to you about The Alliance

    [18:40:34] <napoleon> What!

    [18:40:49] <napoleon> I won't say nothing unless you join

    [18:40:49] <Damaged> I need government

    [18:40:56] <napoleon> What kind

    [18:40:59] <Damaged> I am the most experianced player by far

    [18:41:02] <napoleon> And for what

    [18:41:02] <Damaged> Aything

    [18:41:09] <Damaged> I know this game inside out

    [18:41:19] <napoleon> What? Cn

    [18:41:27] <napoleon> Ok so???

    [18:41:27] <Damaged> Yes

    [18:41:34] <Damaged> You need to get protected

    [18:41:35] <Damaged> and allies

    [18:41:39] <Damaged> or you will be rolled

    [18:41:42] <napoleon> I am protected

    [18:41:43] <Damaged> by people like goons

    [18:41:45] <Damaged> by who?

    [18:41:50] <Damaged> Your own alliance doesnt count

    [18:41:55] <napoleon> Why?

    [18:41:57] <Damaged> You need foreign Allies

    [18:42:00] <napoleon> Why

    [18:42:08] <Damaged> because GOONs has 100 people with allies

    [18:42:16] <napoleon> Yeah so

    [18:42:18] <Damaged> and you have 20 people who dont knwo the game that well

    [18:42:25] <Damaged> you would get crushed in war

    [18:42:25] <napoleon> We do

    [18:42:31] <napoleon> No not really

    [18:42:39] <napoleon> Well kinda

    [18:42:41] <Damaged> I am going to refer you to an alliance that will help you

    [18:42:56] <Damaged> douglas1989r: you on?

    [18:43:01] <napoleon> So will you just JOIN the te on cn please?!

    [18:43:23] <Damaged> I am at war

    [18:43:39] <Damaged> I cannot abandon my alliance You need to know more about politics

    [18:43:41] <napoleon> On the tournament edition join! Now!

    [18:43:53] <napoleon> Then I'm out of here!

    [18:44:01] <Damaged> Bye!

    [18:44:09] <napoleon> Join

    [18:44:10] <Damaged> Ill talk to someone else

    [18:44:12] <napoleon> Please

    [18:44:15] <Damaged> thats willing to listen

    [18:44:17] <napoleon> Cherry

    [18:44:23] <napoleon> On top

    [18:44:28] <napoleon> A fee first

    [18:44:41] <napoleon> For me to listen

    [18:44:49] <Damaged> i dont do fees

    [18:44:54] <napoleon> What do you want to tell me??

    [18:44:55] <Damaged> Im doing you a favor

    [18:44:58] <napoleon> Just tell me

    [18:45:00] <Damaged> you need protection

    [18:45:07] <Damaged> you can get millions of money

    [18:45:11] <napoleon> You got 5 minutes

    [18:45:29] <napoleon> I'm busy tell me NOW

    [18:45:29] <Damaged> you dont tell me what to do

    [18:45:35] <Damaged> your busy? With what?

    [18:45:44] <napoleon> YOU GOT 5 minutes

    [18:45:49] <napoleon> Help family

    [18:46:03] <Damaged> dude, ask an experianced alliance to protect you

    [18:46:14] <napoleon> Then help me now

    [18:46:15] <Damaged> I can tell them you are super active and they will like it

    [18:46:34] <napoleon> Ok then tell them, what would they do?

    [18:46:34] Damaged invited Big_Foot into channel #dgoods

    [18:46:39] Big_Foot [iceChat77@coldfront-E70FC778.dhcp.krny.ne.charter.com] has joined #dgoods

    [18:46:44] <Damaged> they would protect you from other alliances

    [18:46:45] <Damaged> Big_Foot:

    [18:46:50] <Damaged> tell napoleon

    [18:46:52] <Damaged> about protection

    [18:46:57] <napoleon> ok please tell them

    [18:47:00] <Big_Foot> who's napoleon?

    [18:47:06] <napoleon> I need the money

    [18:47:08] <napoleon> Me

    [18:47:10] <Damaged> hes in a small aa that is newbie :P

    [18:47:23] <napoleon> What?

    [18:47:28] <Damaged> You can get 24 million tommorow if you help me help you

    [18:47:32] <napoleon> Both join alliance now

    [18:47:36] <Big_Foot> napoleon is a n00b? :P

    [18:47:40] <Damaged> ;)

    [18:47:44] <Damaged> pretty much, yea

    [18:47:48] <napoleon> My slots are full

    [18:47:59] <napoleon> ?

    [18:48:05] Big_Foot [iceChat77@coldfront-E70FC778.dhcp.krny.ne.charter.com] has left #dgoods

    [18:48:12] <napoleon> Anyone???

    [18:48:17] <napoleon> 2 minutes

    [18:48:24] <Damaged> dude, ask DT to protect you

    [18:48:41] <Damaged> you used to be in odn, waht happened?

    [18:48:44] <napoleon> Who's DT

    [18:48:59] <Damaged> Dark Templar

    [18:49:13] <Damaged> they are great

    [18:49:15] <Damaged> #dt

    [18:49:17] <Damaged> go there

    [18:49:23] <napoleon> No I wasn't. I was still in pending. And Ghast destroyed our alliance. So I figured to join them

    [18:50:02] <napoleon> If they do will help me then tell them to message me

    [18:50:11] <Damaged> no

    [18:50:15] <Damaged> you have to approach them

    [18:50:26] <napoleon> Ghast banned everyone from our alliance and now we joined back together

    [18:50:42] <napoleon> Why? Why can't you tell them about me?

    [18:50:50] <Damaged> how much money do you have?

    [18:50:58] <napoleon> Breaking even

    [18:51:13] <Damaged> well these guys have billions of dollars

    [18:51:16] <Damaged> http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=101523

    [18:51:18] <Damaged> contact this nation

    [18:51:27] <Damaged> tell him you are seeking protection

    [18:51:34] <Damaged> tell him you are active

  8. God I love you guys. Have fun! Hopefully this goes better than the 2007 blitz on NoV.

    Source: FAN Announcement

    On June 6, 2007, FAN blitzed NoV to celebrate D-Day. That was one of the events that got them kicked from the Initiative and kicked off Vietfan. This hilarious video details the events leading to the war (warning language).

    Hopefully the UCR war goes better.

  9. MI6

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    Cult of Personality, Dear Leader Chimaera took a crushing blow to his ego earlier this week --- First he stated he was really good at chess, then revealed that wasn't the case in some practice games...Then dropped the ball in his opening match.

    Carter Chim and BEazy let the government down with their terrible chess and really we all feel bad because they suck.



    Follow here


  10. Candor
    Latest Entry

    Well, did any of you watch it? Most of you, I'm sure, gave up on it after the record-long 6 hr 22 min rain delay! Anyway, here is my recap:

    Things started off well for the Joe Gibbs guys and Kurt Busch, all of them leading laps. Paul Menard led at halfway, which is not necessarily a good thing, because practically no one wins leading at lap 100, if you look at the stats.

    Kyle Busch pulled a "Sponge-Brad", as I like to call it. He took the airgun from his pit stall and had to serve a penalty. Aric Almirola also did this, taking the jack with him. That, to me, was horribly entertaining.

    The battle for the lead in the last 20 laps was epic. Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Brad Keselowski, and Denny Hamlin all got in on the action. In the end, Jr took the checkered flag! He got tape on the grill on lap 197, and tried to get it off using the pace car. Paraphrasing, I'll quote Dale here:

    "Actually, I think the tape helped us. It gave us a much-needed distraction. It kinda took away the stress and gravity of the situtation."

    Austin Dillon, as he said, "showed his yellow stripes" last night, and got into several wrecks, causing two of the three. (I think that stat is right, look it up, fellow fact-checkers.) Most of the wrecks in the 500 were major, taking out some pretty big names, like both Busches, Kevin Harvick, Danica Patrick, and others.

    Kyle Larson, the one of the other favorites for Rookie of the Year, made most of America question how legit this really was, and hit the wall twice, and was finally taken out by a wreck that Dillon caused.

    So, Jr takes the checkered flag. He is almost guaranteed a Chase berth. Opinions, anyone? I'll be the first to say that I was screaming with joy!

  11. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-harold-ramis-dead-20140224,0,2259309.story

    They don't make movies like they did during his heyday, but he is one of the pioneers of the 80's Reagan-era fight-the-power style movies. His humor was as intelligent as anyone writing and directing movies has ever been, and that intelligence is what lets his movies hold up today while many others from the era simply can't hold on. The movies all had a heart to them. There were the occasional gross-out scenes, and vulgarity, but overall the movies were tone-based, in that it was the overall themes that made you laugh, not necessarily the one-liners, even though there were plenty of those. I think the earliest writers of the Simpsons owe Harold Ramis a great debt, because his comedy paved the way for precisely what the Simpsons became so successful in the early 90's.

    Here are my five favorites, probably in order but who knows. I'm sad and need to binge-watch.

    Groundhog Day (1993): This movie came out when I was eight, and I saw it in the theaters. I hated it. I just didn't get it. Years later, something beckoned me to give it another shot. It is absolutely the classic of its time, and I think it is one of the most perfect movies ever made, something that wouldn't translate to television, books, or to any other era of moviemaking. Just the premise itself is incredibly fun and original, and its execution is flawless, primarily because of Bill Murray, but also because he has such richness on the page to work with, and superb direction throughout the movie. This is one of my all-time favorite movies, because with Harold Ramis gone, there is no chance anyone could ever think up a plot so intricate but have it flow like music.

    Multiplicity (1996): This movie gets no love from people that aren't probably within 2-3 years of me. I love this movie for the same reasons I love Groundhog Day, because its so intricate, but flows so well, and is the absolute perfect representation of what is so wonderful about Michael Keaton. Seeing the four sides of Michael Keaton is amazing (especially #4. "She touched my happy Steve"), but its the fact that everything in a premise so unlikely stays together and again, flows well, is a testament to the direction and writing of Ramis.

    Caddyshack (1980): His directorial debut, and no one needs me to rehash how amazing this movie is. Chevy, Billy, and Rodney in their primes could make any movie pop, but again, it was Ramis (and Doug Kenney and BDM) that wrote them and the characters who say them.

    Ghostbusters (1984): Another movie I don't need to sell anyone on. Makes me sad knowing all the holdups led to GB3 not being filmed before Ramis passed.

    Back to School (1986): This is a Rodney movie through and through. But until the day I die, anytime I double back to check out a girl when with a group of friends, either myself or someone else will say "Honey, you're perfect".

    He also wrote and/or directed Animal House, Meatballs, Stripes, and Analyze This. A true legend of comedy has died today, and even though the intelligent but heartwarming comedies Harold Ramis would make fell out of style 20 years ago, it makes me sad knowing that there is one less person alive still trying to make them.

  12. Lets say you were convicted of a crime - Regardless of your guilt or innocence, the jury has convicted you, and now you must be sentenced.

    If given a choice between 10 years and 10 lashes, which would you choose?

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    This paragraph on DBDC's series of raids throughout the Mushqaeda and Disorder war reveals his interesting perspective on the success of his "wars." It also is a revealing glimpse at his lack of knowledge and experience in CN politics, and perhaps reflects the words of the sycophants whispering words into his ear.

    Not really. It just shows he doesn't do CN politics the way you do. I don't think anyone does actually. Correct me if I'm wrong!!!

    The God Emperor's hubris and political inexperience may someday cause much heartache amongst the inexperienced upper tier nations he has been recruiting/impressing into his service in alliances like NEW and SPaTR.

    Doubt it!

    Of course, poor Cuba is being manipulated by the many losers of the last war fellating him for his support

    This is actually accurate. There is a whole team of [pathetic] losers actively manipulating him during regular business hours. And they're doing it all via Skype. You might not know that because skype does not match the pace of CN, but it is happening.

    Overall, Tywin, I'd say you've really hit the nail on the head with this commentary. You got it all wrapped up in a ziplock bag

  13. Duz17zc.gif

    In a swift and just response to recent highly publicized, antagonistic attacks toward Doombird Doomcave (DBDC), its affiliates, and one of its well known leaders, Jeff Winger (CubaQuerida); Doom News Broadcasting Corporation (DNBC) is established to disseminate such misinformation spewed by individuals such as Tywin Lannister! Doom News Broadcasting Corporation is now live to provide its fellow Planet Bob human beings with honest and credible information!

    To gauge Planet Bob's human beings' interest into DBDC's affairs, DNBC proudly presents you an exclusive interview between its anchorman, Dean Hershey and DBDC's leader, Jeff Winger.


    Mr. Winger, I noticed in the Player Created Alliance, http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119514-the-doombird-doomcave/, that there is a Community TV Series theme going on under that thread, do you mind elaborating why did you choose that theme for your alliance?

    I was told this was a medical emergency for my dog... this has got to stop, Dean! Thank you for having me, though I’m a bit creeped out by your unblinking stare. It’s simple really, I took a look at our collection of semi-organized, underachieving nations and sat them all down after our most successful set of wars in history. I then said to them, “We’ve stopped being a rogue group no one understands. We've become something unstoppable. We have become a Community.”

    How does your government operate and why does your alliance not have a forum like many other alliances do?

    We are not some fascist dictatorship or a rogue state. We make all of our decisions after close consultation with Troy (Artigo) and Abed (TBRaiders), and Annie (Tayloj) always lets us know if we are acting too much like jerks. For general decisions, everyone has a voice, even Pierce (Christian Trojans). We don’t like IRC, it’s antiquated and unreliable, like Leonard. We use Skype as it is the way of the future, and we’re pioneers like that. No one has ever complained that our attack sequences were too slow.

    How do you and your alliance mates feel about being under scrutiny for running your very own unorthodox method by raiding with not a low tier nation but a high tier nation? And how do/did you manage to make this method so successful, a method some people claiming to be "an exploit."

    Your words not mine, Dean. Just because we do it well and make it look sexy while doing it doesn’t mean people aren’t going to try and hate us for being good at what we do. We have some of the smartest minds in the game in our alliance and there’s absolutely nothing we’re doing that everyone else hasn’t either tried to do or wanted to do. We just do it the best.

    What do you think about people posting politically motivated threads targeting DBDC? Do you have a message for those people?

    I’m not going to get myself all worked up because someone I barely know thinks I’m too powerful and wants to see me and my friends rendered useless or stripped of our ability to fight. Why are you looking at me like that? It’s because I said stripped isn’t it? Seriously, you can attempt to modify the game all you want, we will find a way to do it better than you and you’ll just feel even worse when you still can’t get the better of us.

    For a very last question, and probably the most important question of this interview, I believe the vast majority of our audience wants to know is… how do you feel about passing Hime Themis as the number one nation in the game, an impossible feat once thought by many people?

    I don’t kiss and tell you should know me by now. No one said war wasn’t profitable, it was just assumed. I do recall sensing a bit of a scowl when she passed me in the hall now that you mention it…

    Thank you, Mr. Winger, for being here and taking your time to respond to my moderately difficult questions. I hope this exclusive interview with Mr. Winger has allowed human beings of Planet Bob to understand what it is like being in DBDC and its affiliates.

    For a next DNBC announcement, I will personally select three questions that I deem to be valuable and appropriate from human beings of Planet Bob. Please post your bolded question underneath your response in the blog, mind that it must contain only one question and it has to be relevant to DBDC so make it count, folks!

    For the entire DNBC news team, I'm Dean Hershey. And have a fabulous night.

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    Presented by Malkavian of Santa Monica;

    Edited by volunteers of the Faith

    Sanguis Christi


    Welcome, cultured reader, to Cyber Nations newest Christian user blog; created for the entertainment and education of the people of Cyber Nations.

    I am known as Malkavian, of Santa Monica, and I am a fellow citizen of Bob proclaiming the Christian faith in the tradition of Roman Catholicism; believing upon the Sancta Trinitas unus Deus (also recognized as the Holy Trinity)––God the Father; Jesus, the Savior of Mankind, Lamb of God; and the Holy Spirit.

    On Sunday I am a regular attendant of the Roman Mass, and offer myself as an Altar Server in assistance to my local clergy in the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. I possess the godly gift of youth at the ripe age of twenty years, and donate my excess time to the cause of community projects and the occasional charity or goodwill organization.

    And now it is with great care, but great exuberance, that I christen the sole active blog dedicated to the exchange of Catholic culture, history, and philosophy: Sanguis Christi.

    The "Sanguis Christi" blog shall strive to entertain and inform our cyber audience with interesting material pertaining to many subjects. Special dedication is given to the histories of numerous civil and religious holidays; but we will also touch upon the history of the Church, Catholic cannon, and the Holy Bible itself. If God so wills, I shall do my utmost to update once per week (usually aiming for Saturday evening), though there may be occasional variation.

    The "Sanguis Christi" blog is primarily a work loyal to the passion of Christendom and the Papacy of Rome, and in accordance with the customs of my local religious authority, we will observe each and every Christian holiday and feast above those of the normal secular nature endorsed by the state of Texas and the American Republic. However, the many great civil holidays with religious underpinnings will also be covered.

    Famous [religious] holidays and feasts that are noticeably observed, even by the public at large, include:

    • The Sabbath
    • Christmas Eve/Christmas Day
    • All Saints (Hallows) Eve
    • Saint Valentine's Day, and
    • Saint Patrick's Day

    In addition to most any commercially significant day with religious connotations.

    Irrespective of commercial influence in more recent times, the "Sanguis Christi" blog will place dominant focus on the religious roots and character of these days, with minimal emphasis on non-religious customs which have been introduced (e.g. the wearing of green colored fabrics on Saint Patrick's Day). And one idea I hope to spread with coming articles is that these days may be enjoyed with both piety and merrymaking, taking to heart the full message of Christ embodied in each event, without necessarily having to rely upon commercial and secular influence which have perhaps diminished their original purpose.

    Each session of the forum blog shall usually conclude with a normal Roman Catholic prayer and a special message for the general Christian membership of this forum. It will be sealed with the symbolism of the Chi Rho, the earliest symbol of Christ known to the Holy Mother Church. May God be in your hearts. ENTRY EDITION #1


    "For But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, 5 even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ by grace you have been saved and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, 7 so that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus."

    Ephesians 2:4-7

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    Hi. How are ya? Well I'm fine, thank you for asking. I heard blogs are all the rage now so....

    Anyway underage male looking for another underage or of age person to be my friend.


    Own several banana farms

    Has a tots hawt sister/s

    Willing to give me stuff

    Must be good at artist stuff

    -I decide what artist stuff is

    That's it! Send in your app today! Closes in 72 hours or whenever. Good luck people.

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    Why is it called Paypal?

    Wouldn't my pal give me money instead of take it away? If we're being honest here, it's Payassociate or Payacquaintance at best. But Paypal is no pal of mine.

  14. Much like the Tortoise and the Hare this story can teach CN players some good lessons.

    A scorpion, being a very poor swimmer, asked a turtle to carry him on his back across a river. "Are you mad?" exclaimed the turtle. "You'll sting me while I'm swimming and I'll drown."

    "My dear turtle," laughed the scorpion, "if I were to sting you, you would drown and I would go down with you. Now where is the logic in that?"

    "You're right!" cried the turtle. "Hop on!" The scorpion climbed aboard and halfway across the river gave the turtle a mighty sting. As they both sank to the bottom, the turtle resignedly said:

    "Do you mind if I ask you something? You said there'd be no logic in your stinging me. Why did you do it?"

    "It has nothing to do with logic," the drowning scorpion sadly replied. "It's just my character."

  15. Icewolf
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    So it appears that we have some new wonders introduced into this game.

    • Federal Reserve - $100,000,000 + (Nation Strength * 1,000) - Increases the number of banks that can be purchased +3. Requires Stock Market

    So the first of them, the Federal Reserve. Now what I find interesting here is the price scale. It would cost me 120 million. A nation at 600 thousand NS would have to pay 700 million. I suspect this is some attempt to counter the fact that this wonder is massively massively powerful. Three banks is 21% of base income. That is quite a long way above what any other wonder effectively does. Even the Great Monument with 5 additional happiness doesn't quite cut that. For my nation it is 7x the effect at 4x the cost than a stock market.

    In terms of game improvement, I don't think it will help that much. Money is not an issue in this game in my opinion, beyond the slight possibility that some people have too much of it.Most nations in the top 40% can afford this without draining a warchest though. Those it will really help are those knocked down and yet to rebuild but still with plenty of cash. I will definitely purchase this wonder as soon as the current cycle in my nation ends.

    Interceptor Missile System (IMS) - $50,000,000 - Thwarts Cruise Missile Attacks, 50% of the time (removes 1 attackers CM strike chance for that day). Requires 5,000 technology and a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)

    Interesting one. For a nation with 5000 tech 50 million to stop 50% of CMs is definitely worthwhile. I am concerned however that this does detract from gameplay. One nice thing about CMs is that a dogpiled nation unable to launch GAs, unable to lauch air attacks, with depleted nuclear stocks can still do something to return fire. It ensures that the attacker will take some cost. Reducing that is not in my opinion a good thing. I will not buy this as I do not have that much tech.

    Superior Logistical Support - $80,000,000 - Provides supplies more efficiently to your nation's military. Reduces Aircraft and Naval Maintenance Cost by -10% and Tank Maintenance Cost by -5%. Increases attacking and defending ground battle strength +10%. Requires Pentagon

    For a lot of nations I suspect that the tank maintenance and aircraft costs are not their primary concern in warfare. It might make the warchest last a bit longer, but when you have a daily nuking this really doesn't matter. And at the lower levels spies are the main warchest factor, not upkeep. Overall the wonder seems to be a bit of "a little bit extra" as in opposite tone to the Federal Reserve, it is three times the cost and half the impact of the Pentagon. Probably not high on the purchase list as we are not even out of this war.

    • Foreign Naval Base - $200,000,000 - Allows +2 naval vessels to be purchased per day (+1 in Peace Mode) and also allows +1 naval deployment per day. Requires 20,000 infrastructure.

    Even more so than the IMS, this is a big boys only wonder. Top 200 nations only. ~1/8th of the number that can buy the IMS. However it does seem to give a fairly heavy boost to that nation. Only issue might be if those nations get knocked down (as some have as little as 5000 tech) they go down with a fairly heavy naval firepower boost. But otherwise I don't see this having a massive impact as so few nations will have it.

    Overall...I feel fairly meh about them. None of them I really feel is bringing anything that feels new, and in 120 days time (or 60 days and $60 time) nations will run out of them again.

    EDIT: For clarification, this was written before the final version of the wonders, which are not identical to the descriptions above.

  16. So what do you predict will happen this round?

    Disclaimer; I hold no position in War Doves other than a regular member. I am clueless and nothing I say should be considered anyone else's thoughts. They would have to be insane to think like me. For example I plan on nuking Samwise this round. Fyi if you are not a member of war doves and interfere with my way of showing affection for samwise I will nuke you too.

    1. I predict at some point a couple AA will gang up and hit Skaro due to last round. These Alliances may not have been hit by them but might see them as fair play after last round. Also the odds of other AA jumping in on Skaro is high.

    2. I predict a "screw treaties" round.

    3. Much lulz round.

    4. Grudges from last round being saved until good reason is given to fulfill them.

    Odds are every single prediction will be wrong because I am typing this while somewhat tipsy and tired. I have had to go.through and correct things in this entry repeatedly.

    Screw grammar Nazis

    Also lol @ United states

    Obvious is obvious

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    This Week on Faux News

    Monday January 27th, 2014


    Lannister Unhinged?


    Image Courtesy DeviantArt

    Author of the CN Blog Series Accuses Community of "pathetic attempts to silence free speech"

    The Lannister News Network this morning issued a new report claiming that recent blog posts were made by members of the CN Community in an attempt to lower the visibility of LNN's programming. The author and founder of the Lannister News Network, Tywin Lannister, accused several members of the community of participating in a campaign against "free thought and intellectual speech" using what he defines as "blog spam" to remove his latest blog, Talking Points Memo: Farrin's PR offensive, from the list of most recent blog posts. We caught up with Mr. Lannister in #polaris on the Coldfront IRC network and sought out the basis of these radical accusations. Mr. Lannister was combative throughout the interview, and refused to answer several questions. He provided no evidence to support his claim that these recent blogs were anything other than a coincidence. Instead, Mr. Lannister provided this comment:

    <Scourge> So what about these accusations you've recently made. What basis is there for them?

    <Tywin_Lannister> hey I didnt start this

    <Tywin_Lannister> people want to post a bunch of blog posts within 24 hours I already planned for a way around this

    <Tywin_Lannister> In fact I predicted it

    <Scourge> So the only evidence you have that there are people attempting to reduce viewership of LNN is the spike in blog posts?

    <Tywin_Lannister> I provide analysis

    <Tywin_Lannister> my analysis is that this was not coincidental

    <Tywin_Lannister> can I absolutely prove it was not a coincidence? no

    <Scourge> This is an important issue though, is it not? You're saying that people are deliberately trying to keep readers away from your blog, don't those accusations deserve an investigation?

    <Tywin_Lannister> no, it doesnt deserve an investigation, it deserves a plan B

    <Tywin_Lannister> which I already had

    <Tywin_Lannister> I already predicted people would spam blog posts

    <Scourge> I get it, I get it. You had a plan in place in case this happened. But what I'm trying to figure out is how you are making the claim that LNN is the target of a campaign. You're saying that all these posts where done specifically to push you out? Or just a coincidence?

    <Tywin_Lannister> its quite the coincidence

    <Tywin_Lannister> for months a post would be up for up to a week

    <Tywin_Lannister> and in 24 hours you have a dozen new blog posts

    <Tywin_Lannister> AFTER Farrin posts that thread

    <Tywin_Lannister> people are smart enough to put the puzzle together for themself

    <Scourge> So which ones are blatant spam attempts?

    <Tywin_Lannister> So is that the strategy?

    <Tywin_Lannister> trying to get me to say something egocentric sounding lol

    <Scourge> I already told you Tywin, I just want to know the truth here.

    <Tywin_Lannister> Well scourge considering I cannot read these peoples minds, no, I cant tell you why they did it for sure

    <Scourge> I didn't ask you why they did it, I asked you to show me which blogs you are considering part of this campaign against LNN.

    <Tywin_Lannister> I'm not going to descend into debating lulz tactics

    <Tywin_Lannister> thats something Im above

    <Scourge> So you won't answer the question?

    <Tywin_Lannister> nope

    Now, while I have my doubts as to Mr. Lannister's ability to predict the future, I'll save those for another day. When pushed as to why these recent posts were defined, in his views, as a campaign against the Lannister News Network, Mr. Lannister appeared to contradict the LNN report, instead stating:

    <Tywin_Lannister> its not a plot

    <Tywin_Lannister> just dumb*** lulz

    We apologize to our younger viewers that we were forced to censor Mr. Lannister's comments. Faux News is committed to family friendly programming, and that language is not tolerated on our network.

    We asked Mr. Lannister about the importance of having the LNN appear in the most recent blog posts, and we also asked him about alternative viewing methods. In response, Mr. Lannister accused the other blog posts of lacking in relevance:

    <Tywin_Lannister> I use the blog so people can say whatever they want in the comments without the OWF rules

    <Tywin_Lannister> if yall want to take that option off my table I can just poste straight to the OWF

    <Tywin_Lannister> I used the blog because people whined so much about me using the OWF

    <Tywin_Lannister> everyone knows people use the 5 newest blog posts to the right

    <Scourge> Why don't you just repost it if that visibility is so important?

    <Tywin_Lannister> because I believe in organized discourse

    <Scourge> So, you can post, but if more than 5 others post then it's a campaign against LNN?

    <Tywin_Lannister> no

    <Tywin_Lannister> posting a blog with "keeping it 100" is not adding to the community

    <Tywin_Lannister> I welcome people to post relevantly

    <Tywin_Lannister> this the same sht MK used to pull js

    <Scourge> What do you have against more community content?

    <Tywin_Lannister> Im against community garbage

    <Scourge> Who are you to judge the quality of a blog?

    <Scourge> Isn't that something that is open to the community to decide?

    <Tywin_Lannister> cant troll a troll scourge

    <Tywin_Lannister> Do you champion the lulz scourge?

    <Scourge> I'm not taking either side here, I'm just trying to understand what your basis is for your accusations.

    <Tywin_Lannister> yall trying to spam !@#$ is trying to keep my words from reaching the people

    <Tywin_Lannister> I go toe to toe with anyone in CN gloves or no gloves

    <Tywin_Lannister> the fact that Im also intellectual is something you hate on massively

    We again apologize for Mr. Lannister's vulgarity in this interview.

    Now, Faux News investigated Mr. Lannister's claims that recent blogs were "garbage" and "lulz", and determined that only one was even close to fitting that criteria. We caught up with the author of that blog, BringMeTheHorizon, and asked him about Mr. Lannister's radical accusations:

    <Scourge> BringMeTheHorizon: Tywin Lannister has accused you of being part of a plot against "free thought and intellectual speech" in an attempt to lower the visibility of his blog. Any response to those accusations?

    <BringMeTheHorizon> Well to be fair, i'm just keepin it 100, wanted to let everyone know

    <BringMeTheHorizon> The other ones seem to actually have content

    Now, I read Mr. Lannister's program frequently, and while I don't always agree with the content I respect his right to say it. We here at Faux News hold freedom of speech in the highest regard, and that is why we decided to investigate this issue. However, our investigation can reach no other conclusion that Mr. Lannister is simply attempting to stir up among his readers a sensation of mistrust and outright hatred towards those who LNN opposes politically. There is no evidence to support any sort of conspiracy against Mr. Lannister personally, LNN, or any of LNN's individual programs. We suspect that the influx of alternate community content simply made Mr. Lannister nervous, with the possibility that viewership to his blog would drop without the free exposure being listed in the most recent blog posts provides.

    You decide! Vote in the poll and let's hear your thoughts on this issue in the comments below. Were the recent blog posts created to reduce viewership of LNN?

    We leave you now with our final thought:

    <Scourge> I just want the truth.

    <Tywin_Lannister> then read my blog ;)


    Faux News is an Independent Production

    Faux News, because pixels.

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    So yesterday was Australia day. Anyone do anything terribly exciting? I got to nurse a hangover before going spendning the arvo/evening with some friends in a park, watching a bogan family get wasted and play cricket. It was great.

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    So a lot of people who post regularly on the OWF don't understand why OWF posting is called !@#$ posting. They just assume that is what it is, and that there is better posting out there. Why wouldn't there be? We don't post particularly well right? What is this holy grail of good posting? Where does one acquire the skill to post well? Or at least be worthy enough to judge others on what !@#$ posting is?

    I think it's !@#$ posting because people don't think about what they represent when they post. In that NPO thread today, UPN goes and posts about their "Sup NG" DoW and patted each other on the back and some of their coalition mates supported them

    But one of the main points of this ongoing argument was whether or not Polardox's declaration was offensive or defensive and that it was to secure their future, not for some sort of grudge or another (the talking point was a grudge against NPO). Clearly UPN was saying that they were acting on their well-publicized grudge against NG, completely nullifying every argument their side had against it not being a grudge war/rep extortion against NPO.

    But then again, no one cares enough about the argument to consider what this effect it has on the coalition and noone on the other side cares enough to make it have an effect so the OWF is a cesspool and will remain so.